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The Roleplayer's Redoubt

Is there a really place for roleplaying in MMOs? What do roleplayers bring to the table? How can developers foster stronger roleplaying communities? How do traditional concepts fit into the realities of contemporary online roleplaying?

Author: OddjobXL

Noticed: Terry Gilliam Interview

Posted by OddjobXL Monday December 28 2009 at 8:35AM
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I don't know if anyone's still reading this thing.  I've been very tardy in adding new posts for over half a year now.  Real life's gotten busy and complicated.  First there was a family emergency, very bad news, and then my temporary part time status at work ended and I was full time again, very good news.  Both happened around the same time and have conspired to keep me from posting with the frequency I'd have preferred.

However I saw this interview today and thought it was worthy of Notice.  MMO designers and roleplayers might well enjoy this interview with Terry Gilliam at Salon:

"I suspect Parnassus may be a liar. Maybe everything he says in there is a lie. It's about ego: He and his monks are telling the eternal story that keeps the universe going. It's about him! And then he discovers, 'Oh, other stories are just as important as my story.'

That's all we live on, is story. What is 24-hour news? Most of it is story. It's invented. You have to fill 24 hours of shit, and there just isn't that much news. So you create stories, and they can be anything. That's what I'm trying to say: We live on that. It gives form to our lives. It gives form to everything, whether it's a good story or a bad story. People talk about journalism as factual. I think it's fictional, or at least half of it is."

" To me, telling stories about stories, it's trying to get people to think. At the heart of everything I'm doing is trying to get people to think, and to encourage those who have the capability of thinking to say, "Oh, I'm not alone. We can play in there." Sometimes it happens the first time the films come out, and sometimes it takes years. More often than not my films play better the second time you see them. The first time you say, "What was that?" I'd like to think I'm modern, I'm part of the DVD generation. You can watch my films over and over again and you'll find something new. It doesn't help the opening-weekend box office, necessarily. [Laughter.]"


Do you think there are "thinking people" out there in MMO land?   Can MMOs wrap gameplay and narrative together in ways that challenge us to think a little bit and have fun at the same time?  Or would any such attempt be doomed to Gilliamism?   If so, is that really a doom at all?