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Blade and Soul: Feeling Proud of Itself

Posted by Ozzallos Friday October 2 2015 at 11:07AM
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Call this one an NCsoft double feature of sorts. It’s taken Blade and Soul nearly four years to get a North American release date, but we finally have one on the table for beta: October 30th. I’d have been more enthusiastic if not for two things—First, having learned that Blade and Soul is yet another title extremely porous to hacking. The second is their Founder’s pack pricing model; as in holy crap does this game think highly of itself.

Now maybe NCsoft will deal with the hacking issues in the localization from here to there. I’m doubtful, but it could happen. The pricing for the founders packs are, however, less than optimistic. The lowest level doesn’t buy you much at twenty five dollars—The most notable being beta access and 25k “premium points” of dubious value. To get anything meaningful, you have to take the next step up and spend seventy five fucking dollars. Want more than that? $125. Pay up, bitch.

Now I’m going to go out on a limb here and just say that this looks amazingly similar to how players got boned for Archeage early access. I know the game looks amazing and NCsoft isn’t usually horrible, but Blade and Soul is starting to look like a game poised to anally rape you and your wallet from the outset. And with the distinct possibility that the same hacking problems will be present in this version as well? Likewise, it's not as if these games are startups in desperate need of cash. Blade and Soul has already had a successful four year run in another market... WTF is it with the exorbitant early access pricing scheme?

Do yourself a favor, folks… Don’t be the early adopter on this one. Let somebody else get burned first.