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Forsaken World Developer Blog

Developed by top talent in the gaming industry, Forsaken World is the first MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment built from the ground up for the Western audience and is the most highly-anticipated game from the company to date.

Author: Obah

Contributors: therealjayve,pwecrabclaw,

Class Spotlight – the Marksman

Posted by Obah Monday November 1 2010 at 8:08PM
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They may be short in stature, but everyone knows that it's the size of the gun that really matters.  This week, we'll be delving further into the Dwarf exclusive Marksman class, and what makes it unique amongst the eight classes available in Forsaken World.


The Marksman is first and foremost the primary source of ranged damage dealing in the game.  As a Marksman gains levels, they will be provided with the means to both hold their enemies in place, as well as completely level anything nearby with a wide array of single target and AoE attacks.

One of the most unique characteristics about the Marksman class is their Crack Shot mode.  During regular hunting of monsters (or even other players), a Marksman can generate bullets inside of a special magazine.  At any point in time, the Marksman can enter Crack Shot mode, which consumes the stored bullets for added benefits to skills and talents.


Here is a small sample of some of the skills available to a Marksman:

Burst of Rage
Consumes 6 bullets in the Crack Shot magazine.  Fires six shots simultaneously for regular damage plus 643.

Bullet Screen
Increases the effective range on all AoE skills by 5% per level.

Soul Discharge
Deals base damage plus 883.  When fired in Crack Shot mode, damage is increased by 20%, and burns 5% of the targets mana.

Weakening Cloud
Slows all targets in the area of effect

All targets on fire within Weakening Cloud explode, taking 500 damage, interrupting spellcasting, and knocking them back.

The Marksman is a versatile class that is extremely difficult to pin down.  If you like setting things on fire and then blowing them up with a flintlock taller than you are, the Marksman is the class for you. writes:
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