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Aion Goes Free to Play.

Posted by Ozzallos Wednesday February 22 2012 at 1:24PM
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Yep, you heard right.

Normally when your title has a gimmick, you hit that gimmick for all it's worth. Mario has jumping and mushrooms. Sonic has speed and rings. But when your gimmick is little more than wings attatched to an otherwise bland role playing game, there's not much you can do aside from watching your subscription base wither and die against games that are in reality light years better than itself.

In other words, wings a good MMO doth not make.

Such is the fate of Aion, though in reality it suffered from a number of issues over its subscription based lifetime. Mid-to-Late game content was non existent for the longest time and it banked far too much of its draw on the ZOMG!Wings gimmick that added next to nothing in terms of gameplay. Stronger titles continued to nibble away at its marketshare with the final nail in the coffin undoubtably pounded in by Old Republic. On a side note, that's the good thing about strong titles making their way to market place-- They weed out the crap and lets be honest, Aion was little more than another pretty version of Rift. Or Rift a pretty version of Aion, whichever you prefer because these mediocre games are all but interchanable.

But as is the trend these days, all is not lost for you the gamer. There is life after failure to profit and it appears as if Aion's wings will carry it into the afterlife of free to play, cash shops and all that crap. I'm not sure it deserves it, but it will undoubtably get more eyeballs than it had before even if they can't guarantee revenue from one day to the next.

Sector13 writes:

You mean Aion? You atleast could spell the name of the MMO right.

Wed Feb 22 2012 3:07PM Report
Ozzallos writes:

Ha! You're right. <scibble,scribble,scribble>

Wed Feb 22 2012 4:33PM Report
davinci179 writes:

I read this MMO site quite often as it is one of my favorite sources of info on MMO games. However, I have never had an account until now... That is how obnoxious I feel your posts about the games on here have been that I have read today. Perhaps I am slightly grumpy today because of a not so great weekend or I just did not get enough sleep or just flat out woke up on the wrong side of the bed. However, none the less your posts are uniformative with an incredibly skewed vantage point on all of these games. 


I am not saying the games you have talked about are bad or good sure we all have our own opinion but if you are going to write and bash a game give better reasoning then you have other wise frankly you just wasted my time. First the comparison to Aion and Rift is off base which is probably why Rift is more successful then Aion was because its as a whole a better game. I will say I did not like Aion very much sure it did lack content like you said but DUH! we have known that for how many years now so what is the point of writing this? Other then to say it is going F2P which is slightly inaccurate as well its doing an unlimited trial to 40. Some might argue that is some what F2P however its missleading to the readers who follow other F2P formats.


Secondly to compare the graphics is again not even in the same ballpark they both have different styles. I have a degree in visual communications, I am a Graphic Artist as well as a Fine artist now that does not make me an expert but I do appreciate visuals in a game. Aions graphics for its day looked great at first glance even revolutionary. However the world was completely lifeless and the graphics ended up being lack luster  the zones all fell flat to boring blah repeated and the plants and trees did not say or give life to the enviroment. Rift however, whether you like the graphics or not (opinion) Actually payed attention to detail. There is a alot of detail in the worlds design. The leaves on the ivoy are indivually painted and crafted well giving depth to the objects the light is executed well and rift opens look pretty nifty. 


Is Rift the answer to next gen MMO no but it does not feel anything like Aion... Aion feels like it is a polished Eastern MMO ported for Western Style. Now I am not just so irritated with the Aion/Rift comparison or saying Rift is a great game. I read 3 articles today you posted and all felt the same. The other I remember is your reason for why Forsaken World sucked. Which basically was because it plays out like Wow so why bother. Also bashing the Vampire class being EMO uh... No they were not. The lore of Vampires excited way before The dumbass Twilight series. These Vampires if anything felt very Castlevania... I am not EMO I do not like Twilight if you did not get that from the other comment...However I DO like Vampire lore and actually appreciated what they did with the Vampire class. The art style felt Gothic (not Gothic as in EMO with white painted faces black eyeliner and dressed in all black) But the ancient Gothic style made up of the lore of Vampires. Forsaken World is ok there is nothing really great about it probably however to say why bother because its no different then WoW is just flat out uninformative and again a waste of time. I can give you a list of why a person might play another WoW like game, tired of the 12 year old community in WoW, tired of the same scenary and just wants even a slight changed, bored with paying for MMO's but still want something to play till something Next Gen comes along...etc...etc... Please if you are going to write information make it informative and new not the same refurbished, regurgitated fluff we have heard over and over again. Now if you read this I hope I wasted as much of your time as you did mine.

Sun Feb 26 2012 11:54AM Report
Lovely_Laly writes:

LOL I try to get to f2p & fail as nothing tells you how to do.

Beside it will by my pass time till GW2, as Aion, even f2p, still boring grind. 

Comare to Rift it already outdated, only charcter creation still here the best & unique.

Mon Feb 27 2012 12:22AM Report writes:
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