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My first glimpse at Star Trek beta

Posted by Omegam0 Thursday January 14 2010 at 10:38AM
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My thoughts on my first night playing Star Trek online open beta.

I only got to play for a few hours and I thought I would talk about my first glimpse into this game. Granted this is my opinion from a short play period and it may change as the game goes on for better or worse. Also by no means am I a true Star Trek fan, but I am an MMORPG fan and I like to give things a try. I have seen a few of the TV shows, watched all the classic movies, and love the new movie. So I have some respect for the series. However I just wanted to point out that im not a fan boy of this series by any means (I like Star Wars more).


The graphics on this game seem pretty nice, no they are not on a level as like Aion or Crysis, but they are still good. It’s got the typical COH, CO type of graphics that look pretty but are not that high demanding. My only issue with them was I had turned them down to make the game more playable since there was a ton of lag due to so many people online and the servers having issues (had the “lost connection to server” message a few times in the middle of play, but than it resumed after a few seconds).

Ground Combat

Ground combat is very reminiscent of most MMO’s. A few varying differences here and there, but similar. It’s not bad, but not great. I like the aim option you have as it does make a slight difference. Also I like the way they did the sprint in the game, ya you can shoot while sprinting, but you do take less damage when you get hit.

Space Combat

My first impression of space combat was the general speeds of the ship were too slow, but once you used full power it was too fast as it was such a drastic change from the rest of the speeds. As I played it (and read a few things about it as well to better understand it) I learned that it’s not that bad and just took getting used too. This game is not EVE which is both good and bad. I like that they are making it close to the way ships moved in the series but from a non Star Trek fan point of few, it makes it at first seem kind of sluggish. However I think if people were to put some time to learn more about it and play with it, it grows on you. The way the shields work in this are absolutely one of my favorite things. It works well with the speed of the ships (which I am told vary based on ships as well). After playing the space combat side more I have come to like it way more than the ground combat. I felt more accomplished and had more fun as it becomes fast paced in the end as it has some strategy to its combat that makes it unique.


The sounds in the game have the basic Star Trek sounds to it. From lasers to computers it sounds like Star Trek. The music is also done well too. I really didn’t have much to say about this though as while playing I was so focused on the game play I didn’t really pay attention to the sound.


The controls are actually setup like most MMO’s out there, so it should not be a problem to get used to them. The tutorial does a good job of explaining them as well and you can always remap to your delight.

In Conclusion

Over all I think this could turn out to be a good game, I noticed a few bugs and issues, but hey, this is beta after all. All I had to do was report the issue so the dev team can look at it and hopefully address before release of the game, if not, than surely it will be in time. I think the biggest issue I actually saw in the game was the amount of people on and the server issues. (The rubber banding lag issue happening intermittently actually saved me a few times). I noticed there were a ton of people who were on and talking about how they liked other games better, hopefully they play the game more than talk about why they hate it and learn to enjoy it, if not than maybe they will move on and find a game that is to their taste, as for me, while I may not pay for the game (undecided still) I will still have respect for it as its not as bad as I thought it was going to be and actually quite fun. I also particularly enjoyed the create a race option. Very fun. And there is nothing like the feeling of naming your first ship (mine is the USS Bangaroo). It definitely captures the feel of the IP very well. I will continue playing beta and learning the game more and am excited to see what else is in store for this game. Thank you for reading this and I hope you share your thoughts on this game as well as I always like to read peoples opinions.