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Worms Revolution ATI Fail

Posted by Ozzallos Friday October 12 2012 at 9:54PM
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"Greetings and Salutations. I am a spokesperson for Team 17*. Some of you may have heard that ATI graphics card  users won't be able to use anti-aliasing in the new Worms Revolution game. Essentially this is correct. As you know, Anti-aliasing is a relatively new technology- barely months old -that few gfx cards actually support. As such, the hardware requirements for this game are quite high and some may experience sub-optimal performance because of it.

Contrary to the viscious and slanderous rumor being circulated by malcontent internet trolls, this is not a result of incompetence, nor did our development team somehow miss, and I quote, "a hardware bug the size of a super star detroyer manned by death stick addicted storm troopers," let alone cripple half our gamers using plainly inferior ATI/Radeon hardware produced by means of slave labor and drug financing.

Such a bug would have never passed our rigorous Beta Testing of course, and we ask that you check your system to ensure the most current Direct X and driver support even though you are able to play Modern Warfare 8 at max settings and 60fps. Once again Worms Revolution is the most advanced and undeniably pretty artillery style game in existance. Please check your hardware and email us your dxdiag so that we may somehow throw this back upon you."

Thank you,

-The Team 17 Worms Revolution Developers.


*Satire. But seriously, there's no excuse for this, let alone claiming and I quote: "This is because Anti-aliasing is provided through NVidia’s FXAA shader solution. This is a complex shader and will not compile on all graphics cards."

This is really your offical excuse? Really? Sombody needs to go die in a fire right now because there's no fucking excuse for this shit in the year 2012.

KCDDagger writes:

Dear Team 17,

As a user of ATI/AMD's products I have never had an issue with anti-aliasing options that have been a part of the Catalyst software for the past several YEARS.  Learn to compile your command lines properly and then we'll talk.



An ATI Gamer.

Sat Oct 13 2012 1:09PM Report
oreal52 writes: ATI ? don't make me laugh, serious gamers would never buy that piece of crap.It is cheaper cause it's a fail,fail from the core.What can i say.Poor ATI gamers. Sun Oct 14 2012 6:10PM Report
Ozzallos writes:

Fail code is fail code. Anti-aliasing has been around for how long now? 20 years?  Even a card from 2001 would be able to pull anti aliasing, let alone ANY crap card from today.

It's fine that you're an nvidia fanboy, but this ain't a hardware issue.

Sun Oct 14 2012 11:22PM Report writes:
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