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Paragus Rants

Rants, reviews, and interviews from an MMO veteran and guild leader.

Author: Paragus1

League of Legends: The Worst of the Tribunal

Posted by Paragus1 Monday June 3 2013 at 1:35PM
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League of Legends: The Worst of the Tribunal

At the end of a night of playing League of Legends ranked solo queue, when you are alone in the dark trying to drink away the memories of the all the troll games you had that left your dreams of climbing the ladder shattered into a million pieces, it's only natural to want to find some sliver of comfort.  That moment when you realize that you would have been better off not playing at all today and you are staring the the bottom of your now empty glass of booze, where else can you turn but the Tribunal to find comfort in the fact that you are not alone.  The good news, if any, is that the Tribunal will affirm that you are indeed not alone.  The bad news is that it is a look deep into the rabbit hole that is the worst community for any game in history.  It's not an easy look, but a horrifying look at the worst of humanity manifesting itself in digital form.

A consider myself a fairly avid user of the Tribunal.   I've reviewed over 600 cases and contrary to what many people do, I actually read them.  You don't need to look far into the case files of any given day to see something hilarious or horrific (depending on your point of view).  Today I am dedicating this blog to showcasing some of the best and worst things I've come across.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, than this blog entry will speak volumes.

Let me preface this by saying that I actually do enjoy League of Legends as a game, and this is not a bash against the game.  I am just spotlighting the toxicity of what many believe is one of the worst communities in existence for any video game.

WARNING!  The following pictures will contain graphics and offensive language!   Proceed at your own risk!






























Well I hope you have enjoyed this look into the depths of human scum.  There goes a saying..."Don't hate the player, hate the game"  I'm fairly sure whoever said that has obviously never played League of Legends.

Co-Leader of Inquisition

Larocco writes: rofl Mon Jun 03 2013 1:40PM Report
BelegStrongbow writes:

I dunno why,  but ive developed a sense of humor for this stuff.  I think its impossible to enjoy the game unless you force yourself to laugh at this stuff. 

I am sure there is some PHD in psychology out there writing something about this,  Because in other games I don't find it funny,  but when I play MOBAs you like have to laugh at it or you will go nuts. 

Mon Jun 03 2013 1:42PM Report
Annwyn writes:

I thought DOTA 2 didn't really have the "best" community out there, because I've dealt with a some rude players here and there, but your blog post Paragus makes what I've seen in Dota 2 look very mild in comparison to LoL.

That, and I've heard stories of all the bollocks surrounding that "Athene" player in LoL who's had a few hiccups with the community here and there.

Mon Jun 03 2013 10:09PM Report
Thaliost writes:

Awesome post :)


I want to be a god damn judge and ban all of em too!

Tue Jun 04 2013 4:43AM Report
Jacobin writes:

The crazy thing is a good elo = gamer cred, but the moment you start to `try-hard` the trolls come out to play.

Tue Jun 04 2013 11:45AM Report
LuxferreGaming writes:

DoTa 2 > League


the end

Tue Jun 04 2013 8:26PM Report
TheHavok writes: Lol - damn Paragus, that's one hell of a collection.  I will say though - helping to ban asshats is one of the most satisfying things any online game can offer.  Kudos to Riot for having the balls to go forward with the Tribunal system. Wed Jun 05 2013 3:10AM Report
pauly6478 writes: Sadly the League community forces you to troll the trolls or you will just get stuck raging at them. So defense mechanisms kick in and instead of raging hard because you just wanted a fun game for once you find yourself trolling the trolls to make them break. Wed Jun 05 2013 5:28AM Report
xSaintx writes:

I typically just ignore everyone on the team and hey, it works for me. Occasionally, I get frustrated, but for the most part, I'm fine and I win. I just got to Plat this season and the Rager Trolls are still around and always will be.

Wed Jun 05 2013 11:42AM Report
Paragus1 writes: I'm sort of the same way.   I rage, don't get me wrong, but I contain it to vent and for my twitch stream.   I don't let it spill into the game chat because I believe that once you start doing it, people start focusing more on defending their e-honor in chat and less focus on the game, which makes it more likely you will lose. Wed Jun 05 2013 11:50AM Report
john0114 writes: is it bad i laughed at the one that the guy is Cussing at whoever was going to read  that tribunal post XD! or the guy who said he started crying and lost the game XD Fri Jun 07 2013 2:38AM Report
nwest1987 writes: ^^^ exactly why I stopped playing this game.   I have enjoyed playing online games since I was barely a teenager and I have never came across such a vapid, disgusting, and pathetic group of people as those I've encountered during League of Legends.   I swear, I've never seen such big e-peens in my life.  Fri Jun 07 2013 2:51AM Report
Uninstall69 writes:

Lol omg so many cases xD. And i love how some are  set to the champions name so it makes it look like they are saying it actually. But other words i do hate people like that sometimes its like: Am i suppose to say something back or Ignore it? Because people are crazy lol. Everyone has a little rage in them that they have balled up for that one special person...

I like the guy who reported the ezreal who was "Intentionally feeding" Ezreal's score: 7/1/28 LOL I wish i could be part of the tribunal and do this, its really interesting!

Sat Jun 08 2013 3:33AM Report
gaeanprayer writes: This is why I don't talk to people ingames. When people complain that everyone is silent and they miss the old days where people chatted, I roll my eyes. Stuff like this isn't restricted to MOBAs, but it's especially prevalent in that genre. Whenever I get the urge for LOL/DoTA, it also means I get the urge (ironically) to be alone, because as far as I'm concerned, all the other players are just bots of various difficulty. Sat Jun 08 2013 12:02PM Report
ZoeMcCloskey writes:

I just PUG ARAM and Dominion and honestly it is only now and then meltdowns go on.  Maybe I miss the epic meltdowns by not doing anything ranked/classic.

Honestly to me the community is much improved though over my past experiences in LOL.  The Tribunal has helped a ton.

Sun Jun 09 2013 6:29AM Report
Simsu writes:

Unfortunately, I have to throw in a "me too" for seeing this type of behavior in LoL... Seems like ranked is far worse than the other game types. Kinda sucks - it's a fun game if you don't have to deal with these kind of people.

Mon Jun 17 2013 1:45AM Report writes:
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