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Random thoughts on games ive been playing

Posted by Omegam0 Thursday June 3 2010 at 11:20PM
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Ok, so I have not posted much since my last few posts, im pretty lazy. So here I go...
Today I thought I would talk about my gaming experience since my last post. I had a few personal things happen and as such I have gone from playing STO beta to…. Well I went back to wow, took my level 80 death knight (yes I am one of them, but I promise, im not near as retarded as some) and faction changed to alliance. I like horde, but I've played them for a few years and thought id go back to the faction I started playing the game as. I joined a raiding guild, and have been running 10 man ICC every now and than. I like my guilds raid times, Friday nights ICC 10 man, Sunday night is continuation if enough people are on and we have the make up. I normally only play on Friday nights and I don’t play every week at that. Now and than I log in at random times throughout the week and play some but not a lot due to other games/personal stuff. Sides 40 hours of my week im at work, and when I get home, im just tired and want to watch TV. I have also been playing the StarCraft 2 beta, and let me tell you, it’s ok. Not great, not horrible.
There are a few things about it I dislike, but some changes were nice, and the new units are cool. Still im undecided about bnet 2.0. That aside, I have also been craving to play Aion again, as last time I played it, well my machine could barely handle it, since than I have acquired a new computer and it can run it like a champ, if only id go ahead and re-sub. Since that takes money I don’t have at this very moment I think I'll wait until my wow subscription is about to renew and cancel for a month to play it. I have been reading a few things about Aion lately and I have read a few nice changes. Less bots, less lag and easier leveling for low levels. 2 of those things Im excited to hear, the leveling, well it was never a deal breaker for me and I kind of like earning levels in games, though it can be daunting in Aion.
When I last played I had my templar as my highest level character, and I loved it. I think my mage was my second favorite. I really didn’t get into the summoner when I played it so I deleted the character, though I may give it another try if they let us have more characters to create as I can be an alt addict. I always figured the best way to learn the game is to play from all perspectives by being every class. Also the best way to get your playstyle for it fine tuned. Some games I love melee, and some I love magic and range.  I really do kind of miss that game, and lately I've had wow and sc2, plus I got portal for free from steam (some deal they were having with it being able to work on the Mac) and due to beating that I have been playing Half-Life 2 again as well. All in All im pretty gamed out at the moment.  Also if anyone was wondering, I did not buy STO, just ended up not being my game in the end.  So I guess I’ll end this one as I cant thin of much else to say, please feel free to burn me for my opinions or post your thoughts and idea’s about this, I always love getting to see how other people feel about games and it’s a passion I know many of us share even if we disagree about which one is the best (I am rooting for StarCraft 1 and Brood Wars xpac). Also, on a final note, anyone ever play the nes game Totally Rad, I used to love that game growing up!