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Wildstar: Reloaded F2P Review

Posted by Ozzallos Friday October 2 2015 at 10:29AM
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Wildstar F2P, eh?

It doesn’t sound like such a bad deal when you think about it and it’s really not, depending on your MMO needs. As many of you already know, Wildstar started its life out as a subscription based title, but failed to generate enough player interest to sustain continued, long term operation. NCsoft came on board and Wildstar was re-launched a year later as Wildstar Reloaded. Going F2P has changed some aspects of the game, of course, the biggest being that F2P gamers are only allowed two character slots per realm and you cannot create or invite to guilds.

That’s not so horrible, right?

Two player slots does strike me as a bit chintzy but not overly crippling, and as long as you don’t have any guild aspirations, it’s a pretty fair deal. Of course, there’s other minor drawbacks—fewer auction house slots, costume slots, etc, while Signature access either alleviates the above or significantly overpowers the bonuses to many aspects of the game. Yep, pay to convenience is alive and well in the new Wildstar F2P but that’s only a crime if you don’t get something in return, such as a great gaming experience.

Not much has changed insofar as content goes—Wildstar still has that edgy B-Movie sci-fi cowboy plot going on, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, in my opinion. If there is one thing the title has in spades, it’s style and attitude. A lot of MMOs take the safe route and lean on more familiar settings, such as ye ole China, but you can tell somebody cared about the Wildstar universe and its presentation to the player. Quality narration is plenty and even the simple act of leveling up greets with a rockstar welcome. The cartoonish art style is likewise distinctive and probably single parallel I’ll draw to World of Warcraft in that care went into its design. For some, the cartoonish presentation of the characters and the world may not be there thing, but there’s no denying it was well done. Finally, Wildstar goes out of its way to tell a story and does so better than bioware and its multimillion dollar flop.

So why didn’t Wildstar succeed?

There’s very little fresh about the title, in my opinion. Like Tera, it utilizes an action driven combat engine to interact with the bad guys world. Unlike Tera, it’s not nearly as fun. First off, most of the classes are casters to some degree, with only two being proper melee types. It results in a lot of standoff spam that may or may not be your thing. In PvE, it makes for a pretty sedate experience that gets a bit more exciting in PvP because real players don’t stand around waiting for numbers to fall off of them. In the end, it results in somewhat bland gameplay since the mobs always come to you but you really never have to go to them.

The other part of it is the telegraph system that dumbs it down even more. This was originally sold as a feature of the game, but the more I play it in Wildstar, the more distain I have for it. It literally dumbs gameplay down to the point where you mindlessly avoid the red zones that enemies spawn with zero guesswork. Sure boss battles change that up, but in doing so almost completely invalidates this mechanism with unavoidable attacks and the like. Needless to say I’m not a fan of this system and if would never make it into any MMO I would care to build. Even PvP features this system, which makes it more annoying.

“Oh crap, there’s a giant cone of red death getting charged up. Better move out of the way!”

It’s pretty much like that, but more hectic.

The leveling system is pretty much standard fare after that. You level and get new skills, f which you can only put eight on your action bar at once. This is my frowny face. You can individually improve those skills through a point structure and have yet another point structure to get more skills. Frankly it feels like this system was slapped together as an afterthought, but serves its purposes toward specializing your character.

Faction balance is likewise lopsided. A huge chunk of the gaming population invariably chooses the Exiles due to some poor decisions on Carbines part. First, they are pretty much the theme that Wildstar advertises on the tin, not the shady Dominion Empire. Seconds, they get the underdog freedom fighter backstory. Third, and most importantly: Furries. Exiles have all of these innate advantages while the Dominion doesn’t get nearly enough advertising screen time, and now history is repeating itself in F2P.

So there you have it. Wildstar’s biggest sin was being a mediocre game with a great story, much like Old Republic. It wasn’t a bad title, just not enough to actually interest players from the other mediocre titles that were already free to play or the handful of excellent ones that easily eclipse Wildstar’s gameplay. As a free to play title, I predict success, however. Free is just the right price and the care invested in this title’s backstory is worth that alone. writes:
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