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Most Overhyped Game of 2014 - Archeage

Posted by Ozzallos Tuesday September 23 2014 at 5:52AM
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Yep. I said it.

With the summer drawing to a close, I think it's a pretty safe to make the call that Archeage will be without a doubt the most overhyped MMO title of year. I'm sure there are those reading that will think this is an overly harsh summation and that I should get my head out of my ass, but at the end of the day when you're all snug in bed you'll realize a very uncomfortable fact: You're playing Rift all over again, complete with the three soul system and an enhanced socioeconomic focus to change things up.

Oh, and boats. Boats are the new wings.

Further drawing attention to the fact is that the graphics really aren't that much better, nor are they especially creative for a game looking to set itself apart on merits other than hype. Hell, Rift even makes a better first impression in terms of the initial dark storyline you play through that introduces players to the world. Game play is also pretty stale by any standard. It's not as offensive as some of the games reviewed here, but it is by no means the next Warcraft killer.

But it takes more to than being a slightly modified clone of another game from the same developer (Nexon, anyone?) to become The Most Overhyped Game of 2014. The launch has likewise been an especially messy affair, complete with all the skeezy things that give players a bad impression of F2P as a legitimate business model. There were, of course, the notoriously stingy and overpriced founders packages for a game that had already debuted in Korea over a year ago, offering questionable value unless the player dropped $100 or more; product which has yet to be delivered in some cases.

Likewise, they've taken to locking all but a handful of their servers because of the epically mismanaged loads. Que times are averaging several hours depending on various factors, and Trion has taken to freezing character creation on them even if you choose to endure the wait. The developer has single handedly managed to create one of the most divisive pay versus f2p populations i have ever seen to date, all while spam bots run rampant on the main channels with impunity.

And hey, they want to charge a subscription for this shit, because if you don't pay up, you can't sell on the AH without a visit to the cash shop. Now granted interweb polls don't mean a whole lot on average, but I think this one has something to say... It says people are getting pissed off over what is rapidly becoming a stupidly mismanaged NA and European launch.

Will they fix these problems? I'm sure they will. The technical ones, at least. But when it comes to F2P games, I bet on good ol' Ferengi Rule of Acquisition #1: Once you have their money, never give it back.

Honestly though, if you can overlook they financial shenanigans, Archeage is a competent game. Innovative and groundbreaking? Not really; especially when directly compared to Trion's sister game, with socioeconomics being the only thing separating the two. Because if you put them side by side, you'd almost swear you were playing the same game, graphical nuances not withstanding.

I've been playing it and will probably to continue to do so here and there, but in the moment of real that resides within this blog, it fails the hype train almost as badly as Star Wars Old Republic; That is to say pretty damn hard.

I pretty much in agree with Jim Sterling these days. F2P gaming is its own economic bubble... An unstable, gasoline-napalm bubble that is vaguely hostile to the consumers it services by way of cash shop subterfuge, carrot on stick scams, and now the early access phishing scheme. One of these days it's going to pop a fiery, horrible death. And maybe then we'll see a return to consumer centric gaming, not a marketing apparatus specifically designed to abuse and take advantage of its customer base.


alkarionlog writes: in a year with destiny and dragon age 3, calling arche age the most hyped game of the year is kinda forcefull :) Wed Sep 24 2014 2:39PM Report
SupaAPE writes:

yea i knew it was bad from the first couple of videos. tab target wow clone with some extra kickers here and there, shinier graphics, BOATS ~~~~ !!!! LOL


Oh and housing...really why is this such a big deal? oh well


another one bites the dust!!! 

Wed Sep 24 2014 7:30PM Report
dandurin writes:

How is it the most "overhyped" game.

Hyped by who? posters?

You can't put it in the class of ESO and Wildstar in terms of hype.


Also, I'm not entirely sure what is meant by "socioeconomics" in this context, but whatever it is makes the feel of this game very different from the WoW clone parade.  For the first time in a very long time in a AAA MMO I feel the need to know the reputation of every guild on my server.


And how were Founders packs stingy?  They let you use $120 of the $150 on subscription (or other stuff credits can buy).  So you're only paying $30 for early access, swag, headstart, and stat bonuses.



Thu Sep 25 2014 9:38PM Report
Rohn writes:

I believe Wildstar received more hype, and uncritical praise, than any other game to come out this year.

It's also a worse game than AA, by far.

Sat Sep 27 2014 3:58PM Report
Xirik writes: Another article with someone ripping on a game.  The entire site does enough of that for you. Try writing about something you like, at least it will be different then most of the stuff on this site. Mon Sep 29 2014 3:06AM Report
ZeGerman writes:

I don't really understand what he is talking about here.  At least in my own little microcosim of society everyone who said they were looking forward to it is playing and having fun and everyone who didn't isn't.  This game had very little written about it until a few weeks before launch and had little to no widespread advertising.

Whats more this game is pretty much exactly as advertised.  I don't think I can point to a single feature where i got into the game and said oh that is not as advertised with the only exception being that it isn't as grindy as other korean ports to america, still grindy just not Atlantica Online crazy like. 

I also am tired of hearing about this pay vs f2p bull crap in this game.  Stop looking at it as a f2p game it isn't.  It is a Sub game with a f2p unlimited trial mode.  Like all trial modes some features are limited.  You cannot play this game fully without subbing but does that make it Pay to Win as many have dubbed it?  If it does than WoW is pay to win as well.

And for those of you that will say that the item mall is pay to win for chugging worker's compensation you just don't know how the game works.  You can easily buy all the worker's comps you need off of the auction house and turn a profit on each potion.

Mon Sep 29 2014 9:00AM Report writes:
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