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Another Lame Odyssey

Posted by Ozzallos Tuesday March 6 2012 at 1:51PM
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With games such as Shayla, Eden Eternal and Grand Fantasia, you would think Aeria Games would be content to take a break from the f2p rat race; That is to say take a break from spamming the genre with yet more worthless flotsam. Not so! I'm happy to report that Aeria has been hard at work with their nose to the grindstone of mediocrity featuring their newest imported title: Lime Odyssey - The Chronicals of ORTA.

Not so fresh from the shores of  Korea, Lime is undergoing localization and load testing as we speak, but the implications for you the gamer are not good. Virtually nothing in LO stands out as notable against Aeria's other anime themed MMOs, and indeed looks to be a generation behind its contemporaries in tems of graphics. Think Vanilla Warcraft without all the graphical patches or the creative art direction to go with it and you have the world of Lime Odyssey in all its splendor.

Yes, that was sarcasm in case you missed the HTML markup.

So what does Lime Odyssey have to offer? Well, not much to be honest. First, no elves make their appearance, which may be a hit or a miss depending on your point of view. Aside from the human contingent, your choices boil down to cat furries or mouse furries featuring the mage/thief/warrior/cleric archtypes you've come to know and wretch over, with options to branch out into specialization ala every Asian MMO along these lines. Professions are locked in from the outset, though there will presumably be some cash shop item allowing you to change it up later.

Combat is standard fare with the notable exception of WASD battle movement (thank God!), though point and click is still availible if you would prefer to make the game even more boring. Other than that, it's your average, 'mash the buttons once cooldown is up' scheme not worth any more mention beyond the fifty or so words in this paragraph.

Surprising- and like Warcraft incidentally - Lime offers its players large, continous world zones unlike so many of its brethern. Does it balance out  the remarkably bland content offered up by the game? Of course not, but it is a plesant feature none the less. Crafting is the usual sinkhole of suck and fail that usually accompanies the free to play profit scheme-- Gather mats, refine them, make parts and enjoy the chances to fail all along the way... Or buy those convienent cash shop items to help that along. Of note, LO also allows the player to augment their profession stats through profession XP that in turn alters how fast you can farm mats, chances to succeed, bonuses and other inate skills that maquerade as content.

If it looks like I'm struggling to find nice things to say about Lime Odyssey, that's because you're right and I am. With the other billion or so anime themed MMOs on the market, there's nothing here worth your time or bandwidth to even sample, let alone invest hard cash into. It's not Fantasy Earth Zero or Faxion bad, but there are too many other MMOs that are better looking, better playing and far more creative in execution. Unless you're hardcore into anything Aeria has to offer and will be purposely ignoring all of the suprior games like Old Republic, TERA and GW2, there's literally no reason participate in this particular Odyssey of Failure.

Skip it. Like Ebola Herpes.