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Hardcore gamer, casual time.

I'm longtime MMORPG player and hardcore raider. But as the story goes, somewhere along the road real life kicks in and gaming hours start to dwindle fast. This blog are part of my search for a new home in the MMO landscape.

Author: Otrantor

The lonely hardcore gamer

Posted by Otrantor Wednesday December 30 2009 at 9:56AM
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This is the first blog entry of a lonely, former hardcore gamer wandering aimlessly from game to game trying to find a new home.

I'm longtime mmorpg player who got on the big train when Everquest left the station. I played casually on one server before becoming a hardcore gamer on Firiona Vie. As the story goes, somewhere along the road real life kicks in and gaming hours start to dwindle fast. Eventually you miss the launch of one expansion or another and the game throws you from the high speed train without mercy.

I've always found that getting back on board is fairly impossible, especially if you wanna get back out there with the real trailblazers. It's like when you used to play MTG (yes, the card game) and somehow wanted to start again today... the learning curve and the required commitment simply is too steep. So your only option is to get on one of the other trains about to start rolling. So I played many different games over the past couple of years, often being out there on launch day. Some only a couple weeks, others for a few months. The list is endless. To list a few Planetside, SWG, CoH, EQ II , WoW, GW, Vanguard, DDO and finally LotR. It might seem a bit hopeless, desperate even, but with the exception of LotR none made it past the half year mark.

It is clear that something is lacking in these games.

The main reason why I in the end stop playing or lose interest is the simple fact that in every single game you hit the point where being a lone player doesn't cut it anymore. Sadly, none of the current MMORPGs allow me to explore all the game contents, let alone acquire high end loot, despite skill and will. The reasons are diverse but the main reason is simple. Not everyone has the time it takes to be part of a skillful and active guild.

It might sound a bit petty that one would dismiss a whole gaming experience because he can't get to all the loot, content or exploration, but that's the kind of thing I want. One thing I want to make very clear is that I am not frustrated by the fact that others do manage to open up content earlier and quicker. There must be differences between individual gamers, not only because of a difference of skill, but simply because everyone invests a different amount of time. It just hurts that you cannot be out there despite having paid for the game just as much as everyone else.

So much for the ranting. Time to be constructive. For some time I've been thinking about what kind of online game would keep me captivated for a longer time while keeping the charm, interaction and grandness of your typical mmorpg. I believe the answer would be a Massive Solo Player Online RPG. Not just a single player game that happened to be online (e.g. Diablo, shooters,...), but a massive online game that happens to be catering to a single player.

What I mean by this, and how such a game would look like, I'll discuss in further posts. I hope you engage in the discussion.

Midare writes:

I'll keep an eye out for your posts. While I'm a dang ol' co-dependent payer... usually taking support classes... I would like to understand the other side of things. Soloing isn't something I personally enjoy, but I'm not about to insist that an MMORPG isn't an MMORPG if you can solo it.

Wed Dec 30 2009 9:14PM Report
HeavyAl writes:

 I totally get where Otrantor is coming from on this. I tend to preter playing on my own as well, figuring out puzzles, matching wits against an AI-based opponent and not having to vie with others in a group as to who gets what loot/kill/etc. Unfortunately todays crop of MMORPG's are all geared toward cooperative rather than individual game play. Personally, I say bring on the MSORPG's!!

Thu Dec 31 2009 12:34PM Report
Tumbleweeds writes:

Gaming cant make you happy , It just burn time .  

Thu Dec 31 2009 4:39PM Report
Otrantor writes:

First of happy new year's to all of ya!

@Mildare: I feel ya. I've played the 6th guy in the group numerous times in a mmorpg. I really like being there to make things just go that little bit easier. I'll go into your concerns later because a MSORPG doesn't mean there is no group play or interaction, just as you can play solo in a MMORPG. Keep your eye out for the next post.

@HeavyAI: Good to know there are others out there. What you say is right on, and I'll elaborate on that point next blogpost and see how we could tweek the basics of classic MMORPG a bit to create a new generation of online games.

@Tumbleweeds: Welcome to, the one site where people find happiness.

Fri Jan 01 2010 10:05AM Report writes:
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