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Paragus Rants

Rants, reviews, and interviews from an MMO veteran and guild leader.

Author: Paragus1

DAOC Origins: 6 Months of Silence

Posted by Paragus1 Wednesday January 21 2009 at 12:46PM
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DAOC Origins: 6 Months of Silence

A long time ago old Dark Age of Camelot fans were rejoicing when Mythic announced that they were going to be releasing their "Origins" server. Many of the game's original fans had become disenchanted with DAOC after the release of some controversial expansion packs, and fans had been longing to relive that original DAOC experience.

On June 2nd, 2008, Mythic announced on the Camelot Herald the Origins project and revealed their plan:

"This server is designed to return DAOC to the great game experience it was in 2001/2002, while also applying wisdom from the lessons we have learned since then. DAOC is still a great game, but this server has its own appeal that we ‘old school’ players really enjoyed, and our goal is to get back to that while also continuing to support the other rulesets. Origins will not exactly replicate the game as it was is 2001; we are keeping as a part of server the ‘best features’ we have put into the game since launch, such as housing, horses, the market explorer, UI changes (to name only a few) and many of the improved systems introduced over the years."

The announcement also goes on to lay out their timeframe for the project:

"The most common question continues to be, “Is this really going to happen?

Origins has been in development for a couple of months now. We have been working with our Team Leads (as part of the Team Lead program) to work through the various gameplay details, ideas, and issues, while also collecting and reading your feedback. Our schedule requires around four to five months of development. This means that since the server has been in development for two months already, we still have another two to three months before it’s ready for primetime. Right now, launch is slated for the August/September timeframe."

On July 29th, 2008, Mythic amended their stance regarding their plans for origins by releasing another announcement:

"Initially, we had an aggressive timetable we wanted to meet in order to get this into the players hands as soon as possible. Now, looking at all the feedback and re-examining our own internal goals and objectives for this server, we realize that it’s better to take a step back and take our time with Origins. What this means in practical terms is that you won’t be seeing Origins in the original Aug.-Sept. timeframe. When we are happier with the overall design and functionality, we will begin talking about a launch date. Until then, we thank everyone for participating during this phase of the Origins project."

It has been almost 6 months, and DAOC fans are left scratching their heads wondering, "Is this really going to happen?" Mythic has yet to give their fans any official updates on the status of the project since then, and now it appears that Mythic has been hit by personnel cuts EA has made due to economic concerns. Mythic no doubt has their hands full with Warhammer Online, which has been wrestling with its own issues. Mark Jacobs made this comment on the Warhammer Alliance regarding the layoffs in regards to Warhammer support:

"It isn't any more complicated than that other than to say that we have a very large studio and pretty much every person there has been and will continue to work on WAR for quite a while (meaning we haven't started work on another game yet)," he continued. "When we launched, we had over 400 people working on the game in one capacity or another so it's not like we had a small team at launch or even a small team now."

There definitely seems to be a demand for Origins, and you would think that given that demand, Mythic would recognize the opportunity to generate some more revenue from their DAOC brand. I find it amazing that there hasn't been much of an update on the official site in almost 6 months, and one has to wonder if the revenue opportunity is getting smaller the longer they remain silent.

Hopefully the economic turmoil and layoffs have not derailed Mythic's original plans to give their old fans a taste of DAOC's original glory.  Perhaps Jacobs is telling the truth about "pretty much everyone" working on Warhammer, but you owe the DAOC customers who made your company successful at least some form of an update on if and when this project will see the light of day, or if it has been canceled.



Co-Leader of Inquisition

Panossian writes:

This would have been a blast to play. Mythic waited too long to release this, after the last massive pop hit Daoc took when WAR was released this is most likely doomed.


Wed Jan 21 2009 12:54PM Report
xmoleculex writes:

I'm pretty pissed at Mythic for just leaving us in the dark for so long. If the game has gone into "maintenance mode", then please have the cajones to face your paying customers and tell them the truth.

And it's not just Origins. There has been barely any communication at all from Mythic aside from the worthless Grab Bag questions.

Wed Jan 21 2009 1:12PM Report
Kayless writes:


They have done this a couple of years ago when the DAoC server numbers started dropping. Then, started on WAR...

I'm not sure it would get the same amount of interest now, would it?

Wed Jan 21 2009 1:13PM Report
Livett writes:

The people I know playing WAR on EU and US say the game is nothing compared to what DAoC was, and still is, and are just aching for Mythic to release Origins so they can go back to playing a game they really enjoy.

I recon it would dig up interest. From old and new players.


Wed Jan 21 2009 2:15PM Report
Antarious writes:

I think this and a few other games if they did true classic servers could see some numbers for a year or two.  Then its just a question of is that year or two enough to justify it.

The MMO market imho is bad.. very bad atm.  This is the simple reason things like this could get some numbers.

My personal feeling was when they released the FAQ on what they thought Origins should be...  they were met with such outcries of "wtf" that they were confused.

Honestly when I saw the FAQ I wouldn't have resubbed for what they wanted to do.  It wasn't ... "Origins".  It was lets take the pos we currently have that people left and slapped it into old frontiers.. with an even more screwed up system (ie: the no battle grounds low levels in the frontier with special protection etc etc).

Wed Jan 21 2009 2:16PM Report
BaconJA89 writes:

It's time to overwhelm Mythic with feedback regarding Origins. I for one will not tolerate the silence. I recently sent Mythic this feedback:

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is ********. I am currently a freshman in college and have been a follower of Dark Age of Camelot since its inception. It has been a part of my life for years. Whether I have been in middle school, high school, or now college, I always find myself resubscribing to DAoC because it is truly the best MMORPG on the market to date. That being said, what I am about to say is meant to be constructive criticism as opposed to bashing.

I have never, ever, not once in my life been more deceived by a company than I have by Mythic and its lack of information about DAoC Origins. I have been a loyal supporter of DAoC for years, but the months of complete and utter silence regarding DAoC Origins has made me question my allegiance. I don't blame anyone for some of the poor changes made to the game over the years (i.e. clustering resulting in cross realming or the introduction of instances). What makes me angry as a customer and loyal supporter is the betrayal of a company and its lack of ability to make good on Origins.

Not only has Mythic completely ignored thousands of DAoC fans on well known forums (such as the VN Boards), but Mythic has also failed to give any news whatsoever about the project in months. Questionable changes to a game is acceptable, but leaving loyal patrons in the shadows is a slap in the face to the thousands of fans hanging on Mythic's next mention of Origins. At this point I don't care whether or not it is coming out, I already started playing on the Devon Cluster, but it would be nice if you would respond to the overwhelming tension and unhappiness of DAoC fans that is sputtering all over the Internet, such as a recent blog that appeared today on A little common courtesy is all I'm asking for; a simple "Yes it is still coming out" or "No we stopped development." I appreciate the care given by DAoC staff over the years, but the recent ignorance and silence is beginning to undo years of brand building by Mythic.

Thank you for your time,

Wed Jan 21 2009 3:40PM Report
Syphin_B writes:

Just bring us Origins so people can actually play a real RvR/PvP game because WAR was such a horrible let down.

Oh how i long being 1 shot by Luri Bow Rangers. I miss the game, the people, the pvp/rvr,the music,the classes AND EVERYTHING.

WAR is just soo wrong... sooo badly done.

Wed Jan 21 2009 5:19PM Report
Emeraq writes:

I'm curious about this.... If WAR is so badly done, then how can you trust those same people behind it to bring something good back to DAOC?

Wed Jan 21 2009 9:36PM Report
Greenie writes:

Because most of us feel that WaR was designed with every intention of distancing itself from DaoC.  WaR could have been better than DaoC but the drive to grab WoW's playerbase is too much of an incentive to basically put WaR's face on the DaoC gameplay. So, we get scenarios , very poor keep design and world layouts for   functional and DYNAMIC RvR.

So WaR had to be different from Dark Age. I'm fine with that, I just wish we had all known what WaR really was and that Mythic would give us loyal old-timers an RvR game worth playing again. It's not too hard really, if you listen to what your customers want they'll buy your product. Mythic just hasn't done a good job of listening in years I'm afraid.  I'm not sure if it's because the information falls on deaf ears or if they are interpreting the information poorly. One thing is clear, there are a lot of people who are no longer playing war that would play Origins. I'm one of them.

Thu Jan 22 2009 12:41AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Apparently a few days ago, I think before I wrote this, Mark Jacobs said this on a thread on the Warhammer VN Boards:

"In terms of Origins, I've had no comment on it because I've got nothing to say on it yet. Frankly, I've never had anything to say about Origins so I'm not sure how *I* could hyped it or lied about it."

Fri Jan 23 2009 11:16AM Report
Balwar writes:

Origins, if it is ever released will be a bust.  People want to relive the glory of the past but the truth is you can never really go back...  It will be different people and a different expierence.  I see the population surging up at first then a ghost town in 3 months.

Sat Feb 07 2009 7:58AM Report
Balwar writes:

Origins, if it is ever released will be a bust.  People want to relive the glory of the past but the truth is you can never really go back...  It will be different people and a different expierence.  I see the population surging up at first then a ghost town in 3 months.

Sat Feb 07 2009 7:58AM Report
Nauthiz616 writes:

What i don't understand is after these articles were released mythic FINALLY gives us a shitty update the next day after customers begged and begged for information for 6 months(TERRIBLE). And all the update is is one sentence saying more information coming in the following weeks. The next week is the first week in a long time they don't even do a grab bag, go figure right? Maybe they laid off  the person who does grab bag.

Sat Feb 07 2009 11:24AM Report
Paragus1 writes:

I am glad that i was able to help DAOC fans get an answer of some kidn from Mythic about this, even if it was a vague one.  Hopefully the project is still alive.

Sat Feb 07 2009 11:47AM Report
Nauthiz616 writes:

It looks like origins is cancelled. Or just never going to happen.


from the herald:

Several of you have been asking about Origins. While I would like to be able to provide you with specific information about its development, it is not something I can do at this time. As the lead on the team that had originally begun the project last spring, I have a lot of investment in the project and would love nothing more than to deliver it to you as soon as possible. However, other considerations have come in to play since that time. Our plans are to proceed forward with caution and without jeopardizing the existing game and the subscribers who are happy with the server types we currently offer.


Aka they arent going to release it because other server poplations. Thx mythic for wasting my time and money with false promises.

Fri Feb 13 2009 10:07PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Wow, that sucks.  Sorry to hear it :(

Sat Feb 14 2009 1:00AM Report
Antioche writes:

We should just get as many people as we can to threaten to cancel our subscriptions if they don't give us a timeframe. :p

Fri Feb 20 2009 12:52AM Report
pierrenard53 writes:

Mythic screew up and for me both game are way behind me

DAOC was the best game i ever little to late

Fri Feb 20 2009 5:15AM Report
marzguitarz writes:

WAR pales in comparison to DaoC. Don't get me wrong WAR could have been great but they programmed it and seemed to forget about making an ideal infrastructure for community. WAR had the most barren chat and overall rude community. I always found the Daoc very friendly.

Tue Mar 03 2009 5:18PM Report
wimiles writes:

Me personally, I think  they used DAoC as a kind-of test bed for WAR.  With the new "new player tutorial", and numerous other community feedback projects they've had in the last 2 years.  I think they have been testing concept ideas so that they don't repeat issues they had with DAoC.  They don't want to see large pop drops on WAR too.

Wed Apr 01 2009 12:36AM Report
KhaelSUN writes:

nice work as always paragus :D

Thu May 07 2009 1:03PM Report
KhaelSUN writes:

argh i thought this was the df 6-month artice wtf...

Thu May 07 2009 1:08PM Report
KhaelSUN writes:

2-month i mean.

Thu May 07 2009 1:09PM Report
Reno0513 writes:

I'm enjoying playing DAoC classic again on one of the DAoC Portal shards, Uthgard. They are well managed and the highest player numbers of all the shards on DAoC Portal.


They've made some changes to the Frontiers but so far I've liked everything I've seen. Still some work to do (need to implement Necros and Heretics still), but definitely just as fun as I remember the game being when it came out in 2001.


Check them out here: for the Portal info.


And here: for info regarding the Uthgard server. Note, the server runs on the European version of the game (easily patched if you already have the game -- follow the directions on the forums) at version 1.80, not the current version of the Mythic Live servers.



Thu May 14 2009 10:16AM Report
LodenDSG writes:

Some one needs to pop a rez stone on Mythic, DAoC Origins could be polished with minimal effort packaged and shipped and I do belive they could sale new keys for $40 a pop in US and get subscribers. Most MMOers no matter what there current game of choice atm is seem to agree that DAoC was the best MMO in its golden age, many dont need a graphics upgrade or any thing special just give us Trials of Atlantis or perhaps pre Trials of Atlantis and I will happily give you 14.99 a month x 3 (for my family not all for me).

I know EA now owns (whats left) of Mythic and that means it will never happen and if it does it will be botched but perhaps there is some chance that they will for once do it right may be sale it to some one who will.

Sat Dec 26 2009 1:44AM Report
Comaf writes: 2012 and still not one word of mention. It's amazing what these companies can do to players these days without being totally shut off. Mon Feb 20 2012 8:21PM Report
Comaf writes:

2016 and still not one word of mention. It's amazing what these companies can do to players these days withoutbeing totally shut off - oh hey, it's been 4 years since I wrote the 2012 version of this.


It's been 7 years since Mythic first announced an Origins server - C'mon Mr. Jacobs - Camelot Unchained cannot release soon enough! :)


Such a void in the industry - why am I even typing this? Oh, for myself. Who is going to read this anyway, it's about daoc's broken promises, after all.

Sat Mar 12 2016 7:42PM Report writes:
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