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Paragus Rants

Rants, reviews, and interviews from an MMO veteran and guild leader.

Author: Paragus1

Darkfall: Warships

Posted by Paragus1 Monday April 20 2009 at 7:53AM
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Darkfall: Warships

After my last article about rafts and sailing, many of you mentioned that you wanted me to check back after I had found out more about some of the game's larger warships.  I spent the last week trying to find out who had the largest war ship I could find, and tried to see if they would let me take a look at it.  My journey led me to The Mercs and Rainbow Ninja clans, who live in the center of Agon dubbed "Afghanistan" by the community.  These clans recently crafted a Brigantine class warship, which is a quite a feat considering the costs involved, and the fact they don't have a city with the shipyard needed to build it.

Crafting of boats larger than a raft requires the Shipbuilding skill, which costs 15,000 gold just to purchase.  Much like cities, building of ships is done via modules that act as the primary building block unit to craft a ship.  The larger the ship, the more modules are required as a key ingredient to craft them.  Just to put things into perspective, the cost of a single shipbuilding module requires 200 wood, 40 iron ingots, 50 cloth, and 400 gold.  The brigantine class war ship build by The Mercs and Rainbow Ninja clans costs a staggering 30 ship modules, which translates out to 6000 wood, 1200 Iron ingots, 1500 cloth, and 12,000 gold!  Since these clans do not have access to their own shipyard, they were forced to raid another city that had one and craft the ship in the midst of the raid while being protected.

Despite being at war with my guild, The Mercs and Rainbow Ninja clans were nice enough to let me join them for a naval assault against a clan from the DUSK alliance.  Under their protection, I was escorted in their raid force of about 20-30 people down to the coasts of the desert island via mount.  Once we reached the destination for departure, they spawned the ship just off the coast where everyone began to climb aboard.  Unlike the rafts, the larger ships have their decks a bit higher off of the water, so the only way to climb on is by the use of netting hanging off each side that acts as a makeshift ladder. Unfortunately Rubaiyat is the home of some massive flying red dragon, which had aggroed us on our journey to the shoreline.  The crew manned the various cannons and opened fire on the dragon as they pulled far enough away to be left alone.

The ship itself is much larger than the raft.  The large raid force fit fairly comfortably on the ship, and if I had to guess, I'd estimate you could probably fit upwards of 40 people on the brigantine.  I was given a chance to take the wheel for a minute, and I have to say that this ship is much harder to handle than the raft.  It seemed to turn very sluggishly and sailed through the water maybe around half the speed as the small rafts do, but I suppose this makes sense due to the size of the ship.  This particular ship came equipped with 8 cannons in total that pointed in various directions.  I counted 4 cannons on one side of the boat, 3 cannons on the opposite side, and a final cannon at the rear of the ship pointing directly behind it.  The layout of the ship included a main deck area where most of the cannons and the steering wheel are located, an upper deck level in the back where the rear cannon was, and a small cabin room under the upper deck that made for a nice hiding spot to rest from incoming range attacks.

The cannons are where these larger ships really shine.  The cannons are capable of doing damage to structures in player cities the same way a siege hammer would, and also act as a decent weapon against other players.  A direct hit from a cannon on another player seems to inflict about 13 damage to someone who is naked, and around 7 damage to someone wearing some moderate armor.  While this may not seem like a lot of damage, the cannons are capable of firing in rapid succession rather quickly, with a cooldown in between shots somewhere in the neighborhood of only 2 seconds.  Against a player-made city structure, the damage of a single cannon ball shot is pretty much on par with the damage of a single hit from a siege hammer swung by a person.

The cannons offer 2 massive advantages over siege hammers.  The first is the obvious range difference.  When we arrived off the coast of the enemy guild city, The Mercs opened up with a barrage of cannon fire at the enemy city's cannon tower.  While all of the ships cannons were pounding away at the tower, the enemy tried to return fire at us only to find their shots falling short of reaching the beach, let alone our ship.  While I can't say exactly how far away that cannon tower was, I can say that it was just at the edge of being visible on my screen.  The other major advantage the cannons have is that they do not wear out and break.  Siege hammer are notorious for breaking from use long before they do their job, often requiring the attacker to bring dozens and dozens of them to destroy an enemy building.  The ship cannons can fire pretty much every 2 seconds, do the same damage, do it from very far away, and never break from overuse.

The Mercs guild leader, Osium, used a very clever tactic to ensure the cannons would be able to hit targets over a hill that was obstructing our view of the enemy city.  One of the groups that made up our raid force was sent into the enemy city to act as spotters for the gunners.  He had some of his men go into the city, and mark a waypoint on the party's mini-map where key buildings were located so that the ship gunners would be able to zero in on their location without being able to see it.  This reminded me of the ghosts from Starcraft who paint the target for the nuclear launches.  He also had one of his groups stations on the land near the beach to prevent the enemy from being able to get to close to ship.

Confident in the way the battle was playing out, an ultimatum was issued by Osium to the enemy forces.  The enemy didn't take too kindly to his offer, and some of them became determined to try and get onto the deck of the ship.  From my vantage point on the ship, the thought of anyone getting close to the boat, let alone getting onto the deck seemed like an impossibility.  Even with polearm players stationed at the nets, somehow a bunch of naked Alfars somehow managed to climb onto the deck to try and slay the captain.  A melee broke out on the deck and I was nailed a few times while parrying with my sword, but soon after the crazed Alfars were put down on the deck where they bled to death.

So what will sieging look like in Darkfall as ships and war hulks start to be used on a regular basis?  The use of naval ships and combat definitely looks to be a serious turning point in the way people will look at warfare in the game.  Clans who have their cities on coastal areas will definitely have a new vulnerability used against them by their enemy, and better start preparing for ways to counter these type of attacks.  While the use of ships is still new, I watch first-hand how a single ship could cause thousands of gold in damages in a very short amount of time.  I hope you found this article informative, and in case you are still looking for more, The Mercs have a few videos of this ship in action from the night before I got to ride it.  I urge you to go take a look at Part 1, Part 2, and a second video they have if you want to see it in action for yourself.



Co-Leader of Inquisition

Aragon100 writes:

These ship have twice the range of  city cannons and is ridicously overpowered. They take out a city in 10 minutes.

A very unbalanced feature.




Mon Apr 20 2009 8:07AM Report
Zodan writes:

Don't build your city near water, thanks for the information. Can we expect a warhulk one soon?

Mon Apr 20 2009 8:27AM Report
ellobo29 writes:

unbalanced.....unless you have your own navy for defence....DUH!

Mon Apr 20 2009 8:31AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Working on the war hulk one.  I have been tracking a lot of people down in the underbelly of society.   I am fairly confident I will be able to find what I'm looking for and do an article on Hulks.

Mon Apr 20 2009 8:36AM Report
Mrbloodworth writes:

"My journey led me to The Mercs and Rainbow Ninja clans, who live in the center of Agon dubbed "Afghanistan" by the community. "


You stay classy, Darkfall playerbase.

Mon Apr 20 2009 9:30AM Report
Aramanu writes:

Love it!

Mon Apr 20 2009 10:07AM Report
daarco writes:

So the naval warfare have begun!

And i dont think thay are "overpowered". That do what they are supposed to do.

Mon Apr 20 2009 10:36AM Report
MindTrigger writes:

Has anyone done a crafting overview yet?

Mon Apr 20 2009 10:37AM Report
kokorell writes:

Its articles like this  that makes me regret that WOW was and still is my only mmo experience.  And it was in a youtube clip called ''darkfall is coming ''   back in 2007 that i first saw a naval battle and went completely bananas about this game . After reading about darkfall warships here i am really jealous that i am not playing darkfall and probably never will cause i am a ...hmm wow carebear. As for you Paragus i only have to say grats m8 for this amazing blog. I hope to read more about warships from your blog in the near future  :)  


ps: There is a 2nd ship that Mercs have as this pic show which seems to be a different class than the other 1. Any info on this 1 Paragus?                                      

Mon Apr 20 2009 10:39AM Report
kokorell writes:

sorry this is the correct link

Mon Apr 20 2009 10:43AM Report
Vince_G writes:

nice read!

Mon Apr 20 2009 10:59AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

That other ship is one step down from the Brigantine, which can be seen next to it.   The smaller one only has 3 cannons in total, one on each side and one on the front from what they were telling me.

Mon Apr 20 2009 11:00AM Report
GeniusSage writes:

Can't wait for the Warhulk article. Very glad to see an user that isn't complete scum. Thanks Paragus1 :D

Mon Apr 20 2009 11:08AM Report
Quale writes:

Another cool blog entry.

Mercs video was great. I especially enjoyed the water combat around the ship.

Mon Apr 20 2009 11:26AM Report
drasked writes:

Extreemly sad article, knowing how these dudes got the money for the boat.

Mon Apr 20 2009 11:43AM Report
Wharg0ul writes:

Good read, man. Although I have to laugh (those deep, full, belly laughs when something is REALLY funny) at the people screaming "over powered!!!!1111". Is that all the new generation of MMORPG players knows how to do?? Cry for nerfs??

Mon Apr 20 2009 4:48PM Report
grimfall writes:

Those cannons fire way too fast, based on the video, and based on what  you're saying they do to a city.  There's no way a city with it's own cannon should even have to be concerned with a single ship.

Thanks for the update, looks really neat.

Mon Apr 20 2009 4:48PM Report
boxfetish writes:

""These clans recently crafted a Brigantine class warship, which is a quite a feat considering the costs involved, and the fact they don't have a city with the shipyard needed to build it."


It's called using exploits and bugged mobs to receive hundreds of thousands of gold, unlimited resources, and max skills without and effort or skill.

The only thing remarkable here is that nothing is being done about this even even though Aventurine knows it happened and knows who has done it.

Time for a server wipe instead of false accolades.



Mon Apr 20 2009 5:37PM Report
Kyleran writes:

Very good article, and went well with the video I watched last night with these ships.

I have to agree, seems to me ship board cannon should actually have shorter range than land based cannon, historically land based guns can be made very large with much greater range and damage.

But as other's have said, perhaps the direct counter to this is to have your own navy ready to defend your city...then all would be fair.


Mon Apr 20 2009 5:48PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

It is hard to tell at this stage in the game's live how things need to be balanced.   Since they are one of the only people, if not the only, who have a boat of this size, it naturally comes off as super powerful.   Cannons can be deloyed anywhere to fire back, also it is worth mentioning that the boas seems to be vulneable to fire magic spells.  Once more people start getting this type of weaponry, I think everyone will have a batter idea where balance is needed.

Mon Apr 20 2009 6:02PM Report
kelthroun writes:

Historically how exactly did mana missile work m8? Or even heal self?Launch perhaps?

Mon Apr 20 2009 6:16PM Report
petekwando writes:

Yeah, okay, it's fantasy.  But still, cannons that fire once every two seconds and do the same sort of damage as a siege hammer?  That just doesn't sound right for something called a "cannon."  Also, once again we find that cities are way too vulnerable.  My preference would be that land-based cannon were bigger and more powerful.

Mon Apr 20 2009 7:29PM Report
popinjay writes:

"Since these clans do not have access to their own shipyard, they were forced to raid another city that had one and craft the ship in the midst of the raid while being protected."

Coolest concept ever.

Mon Apr 20 2009 7:45PM Report
yanou writes:

Looks very nice, but have to say i am not realy happy with seeing the boat just go away :s. boats should be docked when not used, not just folded up and put in someones pocket. or have i mistaken?


Tue Apr 21 2009 12:16AM Report
hurtster writes:

I am not sure, but it looks like the cannons have unlimited cannonballs.  Is this true Paragus?

Tue Apr 21 2009 1:59AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

All cannons, either on a boat or the stand alone siege weapon, have limitless ammo.

Tue Apr 21 2009 7:43AM Report
Flummoxed writes:

Nice write-up as usual but...

"These clans recently crafted a Brigantine class warship, which is a quite a feat considering the costs involved, and the fact they don't have a city with the shipyard needed to build it."

"Since these clans do not have access to their own shipyard, they were forced to raid another city that had one and craft the ship in the midst of the raid while being protected."

Please.  If you really believe that (and you're obviously too intelligent for that) then i've got this great "waterfront" property in Florida to sell you.  Cheap!

This is an example of why no one believes Tasos when he yaps about Aventurine being "tough" on exploiters.

The Mercs. Yeah. I know them from many games, mostly the Banned notices. What a surprize that they'd have "built" the first big ship without any means to do so.

Tue Apr 21 2009 11:15PM Report
Drasken writes:

I realy love how ppl Complain and moan about a clan that has built a big ship saying omg they hax or cheated or exploited

Did you ever think just once that this ppl are better players then you hmm its a conspet i adment  and wont trouble your small brains much more on this matter

but Get a life its a game they out played you get over life moves on

for one i know and have played with the mercs and honistly never seen any kinda of hax or exploit  granted i am not in there guild but

i call them Friends so really stop with the hax explote crap and learn to play the game


Wed Apr 22 2009 2:31AM Report
jhypsyshah writes:

very interestin' article..

Mon Apr 27 2009 2:51PM Report
teddy_bare writes:

Quote from Drasken: "Did you ever think just once that this ppl are better players then you hmm its a conspet i adment and wont trouble your small brains much more on this matter"

I'm sorry, the irony was just too great, I couldn't resist....

Mon Apr 27 2009 6:38PM Report
cosy writes:

if i am not wrong the biggest ship requite almost 2 millions golds to be build

Mon May 04 2009 11:38PM Report
Blazz writes:

I wish people would give sound arguments without spelling errors...
Makes me a sad panda.

Now what's this about them being exploiters? I don't know, the idea sounds possible that they raided a city - even just the coastal part - and took hold of whatever in-game object you use to construct ships, and quickly constructed one. Hell, then they could just sail away, no?

The game's ships seem a little "overpowered" right now because no one else has one. Deal. It's like - to go to starcraft like you did Paragus - a battlecruiser. Yes, they're powerful, and they'll kill your marines, and your missile turrets. But it's not like you can't build one either ; )

Mon May 11 2009 2:06AM Report
damian7 writes:

didn't the city cost a lot more in mats/gold to build?  but, this ship was able to have double the range of the city's towers?  and that sounds logical?

so, however many sizes larger of ship than this one  -- they'll be able to shoot from one side of the mainland to the other?  or to be on the western end of ruby and hit a taget on the eastern end of ruby?

it's not a matter of QQ or nerf - obviously the cities still need to be buffed, in addition to all of the other city siege issues.

Sat May 16 2009 5:30PM Report writes:
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