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Paragus Rants

Rants, reviews, and interviews from an MMO veteran and guild leader.

Author: Paragus1

Darkfall Unholy Wars: Interview with Aventurine

Posted by Paragus1 Tuesday October 30 2012 at 6:45PM
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Darkfall Unholy Wars: Interview with Aventurine

A little over a month ago, Aventurine surprised the MMORPG and Darkfall community alike when they announced the new version of Darkfall would be releasing on November 20th of this year. Those of you who have followed my blog a while know that in the past I have spent a lot of time covering the old version of Darkfall extensively and also had the chance to do a variety of interviews with Aventurine.

Several members of the Darkfall community have reached out to me to and asked to see if I would be willing to do another such interview. After reaching out to the folks at AV a few weeks ago, they have finally managed to squeeze in some time out of their busy schedule to answer some of the questions that I sent over to them.

1)  Regarding servers, the current version has 2 different servers for their respective regions NA and EU.   Can you say at this time if the new version of Darkfall will continue with this model or is a single server more likely?

Yes, Darkfall Unholy Wars will follow the same model and will have one EU and one NA server at launch. The location of both servers will remain the same.

2)  Darkfall: Unholy Wars is being marketed in many ways as a new game completely given the amount of changes it has over the older version.   Given that assumption, is it safe to say that all characters will be starting fresh at square one with a clean slate when the new version launches?

Yes, since this is a new chapter in the Darkfall Saga, everyone will start fresh. As we have explained this is also due to the fact that so many things have changed as far as character creation and progression is concerned that it would be impossible to transfer current characters to the new game.

3) In previous discussion with the community, you said that ..." Skills no longer benefit from macro-ing or scripting in the way they did in Darkfall 1.0".  Can you elaborate on any changes that may have been made to the way skills increases work that will make macroing either ineffective or unviable means of progression?

Well for one, it will be a lot faster for a player to reach the famed viable state. With only one role being active at any given time, a player that focuses on a specific play style will be able to become viable and competitive in a very short amount of time. Because of this, the need to macro will be greatly diminished. At the same time there have been many changes to skills and the way they affect and other skills. To give one example, in the first Darkfall, the skills that where macroed quite a lot where movement skills like run sprint and swim because of the benefits they provided to relevant passive skills. In Unholy Wars this will not be the case as movement skills can no longer be leveled up.

4) Some community members have been debating the incentives for clans to hold city or a hamlet given the amount of resources it takes to conquer and maintain a holding.  Is there any change in the new version that might make conquering a city more enticing besides bragging right?

This ties in with our new territory control features. Each city is tied to the villages around it and thus is the potential ruler of those villages. However villages are tied to more than one city so you will need to defend villages you have captured and retake villages you have lost. The motive behind all this is that villages now provide rare resources as well as a percentage of the rents to the owning clan.

5) In terms of magic, one of the more hotly contested issues in the community is the role of spell fizzles and spell surges as mechanics in the game.  Has there been a final decision yet on whether either of these will be present in the new version and what is AV's philosophy regarding the role of these mechanics in the game?

There has been some progress in this matter. Surges right now are disabled. Skills rise all the way to 100 and stay there. There is still a random critical hit mechanic though. Also, fizzles at the moment are set to 0% so they are turned off. It’s quite likely these changes will be left like this for launch unless testing makes us reconsider.

6)  In the promotional video released, there seems to be a lot of changes to the magic system in general.  How is the new system different from the old one in terms of the number of spells per school and the progression of learning new abilities?

The new system provides 5 skills or spells from the primary school and 4 from the secondary school. All characters also have access to a common school that contains things like the transfers; heal self and other utility abilities. In addition all characters also have the 3 default attacks, melee, magic and bow, at their disposal at all times. As far as progression goes, all characters will start with 2 or 3 skills/spells from all schools available and will need to unlock the other ones with the use of player points.

7) Some of the new features announced in the new version are the inclusion of a "momentum" and "wobble" systems in combat. Will all of the new character roles be affected in the same way by these systems, or will the various roles be affected in different ways? (Example: Magic and archery mobility being equally hindered by movement)

At the moment momentum affects all roles in the same way. In the case of crosshair wobble, only spells and archery attacks are affected. Keep in mind those effects are quite limited as we do not want to alter the manual aiming and fast paced character of the game.

8) Are there any changes to the housing system in the new version and how has the world make-over changed the number of plots that will be available?

The housing system has not been changed considerably. The only changes have to do with the herb garden and, possibly, the crafting station. There is now one herb garden and the items it drops have been altered as all node drops have been redone. As for the crafting station, we are considering removing the chaos station item and just include the specific stations.

9) Have any changes been made to boats and naval warfare in general to help mitigate the threat of swimmers boarding your boat?

In reality the whole boat mechanic feature is being reworked. All boats have been remodeled and retextured, their crafting recipes have been changed and their visual effects have been revamped. Unfortunately though there is still a lot of work to be done and we want to rebalance their attributes as well as play around with some more ideas and mechanics before we add them to the game. Because of this, only entry level boats will be included at launch. The raft is now a figurine that drops from pirate mobs and can no longer be crafted. In its place, players can craft the Wherry which is a small ship with no cannons. In addition the Launch is a small ship with one canon that can also be crafted by players. All other boats and ships will be added post launch.

10) Have any changes been made to land-based siege weaponry such as warhulks and cannons?

Siege weaponry falls under the same category as ships. It’s a mechanic we think needs a lot of work and discussion before we add it to the game. Because of this only basic siege equipment, such as siege hammers and battle spikes will be included at launch. To keep things more balanced, city player controlled towers will also not be included at launch.

11)  In a recent community discussion you mentioned "There is also a completely new feature, that we are very excited about, that will allow clans to play the part of merceneries in sieges."  Are you able to elaborate a bit and tell us some new information regarding this new feature?

This is the first implementation of a contacts mechanic that we have in the works. In the future we will add more types of contracts that clans can commit to. At this point, the mercenary contract is ready and will be included at launch. Essentially at this point, this feature allows a defending clan to issue a contract to any other clan in order to be aided in defending their holding. Also, any clan that is interested in this sort of work can issue a contract and send it to the defending clan. These contracts contain things like payout in the case of a successful defense. Also, to stop clans from issuing contracts to any and all defending clans without showing up to actually help, a bond will required that may only be partially returned if the defense is a failure. Post launch we will look into providing the same mechanics to attacking clans if it makes sense to do so and also expand the mechanic further.

12) You recently released a new video showing off the Baresark skill set as a first reveal of the new role system.  Could you explain what the concept of an "ultimate" ability is and how exactly they work compared to other abilities?

Ultimates are the most powerful skill or spell of each school. They usually combine multiple effects into one and they are in some way more potent than the other 4 skills and spells of the school. They also require more mana and stamina to be executed and they have a longer cooldown.

13) It's been mentioned that players will have the ability to switch between roles if they want but with a cooldown of sorts.   Could you explain how a player would go about switching their role and how long of a cooldown will there be roughly?

Roles can be changed through the Role window in the GUI. Players can change their role anywhere and how ever often they want with the following limitations. First there is a 1 minute channeling cast for changing your role so that it cannot be performed on the fly during combat or similar situations. Second, once you change your role you cannot change it again for 30 minutes. This is to impose a slight time commitment on the chosen role so that it is not changed on a whim without any reason whatsoever. Keep in mind both the channeling and cooldown times can be easily adjusted if needed.

14) Will there be an alignment system in the new version and if so, will be the same as it is in the older version?

Darkfall Unholy Wars has a different alignment system. In reality we are keeping the whole turning red situation when you kill other players in place but turning red does no longer mean you get attacked by NPC guard towers. It is just there to indicate to other players you might not be someone they can trust. What they do with the information is up to them. However because this would make the entire world rather chaotic we felt we needed to create some areas where players can perform some basic activities in peace. All the racial capitals and satellite faction cities as well as surrounding areas where players will make their initial steps have all PvP actions disabled. Even players belonging to enemy clans will be unable to damage each other in those areas. The vast majority of the world of course remains as it was. As a side note, while NPC guard towers are now completely off as they serve no purpose, Player holding towers will continue to faction as before.

15)  Will Darkfall: Unholy Wars feature multi-core support?

Yes, Darkfall Unholy wars will support multiple cores.


I would just like to thank the folks over at Aventurine for taking the time out of what must be a very busy schedule right now to sit down and answer some questions with me today. Feel free to post your feedback and comments below!

Paragus Rants
Co-Leader of Inquisition


ZeuZ writes: NICE Tue Oct 30 2012 6:52PM Report
nileq writes: Thanks Pragus! Tue Oct 30 2012 7:01PM Report
Hancakes writes: Holy Beta, was hoping UW would be more complete. Tue Oct 30 2012 7:11PM Report
robin392 writes:

'All the racial capitals and satellite faction cities as well as surrounding areas where players will make their initial steps have all PvP actions disabled. Even players belonging to enemy clans will be unable to damage each other in those areas.'


Wow. Just... wow. I guess I can understand the necessity of this for the carebear crowd, but I'm not a fan of this change.

Tue Oct 30 2012 7:14PM Report
Morite writes: damn me this game is gonna take another year of my lifetime. Nothing is as addicting as Darkfall, especially when it seems AV got it right this time. Looking forward to this gem!! Tue Oct 30 2012 7:15PM Report
jdlamson75 writes: Wow, Paragus, you got more information from AV than we've gotten on Forumfall in years...good freakin' job, man!  Diplomatic immunity indeed! Tue Oct 30 2012 7:16PM Report
dutchman writes: apart from the no pvp zone there is some nice info there.  I hope the nopvp zone will not clash with player city's and the fighting around them (eg run away to npc city and its nopvp area.) Tue Oct 30 2012 7:19PM Report
dutchman writes: also forget that there should not be any rare or presious materials in those area's, farming them with zero risk would be game breaking imo. Tue Oct 30 2012 7:20PM Report
SysFail writes: Great interview, some goodinfo there. Tue Oct 30 2012 7:25PM Report
Hotjazz writes:

"All the racial capitals and satellite faction cities as well as surrounding areas where players will make their initial steps have all PvP actions disabled. Even players belonging to enemy clans will be unable to damage each other in those areas"


Nice, now the new players get some slack before they venture into the wilderness.


Also the capital citys will be alive with players from different clans, warring alliances, traders, solo players and murderers. It will make the start much better and more fun for new players.

Tue Oct 30 2012 7:38PM Report
SpaceZero writes: 5) Please remove the random critical hit mechanic
7) Please don't make this as default, make it so that only certain skills are effected by this or don't implement it at all.
8) No changes is such a shame, housing is amazing but it is poorly worked out in Darkfall. Random chests to get items? :(
9) Why would you make rafts not craftable? And to bad that all ships won't be in-game at release but I understand and can live with it.
10) Same as point 9, to bad but I can live with it.
11) This wasn't really necessary, in a sandbox people can just make these kind of deals for themselves and it will always gives more freedom.
14) Make sure that people won't be macroing inside of the city where they can't be attacked
Tue Oct 30 2012 7:42PM Report
SpaceZero writes: I forgot to mention, beside that I really can't wait to play this game. I have been a big fan of Darkfall for an extremely long time. Best game on the market! Please make it even better. Tue Oct 30 2012 7:43PM Report
raapnaap writes:

Good interview.

Shame about advanced ships not making launch, but we won't be needing them at launch anyway, while we're busy with the rest of the game. I do hope they return better than in '1.0', with new physics, waves, and boarding mechanics.

The new 'newbie zone' no-PvP rule should help getting new players into the game, which is always good for the game ofcourse. Some people might complain about it but they are a minority, because 'real PvPers' never PvP'd near new player zones anyway.

Tue Oct 30 2012 8:07PM Report
Jupsto writes: I knew you could get some actual info out of them GJ, not all of it is good news but I'd still rather know now. Tue Oct 30 2012 8:16PM Report
bingo69 writes: <span com_body"="">

Seriously. I've been trying to sub t to buy darkfall but I can't fucking get it done  lmao... This is sstill the worst website I've seen and seeing how troublesome ist is just to buy the game doesn't prove me that DFUW will be any better then DF1 sadly...

I can't register on support forum either, cabn't contact them ( got no answer for 2week ago email) ect...

If you know how to ybu the game/resub, plz tell me how to do so.

Tue Oct 30 2012 8:24PM Report
Badaboom writes: I like the mechanic in which you are identified as red but is still left up to you to decide to trust or not.  Tue Oct 30 2012 8:26PM Report
bingo69 writes: NO one know how to buy the game? or sub to it?!? Tue Oct 30 2012 8:45PM Report
naljeja writes: 2 weeks 6 days left. I will eat, shit, piss and live life as much as I can the next days because I won't do after this game is out Tue Oct 30 2012 8:56PM Report
Melkrow writes: Now THIS IS HOW YOU DO AN INTERVIEW.  Last one on MMORPG was a joke.  Thanks Paragus, and thank you AV. Great info all around. Tue Oct 30 2012 9:38PM Report
Kyleran writes:

I will confess, the interview brought to light some very interesting news and I appreciate you taking the time to bring it to us.

I am very impressed with their desire to set up safe zones for players to interact in and to help new players catch a break starting out.

Really sort of takes away any doubt about me playing it now.


Tue Oct 30 2012 9:45PM Report
Raxeon writes: kyl glad you understand avs intention Tue Oct 30 2012 9:53PM Report
Tymoris writes: Very nice indeed the safe zones the cooldowns for the roles. They seem to be learning from the past. Tue Oct 30 2012 9:59PM Report
sanshi44 writes:

I agree with the safe zones, noobies just didnt atick around very long when they kept getting ganked by higher lvl characters, However i will say one thing they need to prevent lvling skill past a certain amount in those areas says 25 skill then you need to leave the safe zones, i say 25 so newbies get some basic skill lvls before having to leave so they feell like they done something. We dont want people lvling all skill to max in a safe zone.

Also they need to make sure player controlled cities and hamlet are far enough away from npc cities so they cant run and hide in there when they start to loose. For example that hamlet in wolf lands vellenyth is litirary a stone throw away from that npc town forget it's name think it was moonsomthing lol

Tue Oct 30 2012 11:03PM Report
Mischiff writes: I always liked the idea of DF, but being a graphics ho, i couldnt get myself to play it, seemed clunky and graphics needed work, but im so glad they redone it, am looking so forward to playing it . Tue Oct 30 2012 11:26PM Report
Adam1902 writes:

I love that whole article, APART FROM THE PART ABOUT SAFE ZONES!!

Aventurine, please see my thread here for a solution on safe zones:

Wed Oct 31 2012 12:44AM Report
Caldrin writes:

14... OMG


Nice questions by the way :)

Wed Oct 31 2012 4:11AM Report
Caldrin writes: Basically they are going to release a game with half of the features missing... they bette be  lot quicker at patching than they have been in the past.. Wed Oct 31 2012 4:34AM Report
Entinerint writes: Awesome, can we still go first-person though?!  The two released vids show 3rd person only, I really hope 1st is still an option! Wed Oct 31 2012 4:39AM Report
CrazyCronus writes:

I really like how DF:UW is turning out, cheers Paragus thanks for this interview.

Wed Oct 31 2012 4:50AM Report
Rilman writes: I like the sound of it so far, noob areas are good for the carebears, looking good. Wed Oct 31 2012 7:24AM Report
Agent_Joseph writes:

i like game , but i ll not going to play,separate regional servers  are past for me.

One server for all world   are present & future for me.

Wed Oct 31 2012 8:01AM Report
mCalvert writes: So, basically the game isnt finished. I think this is going to be a flop, no real improvement over DF1. Wed Oct 31 2012 8:14AM Report
DeathByCactus writes:

"All the racial capitals and satellite faction cities as well as surrounding areas where players will make their initial steps have all PvP actions disabled. Even players belonging to enemy clans will be unable to damage each other in those areas. The vast majority of the world of course remains as it was. As a side note, while NPC guard towers are now completely off as they serve no purpose, Player holding towers will continue to faction as before."


And just like that. I am over Darkfall UW.

Wed Oct 31 2012 9:00AM Report
Coldren writes: Excellent interview! Well done, Paragus! Wed Oct 31 2012 9:00AM Report
Rahkim writes:

Safe zones are a bad idea. It's easier to grief newbies in a game without any way to retaliate, its easier for china farmers to operate, and it gives people a place to run from a losing battle.

I'm also a little put off by the fact that there's going to be so much missing from launch. No real ships, no siege equipment, 1 merc/defense contract option, the housing system is still terrible, and the territory system sounds similar to the village system we have now (gold and rares).

It sounds like the original game with a graphics update, less toys, and classes.....

Wed Oct 31 2012 10:06AM Report
Greymoor writes:

I don't understand people throwing these unfinished game comments.

All they have done is disable high end ships and siege equipment for balancing. The reality is you won't be able to afford those pieces of equipment at launch. The market will already be super deprived of resources for city building for many months.

The contract system sounds great. The territory system where villages influence city resources and sieges whilst also providing rare mats is an AMAZING feature which will create pvp hotspots constantly.

Wed Oct 31 2012 10:11AM Report
SirBalin writes: Okay...the safezones, totally just offended your current breaking or not, this was what identified Darkfall as being hardcore... Wed Oct 31 2012 11:56AM Report
naljeja writes:

@ afhn2110 -- no it wasn't, at all.

Wed Oct 31 2012 12:37PM Report
Raxeon writes: afhn even if they lose a few of the current players cause of the safe zone stillt hink they should give the game  a try and see if we can improve on it there gong to giana lot more by having them safe zons so what ever let the newbie killers that thinkt hey are elite go find another game like this to play O WAIt there isnt any. Fri Nov 02 2012 2:47AM Report
Darksix writes: We wont see any blues running around..whats the point? Everyone will be red...I never trusted anyone in Darkfall anyway unless they were clannies or real life friends.  Sun Nov 04 2012 8:01PM Report writes:
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