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Scolls Of Mayhem

Just a blog on the Guild I serve. Project Mayhem (EU Khadgar)

Author: Omkai

History Of Project Mayhem

Posted by Omkai Monday December 17 2007 at 2:08PM
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History Of Project Mayhem (Khadgar, EU)

Monday, 17th December 2007

Original text from Monday, 24th July 2006

“I joined Freedommers the day it was created, if my memory serves me correctly. As I had helped Spangaard when he was still lvl 1, I quickly went through the ranks and was High Officer in no time at all...

Span, left the guild,while it was still at it's very beginnings to find a 100% Danish guild and handed the guild over to Rampuhla, but he didn't want to lead, he wanted to enjoy the game for what it was, so he handed it over to Elminister.

I can't exactly remember how long Elm was in command of the guild, but i remember sending him an in-game mail once asking him what the future of the guild was to be.. after a few mails back and forth, he offered me to take over as he too would rather play then lead. I was unsure at the time, but gladly took the position.

I lead Freedommers, of course I had officers and such, but it was mainly a "GM has last verdict on all" thing at the time. This worked OK for sometime, but as a GM (those that have taken over from me or have led before me will be able to confirm this) it's a full time job. Lvl'ing becomes secondary, as one has to delegate, be diplomatic, make sure everyone is happy...

When everyone agreed that "Freedommers" was a silly name and we needed a new guild, it was also decided that we should implement a new officer system. When "Project Mayhem" was born (other names considered : Knights of the Cubed table. Stormwind Pass Protectors, The Knights that say Nee, etc etc) we also created an officer system that could be considered to be a Pre-Council thing. Although, I as GM still had last vote on many things, such as promotions, I looked to my officers for guidance and suggestions.

Ah, I'll never forget the long meetings in the Mage Tower in Stormwind! Or the meetings held outside Ironforge that started about the guild and then trailed of into some long strange chat about the Illuminati and other secret societies...

The Officer thing went well in most aspects. although the Ranks had been adjusted many times as some felt there were too many, others felt that there were not enough, and the task of picking someone to be promoted also seemed to trouble a few people. The Idea to vote Promotions on the forum was scrapped before properly tested and I often called for hidden in-game votes. It saved time and proved most effective...

A few months after the creation of PM, we created a Horde version of the guild called "Evil Project Mayhem" (EPM). It was cool the first few weeks, but we were all so motivated with our alliance char. that EPM soon stood in the shadows by itself. Only Zaz, remained treu to the horde and EPM.

But, those that were in the original PM will no doubt remember the "incident" that led to the great downfall. Although that incident was sorted out, it left a hole in the guild. Motivation in the guild, especially amongst me and the High Officers had decreased a bit after Knockturnal left the guild due to his RL job. Then, after the incident, another member left and quickly a few other members lost their motivation.

I decided that I could no longer do the job of GM and after a LONG talk with Beo and Finn, I decided that I would leave the guild and go solo. Beo and Finn decided that they would also leave the guild. It was by far not an easy choice to make, but PM was on the verge of breaking up. I was the GM, not the Captain and I had no intention of going under with the sinking ship. Little did I know at the time that this would set of a chain reaction that would lead to the virtual death of PM...

I left the guild, and quickly found that others had followed my "example" It was most upsetting to see this take place as I actually rejoined the guild for a brief time to make sure it would live on, but the damage had been done...

After being Guildless for a while, Beowulfirl and I, changed to another server, playing as the horde. It was a fun time, but it felt lonely. It had been just us, while all the other members that had left the guild had either joined other guilds (the lvl 60's) or ran through Azeroth unsure of what to do with themselves...

After returning to the Khadgar Server, I quickly decided that it was time to bring the "family" back together. Zippy, had also had the same idea, and after a bit of back and forth, I eventually created "Project Phoenix" and got most of the members re-united. A few members had stayed in PM and others had been so stubborn, but the guild was back at 70% of it's former glory. Project Phoenix, the guild that rose from the ashes of a great guild, introduced the Council system that we still have today. A new Tabard was created by Beo, with some influence from Argar and eventually I managed to get those Guildless lost sheep to rejoin the herd. Unfortunately, the lvl 60 we had at the time had all found new guilds (Neurosis, The Silverdragon Society and Nova) and they fit in there very well.

Project Phoenix and Project Mayhem (the brave remains) ran side by side and EPM was still somewhere in the shadows... but I decided to disband EPM, as having 2 constant members did not justify the need for it to go on. I had also convinced the remaining PM's to merge with PP, as we liked PP and thought it was a good guild. Unfortunately I made a grand mistake and, while trying to disband PM, actually disbanded PP.

I made up for my mistake by infiltrating PM and getting all PP members to rejoin the mother of all guilds that have served in the name of the Mayhem”


It has been some time since then and many things have changed. I left the World of Azeroth, briefly returning to marvel at what lay beyond the Dark Portal, only to leave once more. 2 years ago I joined the WoW community thinking I would be playing a game now and then. Now I find myself once again in Azeroth, leading a guild that is proud to be one of the oldest on the realm. And although the Guild and the members have undergone countless transformations, there is still that spark of Unity that seems to always bring us back together. I am confident that the name 'Project Mayhem' will continue even long after I leave the server. The Alliance will remember the name in honour and the Horde will remember it in fear.

Project Mayhem : It's not the Epic that you get, It's the guys that helped you get it!