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Paragus Rants

Rants, reviews, and interviews from an MMO veteran and guild leader.

Author: Paragus1

The Upcoming MMOs

Posted by Paragus1 Tuesday June 9 2009 at 12:52PM
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The Upcomming MMOs

With E3 wrapped up, there seems to be a lot of talk on the MMO community regarding some of the upcoming MMOs that we may have a chance at seeing over the next year.  My guild has been easing up on Darkfall waiting for the NA release so we can have our fresh start, so I figure I'd take a break writing about it for this entry to weigh in on 4 of these upcoming MMOs that have some of the members of my guild talking.


Mortal Online

This is one that seems to spur the most discussion for my guys at the moment, probably because it seems to be marketing itself as Darkfall's competition.  This game seems to be the fallback game for those people who have decided to opt out of Darkfall, although at present time, my guild still loves it.

The game sounds pretty decent on paper or powerpoint, and I sincerely hope it does well.  I am a big fan of anyone who tries to go the sandbox route and give players freedom and open worlds, which is one of the driving forces behind our interest in Darkfall.  So in this regard, I am happy to see some other companies trying to steer the genre in a direction that doesn't offer linear themepark gameplay.

At this stage, I think I have 2 major concerns regarding Mortal Online.

The first concern is whether or not the graphical engine will be able to handle a fair amount of people on the screen at once without bringing systems to their knees.  Darkfall takes a lot of flack from parts of the MMO community over the games graphics not being modern enough, but at the same time it has shown to handle more people fighting in close proximity better than many zoned and instance based games that are seen as being prettier.  Hopefully Mortal will not succumb to Age of Conan syndrome where good graphics become a detriment in certain aspects of the game.

The second concern I have at this stage is the recent announcement to start selling preorders for beta access even though the game will probably not see the light of day for another 6 months, or possibly more.  I don't mind preorders if they are within 4-6 weeks of release, but we are talking about a game that could be delayed until 2010 before all is said and done, and there is not enough footage (in my opinion) at this stage to justify jumping in this far out.  I wonder if the usual forum crusaders and armchair forum accountants will practice what they preached on previous titles or if they will give these guys a free pass on this.  I suppose if there is an option to cancel the preorder, then it might help a bit.  Still it looks like this is one to watch depending on your playstyle.



This is another game that seems to be talked about a lot lately with their recent North American beta.  I think the one obvious thing about this game that makes it jump out at people are the graphics.  Clearly from a graphic standpoint, Aion seems to be one of the more visually impressive MMOs to come around in a long time.  One of the other good things this one seems to have going for it is the fact that it has already been live overseas for quite some time, so one has to imagine that by the time it releases here that NA players will have the benefit of a game that has already undergone balancing and tweaking from patches.

My main concern with Aion is whether or not it brings anything really new to the table, or will it turn out to be nothing more than "WoW with wings".  The novelty of the graphics will diminish over time, and the game will need to have solid gameplay to back it up.  A lot of attention is given to the fact that you can fly in this game, but a lot of people who haven't been following it may not know that flight time is limited to very short spurts.  I am not sure if there is enough innovation here to peak my interest, but it no doubt might be a threat to WAR and AoC as they share the same target audience.

The other major problem that I think could derail this game's success in North America is the infestation of bots the game has seen overseas.  Much like Lineage 2, Aion seems to have a bot epidemic going on.  Depending on the severity of this, I am not sure if North American players will be as tolerant towards this in a new game.  Hopefully the people behind Aion will find a way to stomp this problem out before the game reaches North American shores, otherwise it may not see the same success it has enjoyed in their home market.


Final Fantasy XIV

I'll be the first to admit that I love FFXI.  This is one of those MMO's that a lot of my guild members have gone back to time and time again.  I think FFXI is probably the best PvE MMO on the market.  The game is relatively inexpensive and gives you an absolutely staggering amount of content for your buck.  Naturally when we heard about another online Final Fantasy game, some of my guildies ears perked up.

FFXI to us is like a spicy food that burns when you bite it, yet it's that burn that brings you back for more.  I think the game's challenge is one of the driving forces behind the game's success.  The sense of accomplishment for doing some of the hard content in this game does feel rewarding.  I think for a pure PvE game to succeed as long as FFXI has, it needs to be difficult to have longevity.

The possible kiss of death to me in the recent announcement was when I read in an interview with some Square-Enix people that FFXIV was going to be geared towards casuals.  To me, that translates into an easy game that will most likely have people breezing through content and possibly bored within 60 days (I hope I am wrong).  They have long stated that this next MMO would not be like FFXI, so I can't say I am surprised.  It also doesn't make sense for a company to release 2 MMOs that would compete against each other (see Mythic).  I just hope that they don't make this game cater to the lowest common denominator and end up giving us another WoW style theme park with Final Fantasy written on the box.  I'm sure the name alone will make it sell a lot, especially for some console players who are not used to MMOs.  Hopefully after all these years SE will come up with a better User Interface than FFXI's.


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Everybody loves Star Wars, so it is no surprise that an MMO based on this universe is getting a lot of hype and attention from many corners of the MMO community.  If there is one franchise that deserves to have a good game made after it, this is it.  The current incarnation of Star Wars Galaxies seems to not be doing Star Wars any justice, and with a company with Bioware's track record behind it, it could have promise.  I'll give them credit for being smart enough to set the game in an era where Jedi are everywhere.  Let's be honest for a minute, when most people want to play a game in this universe, do you think they will chose to play a wookie like Chewbacca or a lightning shooting Sith Lord with a lightsaber?  Bioware seems to get it in this regard so despite the other classes, this game looks like it might be on a better track than SWG went down.

The concern I have with the game at this point is the hype.  I watched their trailer of a CGI cutscene of some massive Jedi brawl, but where is the gameplay footage?  They are starting this hype campaign a bit too early in my opinion and are going to end up with a customer base that has unrealistically high expectations.  FFXIV was guilty of this as well, showing no footage of the real gameplay.  Even the biggest steaming pile of crap can have a wicked CGI intro, but that doesn't tell you anything about the real game.  Show me something tangible to get excited about please because I want to be excited about a game like this.  I am buying a video game, not a movie, so show me the money!

They seem to have a strong story element going in this game which is a good sign.  There are not that many MMO's out there I have played outside of FFXI that really had a story with cutscenes, and not little kill quest journal crap not worth reading.  I'd like to hear about any PvP elements this game might have, I am assuming there must be one with all of the Sith and Jedi running around everywhere.  They are definitely running the risk of over-hyping this though given how far away the release date is if they continue to show more CGI cutscenes instead of real gameplay.



It looks like the over the next year or so, there will be a nice variety of MMOs coming out. No matter what game you are playing now, chances are there is one coming down the pipe in the next year that threatens to steal your interest from whatever you are playing now (if any). We also need to make sure to not over-hype these games based on power points or CGI presentations. Hopefully the companies behind these games will start to show us real and extensive gameplay footage so that we the MMO community can decide whether or not these games will actually stack up in reality like they do on paper.


Co-Leader of Inquisition

fldash writes:

"...opt out of Darkfall, although at present time, my guild still loves it."  Couldn't leave that out could you? 

Tue Jun 09 2009 2:42PM Report
Teiman writes:

 great article, thanks

Tue Jun 09 2009 3:29PM Report
Mykell writes:

Seriously it surprises you that a Bioware game based on Star Wars is going to be over-hyped lol? Darkfall was over-hyped (Tasos said that's the reason they had limited orders available at their store on release i believe). The promised gameplay videos were held behind closed doors and from all accounts people were impressed with it.

Personally i and others i know are looking forward to the raft of sci-fi mmo's on the horizon. Earthrise, Jumpgate Evolution, Fallen Earth, Global Agenda. We are just tired of fantasy mmo's atm.

Tue Jun 09 2009 6:42PM Report
Kurai3 writes:

Square-Enix wants FFXIV To be More geared toward Casuals (Funny how one word missing can be a sign of doom.) Meaning that they want people to be able to Solo as well as group. Personally, I'm excited, I rather enjoyed FFXI but detested the fact that I needed a party to complete even the easiest of tasks.

Tue Jun 09 2009 7:10PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 Champions Online, DC Universe Online, Marvel Universe Online, Fallen Earth, Jumpgate Evolution and Cities XL is due out in September. But these will definately by the mucho hyped ones to watch.

Tue Jun 09 2009 7:17PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 Dang >.< 

I mean Cities XL, Jumpgate Evo and Champs is due out in september.

Sorry, don't reign fire on me just yet!

Tue Jun 09 2009 7:19PM Report
Asellia writes:

Paragus, I have a reply to your section about Aion, I played for awhile in the Chinese version, and it does offer some new stuff, IE, the wings like you had said, the PvPvE is good too, the AI third race will help those it currently sees fit, and really makes PvP a lot more interesting.

Moreso, the good graphics make it a nice experience, and to top all that off, it has one thing i've never had in an MMORPG since Ultima Online, immersion.

Tue Jun 09 2009 7:57PM Report
toddze writes:

I too feel the same in regaurds to FFXIV. "casual" just put a major damper on things. Casual means easy, theres no way around that. I am just hoping that SE's idea of casual is not blizzards idea of casual.

Tue Jun 09 2009 10:59PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

FFXIV hopefully will not be a game with kill quests and a light death penality.  FFXI seemed to have more interesting quests than most of the current MMOs do, and they intertwined them with a nice story.  I am sure FFXIV will have that robust story element, but if the game is as PvE based as FFXI was, then I think it needs to have some difficulty to make the accomplishments meaningful.

Tue Jun 09 2009 11:33PM Report
craynlon writes:

 ver nice article,
i just wonder if there are stuff on the horizont no1 expect yet.

for example terra or some other strange new thing might come out bevore swtor

for me im most exited about aion as competitive mmo in the short run and cross my finger that i wont be totally ruined by bots and ebayers like l2

after that im definitly waiting to try star wars because i expect it to further evolve on the storytelling aspect. i love aoc for their storytelling and atmosphere and i expect swtor even trump them in that department. so hopefully the age of  "kill 10 rats" will behind us after swtor 

Wed Jun 10 2009 5:10AM Report
Cereo writes:

Casual FFXIV is the greatest thing I have heard. I wanted to like FFXI so much, but I came in very late to the scene and it is nearly impossible to play unless you have tons of patience. People helped me along to level 13 and then told me to go to a certain zone and party up. I went there, sat .. sat.... sat... asking party after party if I could join. I made a Monk because it sounded cool.

People said I should have made a white mage or this or that and then I'd get more parties, or to get better gear or so on. I get sick of you 'hardcore' people saying you want more of that, saying that makes it challenging. No, it really doesn't. It is just a huge time sink of waiting around to get a full party. That isn't challenging, that is just lots of planning and waiting. Hate games like 'easy' WoW all you want but they know how to make a fun game I can actually play whenever I want. And the only reason 98% of you hate WoW is because you hardcore grinded through the game 10x over and  got sick of it eventually, not that you actually didn't find the game fun. Just my 2 cents.


In terms of the rest of the list... typical Paragus, spreading propaganda that no game coming out will be as good as Darkfall.

Aion is nothing new to the table? Neither is DF then.

FFXIV might be too casual? DF is too hardcore.

MO graphics may be too good and you can pre-order the game? DF you couldn't pre-order and you are STILL paying to play a beta.

And really?? Your propaganda for SW is it will be hyped too much? DF was hyped to insane levels of lies, deceit, and didn't deliver on barely any of the hype.


All these spotlight blogs are oozing with spin to more or less trick consumers into people's personal agendas like Paragus here. Don't get me wrong, I know the Stratus BS "don't read it if you don't like it, blogs are opinions". That is true, they are... but it would be nice if there was some professionalism to what get spotlighted.

If you write clearly and post some pictures in your blog, that's quality? This article only bashes every game coming out while trying to promote DF at the same time. We got it, you are blinded by your flavor of the month MMO, keep it to yourself a little more or post something constructive. SW, FFXIV, and Aion will blow DF out of the water even though they are targeting difference audiences... you trying to crusade against them (along with WoW, WAR, AoC) will not change that. Save your breathe and just keep playing DF, it's starting to look bad.

Wed Jun 10 2009 8:45AM Report
Greek_Matt writes:

 Seems an odd collection you've chosen to discuss. And the fact that you don't even bother to mention the dozen or more other prominent titles that are due out within this timeframe (hell, no-one knows when TOR will release) suggests that you either don't know or don't care about what else is out there. Doesn't say much for your 'journalistic integrity' really... still, I'm sure it helped you pass the time.

Wed Jun 10 2009 9:06AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

This is not an article about Darkfall, but it seems the very mention of it seems to send people into rage fits.  I chose these games specifically because they are ones that jumped out at my guild for various reasons.  I recognize there are many other MMOs coming out besides these, nothing against them,

Your take on FFXI vs FFXIV is a fair.   I think most people who read my stuff understand that I am not a casual player, so I when I see a game is being geared towards casuals it throws a flag up for me personally.   By the same token, I understand there are a lot of people who are casual and that this game is better suited for them.

The hype factor regarding SWTOR is worth mentioning I think.   There has been very little shown in the way of real gameplay so far, and the game is building a ton of hype and we are probably still over a year or more away from seeing it.   I was simply pointing out that it can be dangerous to set expectation unrealistically high.  It is not a bash at the game because like I said, nobody has really seen much of it let alone played it.

I have always tried to show both sides of things as I see them.   I simply wanted to touch on these titles and show people what looks good about them and where my concerns are at this very early stage.   Some of you need to lighten up a bit.

Wed Jun 10 2009 9:36AM Report
BadSpock writes:

Horrible article. Sorry, it is.

Incredibly biased and filled with negative conotations towards the vast majority of MMORPG players.

One day you guys will pull your heads out of the sand and realize why World of Warcraft was/is so successful...

... and that all this "casual vs hardcore" and "theme park" "linear" "sandbox" words you throw out without understanding a single logical thought behind game design only serves to make you sound like uneducated children unable to see beyond the length of your own nose.

Wed Jun 10 2009 9:44AM Report
BadSpock writes:

It's no wonder that sooo many new MMOs never live up to the hype and fail within the first few months when even the die-hard MMO fans that would frequent a site like have no clue what they are talking about.

Wed Jun 10 2009 9:46AM Report
Cereo writes:

It's not a rage fit, I have no rage at all over what you write because it's mostly nonsense. However, since you write bias nonsense, I do what you do, I comment my opinions on my concerns. In this case, that reader beware, you try to act like you present both sides equally but not in one article I ever read have you done so.

You don't say "Here is an apple and here is an orange, take your pick". You say "Here is an apple, you could take it and that totally cool... but keep in mind the apple is a little older and bruised, it is not washed and the orange is much better tasting and fresher...", and so on and so on until you are really telling your viewers "Take the orange!".

You probably don't even see it yourself, since it's clear you are 'hardcore' and don't understand 'perspective' very well. And that's totally cool that you don't perceive perspective very well, but I think that is the #1 skill you need to be a unbias article writer. Basically, in my opinion, I think you should get a new hobby, you're article writing is deceitful and very bias to a very limited view on how things should be. Basically I agree with whta heerobya said above.

But you're right, you added key words to what you said, you show both sides "as you see them". Can't argue that, I am just expressing my discontent that what you see is not very open and only caters to a very small audience.

Wed Jun 10 2009 9:59AM Report
popinjay writes:

Another great write Paragus. I must say you are the best writer on this site, and you aren't even paid. That's a crime somewhere.

This comment:

"The possible kiss of death to me in the recent announcement was when I read in an interview with some Square-Enix people that FFXIV was going to be geared towards casuals. To me, that translates into an easy game that will most likely have people breezing through content and possibly bored within 60 days (I hope I am wrong). "

..I agree with 100%. One of the best things about FFXI was the difficulty. Why? It weeded out the more non-serious players, the kind that didn't care whether they lived, died or deleveled.  There was a high adult population because of this that tended to actually care about their fellow gamers losing exp as well as them selves.

If the new FF is as casual as Wow is with no death penalty and no need for people to actually pay attention while leveling, the game will suffer greatly.

Wed Jun 10 2009 12:20PM Report
toddze writes:

You guys bash this guy even when his blog isnt about DF. I personally dont like his DF blogs one bit because they paint a false picture about it. However this blog is how he feels about the upcoming MMO's.

His opinion is no more right than anyone elses, yet you guys get offended by it? It just so happens that his and mine opinion are the same in reguards to FFXIV. (I am actually surprised since he is a big DF fan). In his comment I 110% argee that higher difficulty level = more sense of accomplishment.

When I hit cap for the first time in FFXI I was on cloud 9, I felt like I had done something. In any other new casual MMO its like "ok umm  I am cap whoppdy do". Or when I got a great drop in FFXI the feeling was that of pure excitment, it lasted for weeks. In other MMO's its run instances until you get it, you know youll get it eventually just a matter of grinding it several times. FFXI is a different beast, The feeling of acomplishment is what is missing in casual friendly games. For me anyways.

Some people just want their stuff without much effort. To me thats just a timesink and a boring grind because I know ill get everything I want, just go through the motions. 4 years of playing FFXI hardcore and there was alot of things I didnt get that I wanted. But I did get alot of great stuff aswell. I am not dissapointed that I didnt get everything I wanted. Trying to get the really rare stuff is the fun part of an MMO. Having stuff handed to you with minimal effort is whats boring.

Wed Jun 10 2009 12:23PM Report
BadSpock writes:

We are not saying he isn't allowed to have his own opinion, only that his writing style is horrible and terribly biased and is very polarized.

Not to mention he is very negative towards people who don't feel the same with many examples of negative conotations and implied criticisms.

It's painful and offensive to read because it is so blatantly biased and polarized but is trying to play itself off as being informative and reasonable, which makes me laugh.

Wed Jun 10 2009 3:27PM Report
Vagrant_Zero writes:

 Just a few corrections:


The FF14 "CGI" trailer did in fact have actual gameplay in it (the fights for example were not CGI).

SWTOR has released small clips of in-game footage.

You would think that if you took so much time to write this whole article you could have been bothered to double-check some of your statements.

Wed Jun 10 2009 4:12PM Report
kazamx writes:

I like his writing style. I guess that you must too to some extent as you are always here reading them. There are well over a million blogs out there and you don't read even a tiny tiny fraction of them and yet here you are reading this blog week in and week out. Its got you interested.

Para gets a lot of crap at the moment, but on the whole its from a small bunch of people who have an axe to grind about this and that. If they really had a point then they could write their own blog and I am sure lots of people would be filling their comments section ripping their posts to bits.

its internet fame for you. The moment your doing something lots of people enjoy other people (who tend not to be doing anything of interest to most people) join in and start complaining. Ahhhhh the internet, gotta love it.


Para keep it up, I really enjoy reading your blog posts.

Wed Jun 10 2009 4:27PM Report
bustaj writes:

 Although I find Paragus's blog to be bias and geared towards a certain agenda at times, I do respect his opinion.

Heck after I read the first Darkfall overview/review I knew I would have to take everything he said with a grain of salt but that does not mean I should come here just to tear him down  because of his bias. In all honesty, it is supposed to be bias since a blog usually contains someone's personal thoughts and feelings on a subject. 

If you really wanted to provide counter arguments that go against what Paragus thinks make a blog that highlights the games he talks about instead of tearing them down here in his blog.

All I am saying is that  it's his blog and it can/should be filled with his personal thoughts and opinions so why get up in arms about it?

Wed Jun 10 2009 7:18PM Report
shaon94 writes:


1.  His writing style is not horrible otherwise you would not read it every time he posts. 

2.  He is biased, and admits it in a comment above, towards games that are more hardcore than your them park MMO's.  He dose not mock these games only states he does not tend to like them as much.

3.  Polarized?  Do you even know the meaning?  If so, give me an example where he has done this.  (heres a hint.  Your comment is more polarizing than any of his blogs)

4.  WoW is successful and everyone knows why.  We live in a "hand it to me world" of instant gratification and WoW does this wonderfully.  It is great for a casuall gamer, who does not have time or desire to invest in a more hardcore game.  Not everyone likes this style of game play though.  Some of us like a challange, and personally getting level 30 in one six hour session is not challanging.  I know I loved the challange from FFXI and hope they can duplicate that in their current title. 

Thu Jun 11 2009 8:31AM Report
BadSpock writes:

1. I read it cause it's a featured blog on MMO not because I search for it. I read it cause MMO thinks it's good enough to have as a featured blog, I disagree.

2. He very subtly mocks not only those games but the players of them as well.

"FFXIV was going to be geared towards casuals. To me, that translates into an easy game that will most likely have people breezing through content and possibly bored"

"I just hope that they don't make this game cater to the lowest common denominator and end up giving us another WoW style theme park"

These kinds of things are thinly veiled insults and show the OPs true colors and feelings towards different kinds of players. I have nothing against the "hardcore" type, I used to be one, but many hardcore players have a beef with what they call "casuals." It's very obvious.

3. Polarized - to divide into sharply opposing factions. His "opinion" is very clearly, to me, a complete and total polarization of hardcore versus casual. Black and white. Sharply opposing factions. Complete opposites.

When in fact most players these days are a mix of both play styles, and one of the main reasons WOW is so successful is that is has things for both hardcore and casual players.

4. No MMO is difficult. WOW is just as difficult and challenging as UO or SWG were back in the day. In fact I'd say many Raid encounters in WOW are a LOT more difficult then anything I ever did in UO or SWG.

Removing timesinks and making players waste less time, being more user friendly and offering guidance, removing tedium and being more friendly to solo players does not make a game "easier" just as the opposite doesn't make a game "harder."

It's simply removing tedium and making the game more engaging.

There is nothing hard about grinding mobs for hours, solo, in a group, etc. etc. Pull, kill, refresh, repeat. Ad nauseam.

If investing time makes a game "hardcore" let me introduce you to the 150 days played time I have between a couple of toons in WOW.

Or perhaps investing over 3,000 hours doesn't qualify as "time or desire to invest in a more hardcore game."

Thu Jun 11 2009 9:25AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Heerobya, I think you are really trying to hard to read between the lines here.  I have nothing against casual players or games, but I don't fall into that group.   I think you are trying to find reasons to get offended and upset about reading a non-casual's take on some of the upcoming games.  If reading a video game blog is painful, offensive, and polarizing to you, then there really is not much I can say to you.

In terms of FFXI and its difficulty, it goes well beyond the grind.  Some of the games missions and quests really put players to the test.  I remember when I beat Maat, which as a Red Mage player, is very challenging.   Grind has nothing to do with winning that fight.

Promyvions are another example.   Like Maat, these are level capped trials that many players have to go through, meaning you can't grind your way past them.   You actually need to be good at your class to succeed.  

Your take on WoW is different than mine, and that is fine.   I personally did not find the game challenging during the two and a half years I played it.  That's just my opinion.  I felt far more accomplishment from completing goals in FFXI.

Thu Jun 11 2009 10:19AM Report
neKrow writes:

"The possible kiss of death to me in the recent announcement was when I read in an interview with some Square-Enix people that FFXIV was going to be geared towards casuals. To me, that translates into an easy game that will most likely have people breezing through content and possibly bored within 60 days (I hope I am wrong)."

This mirrors my sentements exactly!

Thu Jun 11 2009 10:51AM Report
Wycliffe writes:

Good article.

I really don't understand why Paragus1 has become public enemy #1 in these past couple of months. I think it started with Devour's juvenile thread demanding he be removed as a spotlight blogger and the rest of you just jumped on the bandwagon.

If you don't agree with him, fine. You don't have to read his blog.

heerboya, you pretty much summed up this mentality by saying "I read it cause MMO thinks it's good enough to have as a featured blog, I disagree." Thats YOUR opinion and if you feel so strongly about it why not write your own blog.

Devour did just that, and than kept bumping his blog thread in DF general discussion hoping someone would actually read it. Basically he copied and pasted the intro chapter of a debate team textbook. Guess by doing so he felt future accusations of trolling could be countered with "Hey look at my blog i'm empirical and insightful you can't call me a troll!!".

The point is, Paragus writes a blog discussing real subject matter. Its his point of view but the topics are actually interesting, ranging from interviews with influential guild leaders to research pieces on ingame features to just simply giving his 2cents on MMOs showed at E3.

While Paragus cannot remove his perspective from his writting, at least the subject matter is interesting and the articles usually informative. Most of the people i've seen flame him recently cannot make the same claim. Instead, you just assert your opinions; whether it be removing Paragus as a spotlight blogger, claiming he is a shill and deceiving people, or angry because he happens to enjoy a certain game.

Lately this site is becomming one giant flamewar. If this keeps up, will be in dire straits. Instead of civil discussion about our hobby, all that will be left is a braindead mob of people insulting each other because they feel A rocks and B sucks and anyone who disagrees a moron.

Thu Jun 11 2009 4:17PM Report
Mortifagus writes:

About the no game footage, check this link to the Live-Blog, on the E3 Square Enix press conference, check the question at 12:18


Thu Jun 11 2009 7:15PM Report
ivan50265 writes:

Good read Paragus.  The harsh reality as always.  I to hope FFXIV is casualed down a whole lot.  Good to see you writing on smoething other than Darkfall althoug I understand your passion for a game you love.


Thu Jun 11 2009 10:22PM Report
MasterWan writes:

Paragus has become public enemy #1 because he has the ability to write positivly about non-mainstream games.  People on this site, and every MMO forum just are so negative for no reason at all.  This attitude baffles me.  Everything is fail, fail, fail.  Going down hill, no delivery, blah, blah , blah.  I bet the majority of the negative people on this and most boards do not actually play the games they are trying to kill.  Its like there is some made up rivalry between games or something.  I don't understand it. 

Fri Jun 12 2009 9:08AM Report
sfraden writes:

"All these spotlight blogs are oozing with spin to more or less trick consumers into people's personal agendas like Paragus here. "

This. QFT.

Sorry Paragus, but your personal opinions on what you think without even playing any of them is meaningless.  Your merely reposting hype that you read.  I much perfer your writings about games your actually playing, even the 'high level' darkfall ones that only show one side of the game are far better than this drivel.

Fri Jun 12 2009 1:08PM Report
winter writes:

 I don't generally post about Paragus blogs as i see them for what they are. ( Generally a Fans opinions on Darkfall ) However I will point out 2 things it appears Paragus and guild are already getting bored of DF and looking for something else as there's no way they can believe the NA servers will be out soon. (Several months to a year if ever given Aventurines known track record on time schedules). That aside one last thing I thought DF players were the lowest common denominator. You know gankers, that AFK and use use loopholes to level. Sad Paragus should claim other games players are.


Fri Jun 12 2009 2:02PM Report
rsreston writes:

Paragon, I like your posts a lot, but "Let's be honest for a minute, when most people want to play a game in this universe, do you think they will chose to play a wookie like Chewbacca or a lightning shooting Sith Lord with a lightsaber?" - you do mean the casual player, right?? Because there are lots of SW fans, which also happen to be hardcore MMORPG'ers who'd go the other way...

Fri Jun 12 2009 6:01PM Report
Comnitus writes:

Sorry you got bashed for this blog, Paragus. People, it's possible to dislike his Darkfall blogs (like I do), but appreciate his writing ability and the use of nice pictures. This blog in particular was good, all he did was share his thoughts in an organized, simple manner.

Sat Jun 13 2009 12:27PM Report
Brialyn writes:

In the interview for FFXIV I didn't read that it would be "geared" for casual gamers, they said they would have content and be accessable to casual raiders. 

I agree that FFXI is probably one of the best PvE games out there, it is why it has lasted so long with a pretty fair chunck of market share.  SE understands that but also sees the need to give some content to those who can only play for 40 minutes sometimes.   The other thing that FFXI has going for it as a PvE game is that the lack of PvP keeps the classes balanced for PvE.  Unlike WoW where classes and items get nerfed or changed for PvP balance making the PvE side of the game suck. 

I'm very excited about FFXIV because I loved FFXI but had to drop it when I my schedule changed and I could only play about an hour a day during the week.  With FFXIV offering solo content hopefully I will have something to do during that short hour. :)

Sun Jun 14 2009 9:30AM Report
Brialyn writes:

oops meant gamers not raiders...sorry. 

Sun Jun 14 2009 9:34AM Report
neschria writes:

 I haven't really looked at Aion because I was afraid it might just be another "Lineage 2 with wings" (rather than "WoW with wings"). The bot issue would be the one thing that keeps me far, far away-- I actually really like L2, but the bots were really awful. 

I wish I could have liked FFXI. The gameplay seemed good enough. The graphics are really grainy on my system (though I've heard from other people that they had that problem until they got new video or rig) and the controls are counter-intuitive to me. Otherwise, I liked what I saw-- just not enough to overcome the grainy look and the mechanical issue of control.  

Maybe if I have a new system in time for FFXIV, I might jump in. Perhaps they mean *slightly* less time consuming at the low end when they say 'geared toward casual'. As an old school player, I do understand what you're saying about the fear of what that might mean.

Sun Jun 14 2009 12:05PM Report
Adam1902 writes:

Mortal Online seems to be doing what Darkfall is doing - A paid beta. Except for Mortal, I don't think you pay the monthly fee, and they're not labeling it as a "staged release", so will probably wipe the characters afterwards.

This means that people won't keep exploited characters, like what has happened in Darkfall.

I have a feeling it might end up very similar to what Darkfall has, though. Hopefully, this will make Aventurine really get down to work damn hard on Darkfall, aswell as StarVault working hard on Mortal. Competition always brings good things to the table. This could be interesting, and improve the quality of both of the games, and in the customers (our) eyes, having 2 games targeting a similar audience is a good thing.

Sun Jun 14 2009 5:21PM Report
NovaRyu writes:

I'm not really a fan of his DF posts, but I agree with his FFXI comments 100%. He couldn't be more accurate in pointing out difficulty in achieving goal = stronger sense of accomplishment when the goal is reached.

Mon Jun 15 2009 3:15PM Report
NovaRyu writes:

To be fair to Aion also, one of your comments that flight is limited to short spurts is completely untrue. Sure when you first get your wings at level 10 this might be (somewhat) true, but by the time your max level, with flight duration items as well as potions you can for the most part fly indefinetly. I feel your a little overly critical of any pvp game that isn't DF atm, and you shouldn't be. This game isn't even going to be directly competing with DF's target audience at all.

Mon Jun 15 2009 3:20PM Report
Silver_Leaf writes:

I like sci fi, I love space shooters, somewhat love-hate relationship with eve (Its still my part time game, I mainly play SAGA now), BUT I ABSOLUTELY DETEST POORLY MADE GAMES riding on the sucess of their movies. Lets hope this is different. There is hope yet.

However, more space pew pew, less swordfighting though. I'. probably going to be keeled for saying this, but while I enjoy the pew pew scenes from star wars, I dislike their pathetic attempt to have melee combat. Who needs jedis? Take out your giant laser weapon deathstar thingy and BOOM!!! DOOMSDAY ACTIVATED!!!

May look cool in movies (though I still think most jedi fights could have been settled with guns instead) but how are they going to balance that in game?

Unless of course there are no ranged weapons except those on ships...

Tue Jun 16 2009 5:01AM Report
Silver_Leaf writes:

Oh and to avoid confusion, I was talking about Star Wars. Their other game epic failed, not so sure about this one.

Tue Jun 16 2009 5:01AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

I used to be a big fan of the old X-Wing and Tie Fighter games back in the day.  It would be neat for them to somehow incorperate that element into the game.

I don't have a beef with Aion because of any competition to a game I am currently playing.   I think competition is a good thing, and they target completely different people.    I am concerned over whether there is enough innovation in the game to make it stand apart from a lot of other games that use a very similar formula.   If I get my hands on a free beta key I might be inclinded to take it for a test drive.

Tue Jun 16 2009 7:49AM Report
TheMaelstrom writes:

Re: Aion flight times

At level cap, depending on gear and wing upgrades, you can be in flight for around 5 minutes. You start at 1 min @ level 10.

Lots of people even use "flight gear" that each piece has +flight time on it. This makes life much easier for gathering airborne materials or making really long trips thru parts of the Abyss.

Just wanted to make sure you were aware that the flight time increases a lot as you level.

Tue Jun 16 2009 5:35PM Report
Palazious writes:

Good read Paragus.

I'll be looking forward to your reviews/opinions of these upcomming MMOs and appreciate your writings.

Keep it up

Tue Jun 16 2009 9:36PM Report
daywalker27 writes:

Good write up Paragus. I've been playing Aion NA Beta the past weekend and I got to say it's pretty fun. The story is missing and it seems sort of bland, but then again it's a level 10 cap beta so I'm not expecting much.


You pretty much hit the nail on the head with your FXIV analysis about the casual statement.


Also, lol @ all the kids crying about your article being biased. I read it and thought it was a nice wrap up and I'm looking foward to all of those games, and second of all it's an opinion based article so they should just slap themselves in the face for raging.


-Dayzd (Bill O'Reilly)

Sun Jun 21 2009 2:55PM Report
nileq writes:

To all those that think Paragus's style of writing sucks, and don't like the fact that he seems to like sandboxgames and other things.

You DO realise that it is a blog, right? You also DO realise that the man is entitled to his opinion.

And if you rant on the style he writes or his views, hey why don't you write your OWN blogs?? huh?

You are probably not men/women enough to take the heat from you own oppinions/writing style. But by all means keep bashing others.

"Let he without sin, cast the first stone"

Wed Jun 24 2009 7:15AM Report writes:
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