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Luvinia Online Blog

Everything about Luvinia and more...

Author: OSK_Luvinia

12 Days of Outspark Holidays!

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Thursday December 22 2011 at 4:36PM
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Right now we're at day 11 of the 12 Days of Outspark Holidays!  Check out our awesome event page for all the fun events we've been running!  We had our users create a holiday carol that we all sang!  We've even set up a UNICEF donation fund where we'll donate 100% of the proceeds to UNICEF!

Check out all the fun HERE!

Luvinia Holiday Content!

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Friday December 16 2011 at 12:37PM
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Years ago, a young child in Snow Worlds Town rolled three huge balls of snow, stacked them on top of each other, and created a massive snowman.  The child lost interest in the snowman, and left it standing in the snow for years.

Sad and lonely, the snowman began to resent humanity, and vowed to take revenge.  He decided that the holiday season was a great time of the year to cause chaos and sadness, and set out to steal every child's holiday stocking.

Heroes, it's time to take back the stolen stockings from the snowman and his legion of minions!  Defeat the snowmen, collect stockings, and reap the benefits!


Come check out all of our new holiday content in Luvinia Online including an awesome reindeer sleigh mount!

Luvinia Livestream: Holiday Content Edition

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Wednesday December 14 2011 at 7:32PM
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During today's Livestream, we showcased all of the new content which will be rolled out later today!  Watch our official Livestream page to check out all of the new content, including new costumes, mounts, and bosses!

Luvinia Game Guide: Level 79 Dungeon

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Friday December 9 2011 at 1:02PM
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In honor of our new expansion in Luvinia Online, community member garnetmoon created a fantastic, detailed FAQ on how to defeat the boss in the level 79 dungeon.  Thanks, Garnet!

Team formation:
What you must have:
-2 priest, preferably 1 sage and 1 bishop (with new buff skill if possible)
-1 ranged dps and main kiter, preferably a ranger
-1 warrior class player, for tanking (paladin preferably)
-1 heavy dps who can aoe, (either wizard, swordsman, ranger or bladedancer)

The rest of team :
-1 of whoever that wants to join

This screenshot is our tactics !
2 Healer and ranged dps stand in the middle, kiter runs while helaers focus heal on him.

This is the map 79 dungeon, Alfy Forest.

Notice ths red lines I drew on the map, we stick to this route to avoid attack of mass amount of mobs.

The blue crosses are what I call check points; you should wait for all your team mates to stand together before moving on.
At the crosses where I marked first/second boss, you will be automatically teleported to the first/second boss upon passing through this point.

Upon entering the dungeon, everyone stick to the left side. The dragon (final boss) will be walking around on the path, and will attack you if he sees you. So stay off the path, wait for all members to pass the "jello zone". Hide at the spot I circled on the mini map, when boss passes, run to the first check point.

You will be automatically teleported to the first boss.

There is not much to say about the first boss.. tanker tank, while healer focus heal the tanker.

After the first boss dies, a npc will appear. Talk to Theode to teleport you back to Alfy Forest (the first check point.)


Want to see the rest of GarnetMoon's guide?  Click here to check it out! 

Luvinia Blog: Combat Rock PvP Event!

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Friday December 2 2011 at 1:11PM
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Event Guide and Tips: Combat Rock Event
Event Name:Combat Rock Resource Battle
Event Time: 20:00—21:30 every Monday
Event Requirement: Players can only participate after reaching Lv. 40+
Event Range: The leftred circle is Empire War Sand Base, while the right blue circle is Federal War Sand Base.

Event Procedure:

The two rival camps increase their resources by killing monsters, collecting items and finishing quests. The camp that gets more resources wins.

1. At 19:50 on every Monday evening, Players who reach Lv. 40+ can enter event area of Combat Rock Resource Battle at Hilta, Lieutenant Rider of the Sand War in their own Capital. The map is divided into eight channels (the same as The Geneway College). Each channel can hold 200 players, 100 for each camp. If the number exceeds, players will be transported to the next channel until all eight channels are full. Prompt shows for the first entry and players will be allocated to the proper map after selecting Continue. The event will start at 20:00.

2. How to obtain camp resources.

A: Through exploration quest: Players can accept "Target: Combat Rock" quest at their own camp base commander during the event, and they will get one of the following three quests. If not satisfying with the received quest, they can delete it and accept again. Players will get EXP, SP and golds by finishing the quest.
?1?Kill 20 monsters of any kind in Combat Rock. Players will get Sand War Badge + 1, and camp resources + 20 points.
?2?Use essence extractor (quest item) upon 30 monsters of any kind which have half HP or less. Each successful use will count. Players will get Sand War Badge + 2, and camp resources + 20 points.
?3?Collect 15 Essence Seals (random drop) from any monsters in Combat Rock. Players will get Sand War Badge + 1, and camp resources + 20 points.

B: Through collecting crystals: Players can compete against each other to collect poor ores (four kinds) and rich ores (four kinds) on the map during the event. All items get lost upon players' death. Players will get the rewards by submitting the ores to commander of their own camps, one crystal poor ore for Sand War Badge + 2 and camp resource +40; one crystal rich ore for Sand War Badge + 4 and camp resource +80.

4. In the meteor crater is placed a huge crystal NPC around which large amounts of rich ores are refreshed. Negative status named Element Erosion which decreases players' HP and MP by 3% per 15 seconds and their moving speed to 50%, will hit players at intervals within certain distance from the crystal.

5. When the score difference of two camps exceeds certain points, a Goblin Monster named Illegal Crystal Miner Dorit will be refreshed at the entrance of the defeated party. The monster, with less blood and defense, will only flee without attacking players. Players will get large amounts of crystal ores and camp resource scores by killing it. Players who have killed the monster can be seen on the notice. Large amounts of disturbing Bosses will be spawned at the entrance of the winning party.

6. Players will respawn on the revival island of their own camp in five seconds countdown after death, and will be teleported back to the base by talking to Nurse NPC. If players leave the game or get disconnected from the server during the event, they will return to Capital after relogin, and they can continue the event after entering the scene at the NPC.

7. If players kill comrades of their own camp during the event, they will be forced to leave the event by the system, and they can't re-enter the event with prompt saying: "A traitor. Do you have face to see me again? You will pay for your stupid behavior." And players can only re-enter the scene 15 minutes later.

8. The contest ends at 21:30. The party with more camp resources will win. Equal resources cause a draw. The scene will close automatically at 21:32, and all players will be forcibly teleported back to their own Capital.

Note: 1. If players take the ores with them after collecting the Crystal Mine, they can't cast Riding.
2. Players can't submit the exploration quest and ores after the event.
3. Players from different camps can party during the event.

Event Rewards

1. The closer loser's collected resources get to the winner's, the closer their rewards get to the winner's.
2. Players will get certain EXP, SP and gold by finishing the exploration quest. The higher level, the more rewards. (cap rewards for level 35)
3. Rewards will be settled after the contest according to the result, and players will get EXP, SP and gold. Players are informed of their rewards in the dialog box. Those who miss the reward settlement due to offline after 21:20 can claim the compensation by talking to Hilta, Lieutenant Rider of the Sand War in King City after the event.
4. Players with Sand War Badge can buy various rewards and special accessory materials at Bankront, Quartermaster of the Sand War in King City. Special badges can be synthesized into special accessories with materials exchanged at Quartermaster of the Sand War. Special emblems can be synthesized into special cloaks with cloaks with no attributes made by the tailor.

Note: Scores will be kept for 24 hours, and will be cleared upon expiration.
Tips – How to Maximize Your Efficiency!
A)    Prepare yourself with some speedy potions.  After the crystal is collected, using mounts is disabled.  You’ll need to make a quick getaway, so stock up on potions!
B)    Different colored crystals will debuff your character in different ways.  Wind crystals will stun you, while fire, earth, and ice crystals will decrease your speed or HP!
C)    Watch your back!  Be careful to not get ganked by your enemies!  Fighting while debuffed is an easy way to be defeated.
D)    Keep an eye out on the rich crystal.  While harder to collect, the payout is well worth it.  Don’t get too greedy, though.  Steer clear if it’s surrounded by enemies!
E)     Be mindful of the clock.  We’d suggest handing in your last crystal about five minutes before the event ends.