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Clock's Ticking: Rift Lite

Posted by Ozzallos Sunday February 19 2012 at 3:59PM
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When Rift first dropped on the MMO scene it was heralded as the second coming; another in the long line of prophesied Warcraft killers because it supposedly wasn't another Warcraft. It was more serious. It didn't have just talent trees. It had better graphics. Excreta goddamn excreta. The more jaded amongst us, however, weren't buying it and now it's more like Warcraft than ever.

What does that mean for the cheapskate in all of us? Well, there's the obvious of course:

"RIFT Lite is our free trial program, allowing any user with a Trion Worlds account in good standing to access the first 20 levels of RIFT. This means that new players, former RIFT free trial players, and even former RIFT subscribers can access the first 20 levels of RIFT for free. You can find more information on RIFT Lite at" -Rift Website

Hey, that sounds pretty damn familiar.

But there are further reaching implications to this marketing move beyond the obvious; implications that will undoubtedly benefit you the gamer... Assuming you aren't already sucking down Old Republic like the MMO crack whore you are. Long story short, MMO companies don't give you free stuff out of the goodness of their hearts and it took Warcraft over six years to implement this same policy of marketing desperation. Rifts has done so in less than one and I'm still holding to my prediction:

Rift Free to Play.

While my timeframes may leave a bit to be desired, the writing is on the wall and Rift is progressing down the f2p curve rapidly. Warcraft still holds a large subscription base no matter how much you want to hate it. Old Republic is devouring market share. And come this summer, it gets a whole lot worse once TERA Online and Guild Wars 2 launch. I've always insisted there's room enough for more than one quality MMO in the market place, but that quality MMO simply isn't Rift. It's a mediocre clone at best and I'm having a hard time seeing it survive through the summer under a subscription based model.

Bad news for them. Good news for you?

Maybe. If you can pry yourself away from games that are actually good.

Dynives writes:

Weird, how WoW copied the free forever trial from Warhammer.

And how WoW has taken every element of Rift that works, and impemented it into their game since its launch.  Not that Blizzard ever really had an original game to begin with...

Sun Feb 19 2012 8:00PM Report
Ozzallos writes:

And thus I refer you to my earlier blog post linked in the first paragraph. Yeah, funny that.

Sun Feb 19 2012 11:51PM Report
rojoArcueid writes:


taht may be true, but Blizz took the features that worked in other games and made them superior and nobody has been able to beat that. Thats why after 7 years sub based mmos keep falling flat on their faces after copying WoW. Instead of being original they try to copy as well and blam!!!!  When WoW did it and succeeded there was no bif game to challenge them. Now there are tons to challenge all the newcomers, so now is more important to be creative and original instead of copying all

Wed Feb 22 2012 7:37PM Report
rajadog20 writes:

"but that quality MMO simply isn't Rift. It's a mediocre clone at best and I'm having a hard time seeing it survive through the summer under a subscription based model."

Im sorry, but you are completely wrong there. It is not a damn clone, stop with this damn "clone" bs. Do people say cod is a bf clone? Do people say that star trek is a star wars clone? No, because theyre not. There can be more than one game in a genere without it being a clone. Just because you guys cant get that through your thick skulls, doesnt mean that youre right. And what do you mean Rift is mediocre? Honestly, play it before writing this LUL RIFT GO F2P CUZ FRIEND WHO HAVNT PLAY IT SAY IT BAD. Is WoW going f2p? It has an unlimited trial also. So why would you say Rift is going f2p? As far as I am concerned, Rift is the ONLY MMO that auctully is worth a subscription fee. You pay 15$ a month for wow, or really any other mmo, and you get 2-3  content updates a year. In Rift, we got 7 updates last year. That is more than 2x as many content updates than other popular MMO out there. Trion has stated numerous times that Rift is NOT going F2P. And look at warhammer, its been out for what? Three years? And it only has what? 1-2 servers? And it is still "profitable" While rift has 34 servers in NA and EU and hasent  even launched in the main mmo market (asia). So that is around 17x more players than an MMO that is P2P and still "profitable". So no, Rift will not be going F2P any time soon. If you would wake up and try another game for once, you would realize that rift is pretty great, and has a lot to offer. So please, stop with LUL NO 10 MIL SUBS, FAIL FAIL FAIL, because it is really getting old.

Wed Feb 29 2012 3:42PM Report writes:
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