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Paragus Rants

Rants, reviews, and interviews from an MMO veteran and guild leader.

Author: Paragus1

Rant: Bad Word Filter

Posted by Paragus1 Wednesday February 27 2008 at 5:49PM
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Rant:  Bad Word Filter

**WARNING!**  This edition of "Paragus Rants" is deliberately laced with profanity and may offend some readers.   If you find yourself as someone fitting this group of readers, it is mandatory that you remove any sticks from your ass before entering or please GTFO at this time :)



I figured I'd take some time to touch on something that has always been an annoyance to me and perhaps other MMO'ers such as yourselves, the infamous "Bad Word" Filter.  The bad word filter is a feature that has been in practically every MMO to hit the market to help shield our precious minds from hearing morality scarring words such as Shit, Fuck, Ass, and other words that have been deemed as unsuitable for children.  The bad word filter is always turned on by default in any game it is is present in, and very cleverly replaces these dangerous words with something resembling   " &*%$#@ ".


The first thing I would like to ask is if this is effective?  So let's say I'm back on DAOC on Mordred (FFA PVP) back in its hayday out looking for PvP.  I see some lonely adventurer going about his business, skipping down lollipop lane doing some quest.   I target and engage this person.   As I am attacking him, he notices his defeat is approaching and manages to negotiate by saying something along the lines of....

"Go &*%$ yourself you stupid piece of $^!# !"

Is that really that much better?   I mean who can't figure out what those words are?  It's almost insulting to your intelligence level to think that this is somehow shielding you from the unhappy thoughts wished on you by another player.  Lucky for us, we do have the option in most games to turn this filter off.   This brings me to my next point.


A lot, if not most, of the current MMOs will entertain a report from another player trying to get you in trouble for cursing.  If you are one of these uptight players, please proceed to go fuck yourself.  Yes, I do understand it is against the terms of service, but my question is why?  The filter is turned ON by default, so anyone who turns it off has basically agreed to allowed themselves to be subjected to this type of vocabulary.   The box almost always has a warning / rating from the ESRB as well in case it's too much for you to handle.

Now I am not going to try to comprehend the mindset of the people at the ESRB who slap these labels on the games we buy.   But it clearly says "T" for teen - "Mild Language / Violence" GAME EXPERIENCE MAY CHANGE DURING ONLINE PLAY.

I mean what the fuck?   First of all does anyone know a teenager who has never heard or doesn't say shit, fuck, ass, pussy, bitch, or the like?  If that doesn't include mild language, then what the fuck is mild language?   Where is the line, and who gets to decide the difference between mild and spicy hot?  It also clearly states that your online experience may vary from what the rating says.   I think the lawyers have covered their ass plenty.

How about we stop making this type of bullshit a reportable offense.  Most of the time someone reports another player for cursing, it usually is some sort of revenge act for some other thing that happened.   You got your ass whipped in PvP and you can't beat the person who ganked you, so you decide to report them to get back at them.   No offense the the ladies who made it this far, but grow a pair of balls already!


Now don't get me wrong, I completely understand that foul language is not needed at all to convey a point or level a criticism of another player.  Some people probably have me pegged as a sailor at this point.   But at one time or another most of us have met someone who is so fucking retarded, that we wanted to just literally grab them by their collar and bitch them to let them now how much of a complete fucktard they were being.


Another exception to this is probably character names.   Working in dirty slang or foul language into your characters name is uncalled for.   First off, you mean to tell me when you were born your mother named you "Grundle Eater"?   I mean wtf are your parent's names?  Grundle, the son of Chode and Dingleberry Eater.   This stuff doesn't belong in your name, and I could agree to keeping foul language off select servers... maybe the RP servers?  Just a suggestion.

Moving On...

If you have agreed with me so far, then I do have some good news for you.   Developers might finally be starting to relax in regards to this.   Age of Conan is supposed to retain its "M for Mature" rating when it releases.   I asked Jason "Athelan" Stone on his blog here about this very issue, and he explained to me that he didn't think cursing would be that much of an issue in AoC as long as it wasn't racist in nature or sexually related.  I would definitely agree especially with the racist shit.  If this holds true, then it is a step in the right direction.   It is the Conan universe after all, there is decapitation, nudity, sex and gore, and with an M rating, if we can't curse here we never will be able to.  To its credit,  the lead developer of Darkfall touched on this issue once admiting that in PvP this sort of thing is to be expected and admitted his own guilt in doing such things.   If Darkfall does see the light of day, hopefully they will follow the same route as Conan looks to be going.



Of course there are always ways to get around the filter and not curse.   It just requires a little creativity.   You can tell someone to lick your grundle, gargle your balls, or eat a bowl of AIDS and they probably won't filter you.   But in some online games saying the word "Bush" will get you censored.   I mean I know as a President of the United States, he isn't as popular as some, but have we really gone as far to make it a dirty word?  I'm joking of course, but I think if you made it this far you see what I am getting at.  Stop treating us like children.   Our minds aren't that fragile, I can take it.   If you can't, the filter is there and I am OK with that.   But let's put a disclaimer that says if you turn that thing off, you aren't allowed to come crying to the GM's with a /report if you can't handle it.  It's like eating at Taco Bell and being surprised that your ass was shooting out hot magma an hour later!  ;)



Co-Leader of Inquisition

barasawa writes:

The censors are annoying, the autoreporting ones are just plain stupid, and the ones that include stuff from other languages are utterly inane.


Gotten autocensored for saying "Hang on, I'll be there in a moment." Apparently some combination of those letters is a korean profanity. Why did the English server care.


Another game, got censored for saying "Hey, a GM just ran by waving a flag.". Why they censor GM I have no idea. Guess they want to crank up customer DIS-service.


In Earth & Beyond, it would even censor names. There was a GM that people who didn't know him had trouble talking to him because half his name was censored. (Met him before the censor system was online in that game.)


Voluntary censor on the client side, or at least voluntary if the client account is flagged as adult doesn't bother me, but this mandatory crap has got to go.

(at the very least, stop censoring partial words, do a dictionary lookup to check if the full word is valid and leave it alone if it is.)


Wed Feb 27 2008 6:02PM Report
Bama1267 writes:

 The problem is people who cant conduct themselves in a public forum accordingly. Its not so much the swearing that bothers most people as it is the excessive use of it.

 With that being said, I guess I fall in the middle. Not to mention I curse like a sailor in RL anyway. But there is a time and a place for everything.


Thu Feb 28 2008 5:53AM Report
Evilsam writes:

This blog is a prime example of why there has to be filters in the first place.

Thu Feb 28 2008 9:59AM Report
streea writes:

I think it's one of those things where companies need to learn that it's okay to set a "limit"... they don't have to go hardcore extreme and censor every last "cockroach" or "assume" because lesser swear words are in there, nor do they have to allow the strings of super profanity that would make even sailors blush.

The problem comes with what people consider swearing. Not being a native to Texas, but now living here, it baffles me that people apologize for swearing when they say they're "pissed off" at something or use ass. THESE AREN'T SWEAR WORDS! But for a lot of people, they are.

Everyone has a threshold. I don't think it's about not realizing that kids/teens swear, it's just the desire of parents to keep their access/useage limited.

Swearing really should be both client-side and company-side. Clients should be given the option to change the setting (with parental control available to keep kids from changing it when the parents aren't looking) and the company needs to set rules for what is too extreme (like in the case of AoC where it can't be racial or sexual in nature) and punish people who take it to the extreme. There really needs to be a middleground though where an "awh fuck this" doesn't get you a 2-day ban.

Thu Feb 28 2008 10:00AM Report
todeswulf writes:

This will stop being important to you once you hit your mid twenties kid.

Thu Feb 28 2008 10:39AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

After looking at your profile todeswulf, I hope you realize that I am actually older than you are.  If you are implying that only teenagers swear, I highly suggest you venture out of your mountain top bible study camp you must be living at. 

It's about how companies make games where people are getting massacred everywhere but somehow a bad word is crossing the line.   The filter is in there and on by default, if you turn it off, your expressing your desire to be exposed to it and you should not be to report other players unless they cross the line by using RL racism.

Thu Feb 28 2008 11:08AM Report
droolintiger writes:

"This will stop being important to you once you hit your mid twenties kid."


Wow, I am way past my 'mid-20's' and can see where quite a few people are coming from. There's nothing I love more than being able to play alongside fellow gamers and have a 'mature' game where we can jokingly call eachother assholes or some such word without fear of repercussion. As for creating names....well....SOME people are just plain STUPID! If a name has the word 'Fart' in can get banned for a few days...I learned that the hard way. I know there are stupid people out there who can't seem to handle a whole lot! Talk about nitpicking. On the filter settings, not 'every' game has this feature, and yes, I think that if parents wish to shield their kids so much while letting an MMO babysit their kids then DON'T LET THEM FRIKKEN PLAY! It is that simple. There are plenty of console games and such that should keep them plenty busy. You know the saying...."one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch blahblahblah"'s a bitch but it's true. If people are enjoying themselves WITHOUT actually HURTING anyone else, SOMEONE ALWAYS has to FUCK IT UP! Alright am finished and stepping off my soapbox now. Point being, if it's a family-safe environment you're looking for, then get the 'appropriate' games for Christ's sake. That's why there's Disney games. =0p Let the rest of us enjoy our regression into childhood. ^^

Thu Feb 28 2008 11:24AM Report
Giddian writes:

I for one find the Cursing so NOT needed. All swearing is, is lack of anything Intelligent to say.  I hate it when people start cursing. It just sounds so Dumb

Thu Feb 28 2008 11:52AM Report
Unicorns_Pwn writes:

Just another rant by someone who feels their own opinion holds more weight than the next persons. You yourself state that it may be listed as against the TOS. In that case it is quite simple.


You are a guest in their house, if you don't like their rules then take your own advice and  "GTFO"

Thu Feb 28 2008 12:19PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

WoW unicorn, thank you for that very constructive addition to the debate.  I never claimed to carry any more weight then the next guy.   But after 17 blog posts,  5000 views, PM's from devs, and being the first featured splotlight writer on this site, there seems to be some interest in my articulation of some issues.  I'm looking at the title at the top it says "Paragus Rants"... WTF did you think you were going to find in here?  Go troll somewhere else.

Thu Feb 28 2008 12:40PM Report
Kaunt writes:

Personally I think it shows a lack of intellegence when someone puts so much weight on just words.  Who cares if I curse, it doesnt hurt anyone, its not like im really harming you.  It is just funny how people will get so uptight about some swearing, but heads getting chopped off is just fine.

Thu Feb 28 2008 1:09PM Report
Kaunt writes:

also, cocks.

Thu Feb 28 2008 1:27PM Report
streea writes:

Giddian, I never understood why anyone would think that people use swear words when they don't have anything intelligent to say. Swear words are a part of our language as much as any other word out there and have their own meanings and various ways to use them. It's also extremely useful online as a way of showing anger, especially since you can't show anger any other way (aside from an emote or maybe killing the person if you're PvPing).

Besides, since when have general, every-day conversations ever been "intelligent"? Most people online don't sit around with their friends all day chatting about extremely intelligent things... normally they're goofing off, looking for quest information, making inappropriate jokes and just having fun.

Thu Feb 28 2008 2:04PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

I agree Streea.  While cursing is not always the smart thing to do, it can be an effective part of communication.  Does it make me less intelligent because I curse?   I'm a college graduate and small business owner, it might make me less "refined" but hardly less intelligent.

In the case of someone is trying to be a watchful parent, your letting your kid play a game like World of Warcraft and your worried about curse words?  Isn't this a game whose premise is a war of race based teams seeking the complete extermination of players of the other race?  Shouldn't that kind of message worry you?   Of course not, because you think you raised your child with enough common sense to know its just a game.

I have no real objection to the filter, I do question its effectiveness and the people who decide what is and isn't fit for our ears (like the word Bush).   You can keep your filter on, more power to you, but if you turn it off, you should forfeit the right to try to turn other players over to the internet police because you didn't like it.

Thu Feb 28 2008 2:53PM Report
Unicorns_Pwn writes:

Actually I would agree that what I stated earlier was a contructive post the only difference is you're too biased to one side to even see it.

If you want to start an intelligent debate then please don't start it off with a warning which includes:

"If you find yourself as someone fitting this group of readers, it is mandatory that you remove any sticks from your ass before entering or please GTFO at this time :)"

At that point in time not only have  you belittled someone with a differing opinion but asked them to exclude themselves from further discussion.

If you want to represent the real problem it's not generally that someone just randomly uses the word "shit" or "cunt" but that they use them when making a personal attack on someone else in the game. You can make the argument that it's a game and they have problems if they can't  handle someone attacking them, but at the same time  you don't hold someone with an apparent anger problem to the same degree of scrutiny.

Beyond all that I personally don't care how many blog posts you have, what your post count is, how man girls you fucked or how fast your car is. Congrats on your useless achievements.

Thu Feb 28 2008 3:51PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

"Look, We all know that "The internets is serious business" but at time's people do try to inject some humor into the mix."

Here is a quote from a recent post of yours Unicorn.  If this is the first of my entries you have read, then maybe you don't quite understand the point of this.  On almost every one of these I write, some guy walks in with a stick up his ass and takes the post and himself way too seriously.  That disclaimer is called a hook, something in writing that grabs the reader, and that particular one was made for someone like you.  Congrats on being that guy this time around.

I am not trying to cure your colon cancer or solve the world's problems.   I merely try to touch on and highlight different aspects of the genre and throw in a little bit satirical humor so people don't fall asleep while trying to read through walls of text.  You walked into a video game blog that is a summary of rants, and acted surprised to find someone ranting.  Would also be surprised to know that Taco Bell actually sells Tacos?

Onto your point.   Not every curse word's context is used in the form of personal attacks.   You could spot trouble coming and say "Shit! Look out!"   Does that mean I should be reported?  have you ever grouped with a healer that didn't heal, or a ninja looter?  I think its a fair catagorization to dub that person an asshole.  Does that mean I am an angry person?  Should I seek anger management?  Of course not, if it did most people in the world would be in therapy.  people need to lighten up.  If you really have an aversion to someone, you can always /ignore them in most games.   You might want to try that with me and my rants ;)

Thu Feb 28 2008 4:16PM Report
Unicorns_Pwn writes:

I never stated that a person couldn't use  a few curse words here and there as that to me is not the real bulk of the problem. I have even cursed in games from time to time when thing were going bad, i was surprised or even in voice chat. If I had for example called someone a "goddamn fucking idiot" or something to that effect, I can honestly say I wouldn't be surprised if someone did report me. I know personally If I pay my money to be a part of an online community I'd prefer to do it not around assholes. If it's in the TOS and you violate the TOS then don't go bitching about the actions taken against you for it. I never stated a problem against someone  just using a word. My problem is more of what context the word is.


You might want to entertain a few points that I did mention that you still fail to even bring up. It is fine if you want, to start bringing up my past posts, which by the way have no real merit or meaning to the topic at hand. Your argument, as it stands, only half at best represents the problem.

Thu Feb 28 2008 4:32PM Report
Unicorns_Pwn writes:

Also by the way you made a remark in your last post which I thought was really important to your discussion at hand.

  "people need to lighten up. "

on that statement alone you are absolutely correct. In your statement though you only make it seem to apply to the offending side but not to the offender. These are just games and games revolving around community, so why can't we just try and act a bit more civil.

Thu Feb 28 2008 4:38PM Report
Mitnal writes:

unicorns_pwn, you should slap urself and leave if u dont like it, ur like that mother that tried to bad Married with Children. Go away if u dont like it or eat a grundle. He put a disclamer on it, and profanity filters are dumb, if u have them turned on then its ur right, but if u have them off and u report someone, they should ban you instead of the other person

Thu Feb 28 2008 5:26PM Report
Mitnal writes:

*ban married with children

Thu Feb 28 2008 5:27PM Report
Unicorns_Pwn writes:

sadly mitnal, you missed the point as well. I have no problem with someone occasionally using profanity. What  part of that is so hard for you to understand. What I keep bringing up is the fact that more than likely people are banned when they use such words when making a personal attack against another player. This type of action is something listed in the TOS.



The argument the OP is trying to make is a good argument. I am trying to bring up the fact that it is flawed in that he is completely, and apparently on purpose, not mentioning all aspects of the debate about language.

Try learning to read a whole post and then comprehending it before making a post that completely misses the point.

Thu Feb 28 2008 5:40PM Report
Hyoukan writes:

Good post. I do think the profanity filter is a good thing. Infact  I completely support it (as long as it's optional. I also think it should be on as default.

What I don't approve of is people reporting because of someone using the bad language (within reason atleast) and even then I think if you have the filter set to where you want you have almost no reason to get angry at someone. This is especially true when you have /ignore features and such.

And unicorn, this is his rant/opinion of the filter so I see no reason why he HAS to make any counter-point against himself. You bringing your opinion up is perfectly fine, insulting the author's motive in your first post without pointing out your reasons is probably a good way to get flagged as a "Troll".

But otherwise your arguements are very good, Unicorn. I enjoyed reading the post and the comments guys. =)

Thu Feb 28 2008 6:40PM Report
Unicorns_Pwn writes:

If the OP thinks I am insulting his motive then I appologize as that is not the motive of any of my posts. One thing I can agree on is that the profanity filter sucks. Not in theory as much as the application. Most of the profanity filters are so  broad and filled with wildcards that they start censoring words  that  aren't obscene. Once this happens an end user is most likely going to turn the filter off.


When i first joined into this conversation it was only due to the way in which the OP presented himself. He told people who were easily ofended(which btw, isn't myself) to basically pull a stick out of their ass or basically to fuck off. Then states that people who report someone for basically making a personal attack, which is against the TOS to fuck off for reporting him. You want to know why it's against the TOS?  Because apparently the developers want to keep a reasonably happy community.


A bunch of people running around calling people faggots and telling them to fuck off will probably lead to a high turnover rate which isn't good in keeping servers running. This is a business you know.


You can ask for people to "grow a pair of balls" all you want but it's no different for someone else to ask of you to have a little tact.


Thu Feb 28 2008 7:57PM Report
Hinden writes:

hey Unicorns_Pwn

"Just another rant by someone who feels their own opinion holds more weight than the next persons."---Unicorns_Pwn

what kind of an ignorant comment is that? seriously I could start a more intelligent conversation on 'Kids Say the Darndest Things'.

"Actually I would agree that what I stated earlier was a contructive post the only difference is you're too biased to one side to even see it."----Unicorns_Pwn

the same could be said about the rectal vomit that has come out of your mouth (so to speak).

"If you want to start an intelligent debate then please don't start it off with a warning which includes:...."---Unicorns_Pwn

were you looking for a debate when you clicked on 'Rant:Bad Word Filter'??? Did you open this baby up expecting a great place to sit down with a latte and converse?

"If you want to represent the real problem it's not generally that someone just randomly uses the word "shit" or "cunt" but that they use them when making a personal attack on someone else in the game."---Unicorns_Pwn

did you read the post? or just the first line you quoted? Please tell me you didn't read the post because if you did you must not understand the written English language. Or maybe  you're lashing out at others because you can not read. Either way slice the lips off of your vag and shove them in your mouth so no one has to hear you again...oops was that a personal attack against another player? my bad.

"Your argument, as it stands, only half at best represents the problem."---Unicorns_Pwn

represents the problem? he's not curing cancer or solving an economic's a 'rant' a.k.a. his opinion. Read, digest, and comprehend the RANT before you chime in Unicorns_Pwn... by the way I fucking love the shit out of Unicorns and the fact that Unicorns is in your tag offends me and every other little four year old girl I know.





Thu Feb 28 2008 8:10PM Report
Tekin writes:
I bet you’re the jackass that play’s a MMO and goes afk to walk the dog during a pull, Then when people bitch you ass out you report them. And I am willing to bet you act like non of the the shit is your fault at all and it is them lashing out at you.
And as for this being one sided you did log onto and click on a rant you stupid fu@* . 
Not only is this a rant but its safe to say the point he was trying to make was IF and ONLY IF YOU CLICK THE BAD WORD FILTER OFF. That you are accepting the fact you are WILLING to be insulted a little and maybe get your feeling hurt a little and not be a fucking cry baby when some one calls you a dumb fuck for doing some thing stupid
Fri Feb 29 2008 1:22AM Report
ivan50265 writes:

Ha the good old profanity filter I was going to do a piece on this very subject, but once again you beat me to it. 

Sun Mar 02 2008 10:14PM Report writes:
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