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Bot & Soul - Called it.

Posted by Ozzallos Monday February 1 2016 at 3:06AM
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I so want to like Blade and Soul.

Really I do. The attention to detail is a rare treat and the combat mechanics are second to none in this humble reviewers opinion. The F2P economy is just this side of hostile to free to play gamers, but you can live with the pain and I would say that the game does a good enough job nearly everywhere else that it might actually deserve your money.

Well, that is if NCSoft can get the bots under control.

Which they won't.

As of this moment, the chat channels are wall to wall gold spam. You can ignore them, but NCSoft thoughtfully allows its players a fifty name limit on the ignore list. If you guessed there might be a hair more than fifty bots, congratulations! You have common sense. In other words, if you value the social experience of world chat, you're shit out of luck.

Worse yet, it appears that farming bots are running just as rampant as they do in Archeage. If the linked page should be removed, the relevant videos appear here and here, as well as my initial concerns on the matter and those links posted here.

I really do wish there would be some sort of consequence for this behavior. No, not the botters... The publisher who decides its okay to import a game with known problems- a game who has already had a three year head start in other markets to fix these issues -then have the balls to ask top dollar for it. Sadly, I don't see that happening with this title, but I don't think it will have the life span NCSOft is expecting it will. When you combine these botting problems with the advesarial F2P element (almost no money drops for F2P players, TERA-like key schemes, inability to mail items unless you spent real money, etc), I believe it will negatively impact the game long term. It won't kill it, but it won't engender player loyalty either.

It's a fun game... but I don't like the feeling that you'll be tossing your money into a pit if you spend it here. Don't say I didn't warn you.

seafirex writes:

I say stop playing all games from NCSoft until they get most if not all bot's off there servers. Please don't say they can't do it because that is not true. They can track everything that access there servers and they can block anything that is on there network.


So when dev's like them say they can't do it it is there way of saying we want the cash does bot's brings in. That is all and screw the community.  


So STOP supporting them and i can garantee you they will make the good choice by blocking them.

Tue Feb 02 2016 6:03PM Report
Rihanbooo writes:

I've only been playing this game for a week, but I did notice that they added a choice when blocking gold spammers that doesn't deal with an ignore limit.

Complaining about bots? srsly? every game has bots man and if you're argument is that the game has been out for 4 years then look at wow. The game has been out for 10 years and botting and selling gold is a million dollar industry.

It's also funny when people are like "NO $$ Boycott this game!!!>.<"

spoiler alert: the game is free morons


So far the game has an awesome story, great graphics and don't get me started with the insane 1v1 pvp..almost reminds me of a Street Fighter MMO where one has to learn combos and what everyone else does to counter it to thrive. Only one person to blame when you lose.

Sun Feb 07 2016 1:08PM Report
Teala writes: I'm with you on this completely.  I too really want to like this game, but unfortunately NCWest will do nothing to fix the issue of the gold sellers and botters.   They are ruining the in game economy and reporting them to NCWest accomplishes nothing.  Been reporting the same bots for over a week and guess what, the same bots are still there farming the same mobs.  Mon Feb 08 2016 11:55PM Report writes:
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