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Author: OSK_Luvinia

[Abbes Launch Event] Kill Billy

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Friday March 30 2012 at 9:46PM
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Abbes region is finally here!  Whether you are chasing after jumbo size spiders in Abbes Caves, killing Rampant Crewe Beasts in Soto Ridge or defeating the final boss, Shin, in Abbes Corridor, there is a plethora of quests, dungeons, and new bosses for all to enjoy.  However, nothing is like joining your favorite GMs and PvP them for drops and fun times!  Who knows what GM_Billy will turn into after being defeated, but he's got tons of Treasure Chests in his pocket. All the attractive drops are waiting for you to pick up. Join us for some fun now!


Event name: Kill Billy from 2:00pm ~ 2:30pm PDT 

Event duration: March 29 ~ April 6, 2012  weekdays only 

Event rules: All level 40 and above players can participate

Event Prizes: attractive drops and a chance to PK GM_Billy and his trolls!



GM_Billy is the most powerful GM in the world of Savejela and now you have a chance to take on Billy with your friends. Simply show up in  Aurora Grand Arena at 2:00pm PDT with your best weapons and get ready to participate in a bloodbath duel with GM_Billy and his trolls. Drops will appear on the ground as soon as GM_Billy and his trolls are defeated. Don't wait anymore. Join the battle!

There will be two rounds of PvP against evil GMs in order to avoid players receiving "red names" and dropping items after killing players from the same camp. GM_Billy_Empire and GM_Billy_Federal will show up respectively for the PvP session. Be sure to defeat the Billy from the other camp!



Abbes Race to Level 80 Event

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Thursday March 15 2012 at 6:20PM
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The soon-to-arrive Abbes dungeon will join the land of Savajela soon. It is now your turn to level past 80 and be the first to defeat all the evil forces with friends. Join the new event and win awesome prizes now. For teaser updates, please visit here.


Event name: Race to Abbes

Event duration: 00:01 3/14/2012 ~ 23:59 4/03/2012 PDT.

Event rules: All newly created characters* who reach level 80 and above by 23:59 4/03/2012 will be awarded!

Event Prizes:
- Be the 1st person to reach level 80: 70,000 SparkCash
- Be the 2nd person to reach level 80: 50,000 SparkCash
- Be the 3rd person to reach level 80: 25,000 SparkCash
- All other characters who reach level 80: Plannar Essence (100)(Non-tradable)

To better your leveling experience, here are some EXP boosts to help: CLICK HERE

* Only characters created between 00:01 3/14/2012 and 23:59 3/29/2012 PDT will be qualified. All existing characters created prior to March 14 would not be counted towards the race.
** Outspark Terms of Servers apply.

GM Refresh and Mokobonbon's Wedding Pictures

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Thursday March 1 2012 at 6:38PM
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GM Refresh and Mokobonbon just got marired in-game today!  Thank you all for coming to the wedding.  We had a blast.




Here's a picture of all the Eggplant Heads in Core of Aurora. :D

Marriage System BETA Has Arrived

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Friday February 24 2012 at 10:06PM
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So you have found the special someone and it's about time to tie the knot. Why wait? Read on so you know how to have your wedding complete with cake, confetti, and champagne to make your special day a dream come true!

Marriage Requirement (Beta)

1. Level requirement: 61 and above
2. Gender requirement: 1 female and 1 male character
3. Wedding Ring
4. Wedding Attire
5. Wedding Venue Reservation
Note: This is a BETA release, requirements above (especially #1 and #2) are subject to change in the final version.
Marriage System Introduction (Beta)
1. 'Til Death Do Us Part
Marriage Quests
Couples who meet the requirement can form a 2-person team, and meet Wedding Manager Delaunay at Core of Aurora (309, 305) to receive the Marriage Quests.
1. The Marriage Quest cannot be deleted manually.
2. If player decides to select a new partner during the quest, s/he must meet the Marriage NPC to annul the previous partner registration.  Once the annulment is fulfilled, the quest will be deemed as “failed” and all Marriage quest history will be erased.  Player will need to find a new partner first and then meet NPC to receive quest again if decided to get married.
2. Before the Wedding
Previewing and Booking Wedding Venues
After finishing the Marriage Quest, your partner and you will be allowed to register for a wedding venue.  Qualified couples can talk to Delaunay and preview the wedding venues (Hall of Light) for 10 minutes.
The couple who has the Wedding Rings and Wedding Dress is allowed to book a wedding venue for the following 3 days. Before the official wedding date and time, players can cancel their venue booking if they wish.  If the couple breaks up (see below), the system will automatically cancel the booking. No refund will be issued if the booking is canceled.
Upon booking a wedding venue, the couple will receive a Wedding Gift Pack.  Players can also purchase wedding related items such as Invitation Letters, Wedding Dress and Rings at Delaunay. 
1. Wedding venue is open 24 hours a day, and there is a 15 minute gap between each wedding ceremony.
2. Due to server maintenance on every Wednesday night, the wedding venue is not for booking between 21:00 Wednesday and 8:45 Thursday.
3. Only those who successfully booked the wedding venue can purchase wedding-related items at Delaunay.
3. The Wedding!
Decorating Wedding Venue
When the official date and time come, Groom and Bride can right-click on Venue Renting License to enter Hall of Light. Those who obtained the Invitation Letters can right-click on it and be teleported at the time of the ceremony. The couple has a maximum of 2 hours and 45 minutes to both decorate the Wedding Venue and finish the Wedding Procedure described below. After entering Hall of Light, Groom and Bride can preview or purchase any venue decoration items available at Venue Designer in the Hall of Light.
Wedding Procedure:
Before the official ceremony, the Groom must have the wedding rings in his inventory, and both the Groom and Bride must be equipped with wedding attire. The Groom and Bride will then follow the procedures instructed by the the Emcee to finish the wedding.
1. Wedding Rings and Wedding Attire can be obtained from Delaunay (Core of Aurora) or Emcee Kingberry (Hall of Light). 
2. The couple must both obtain the rings in order to proceed with [Kiss the Bride].  If the couple cannot obtain rings due to issues such as disconnection, they will need to re-book the wedding venue, and select “resume wedding” at the emcee to continue the wedding.
4. Break-up/Divorce
What if love goes sour? Well, for those who are engaged, but have not married, they can break up at Rose Pixie (Snow Words Town).  For those who are already married, they can get a divorce at Daine (Core of Aurora).  Players can either file a Collaborated Breakup/Divorce or Forced Breakup/Divorce.

Cupid and Psyche Arrive at Core of Aurora!

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Thursday February 16 2012 at 9:10PM
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Event Name: Happy Valentine's Day!

Event Time: 02/14/2012 ~ 02/29/2012
Event NPC: Cupid (Core of Aurora x289, y307) and Psyche (Core of Aurora x299, y305)
Level Requirement: Level 40 and above 
1. Valentine Chocolates
During the event period, monsters (within 10 levels of the character) will drop Chocolate Materials and Mystery Chocolate Boxes.
 - Chocolate Materials are to be made into different Chocolates. Combining the materials with Chocolate Molds yields more advanced chocolates.
 - Using a Key of Prayer, players can open Mystery Chocolate Box for a chance of getting a permanent Valentine Costume Pack, 3 Enhancing Gems, 2 Amethyst Gems, or 5 Elixirs.
2. Cupid's Blessing
Cupid (Core of Aurora x289, y307) seems to be a bit upset about monsters wandering around towns. Help him defeat monsters with your loved ones, and you will receive special rewards! [Cupid's Blessing] quest is available every day during event period.
3. Psyche's Blessing
To celebrate the month of love, Psyche (Core of Aurora x299, y305) will use her magic power and bless players who talk to her during the following times each day: 10:00 ~ 11:00, 14:00 ~ 15:00, 20:00 ~ 22:00 Server Time.
New Item Releases:
1. Mystery Box - Romi Bunny
Open for a chance of receiving any of the following items:
 - 1x Romi Bunny (Permanent) or
 - 2x Enhancing Gem - Grade A or
 - 4x Enhancing Gem - Grade B or
 - 8x Enhancing Gem - Grade C or
 - 3x Blessed Amethyst Gem
2. Valentine Costume Preview Items
 - Elegant Wizard Shirt (M)(7 Days)
 - Slender Wizard Ear (M)(7 Days)
 - Playful Wizard Skirt (F)(7 Days)
 - Lovely Wizard Ear (F)(7 Days)
3. Valentine Event Miscellaneous Items
 - Chocolate of Love Mold
 - Romantic Chocolate Mold
 - Key of Prayer
That's it. Happy Valentine, Luvies!

Valentine's Week GM Events

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Thursday February 9 2012 at 3:30PM
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Valentine's Week Events


Love is in the air.  It's tha time of the year again!  For those who are lucky enough to spend the day with their special companion, congratulations!  Those who do not have a significant other should not fret because Luvinia is here to keep you entertained!

Throughout the week of 2/13 ~ 2/17/2012, GMs will be in-game and spend this special LUVing holiday with you via events.  Please read on for all the details about Valentine's week events.



Valentine's Trivia

This is one of the all-time favourites of Luvies and we are bringing it back to Savejela.



2/14/2012 @ 4:00pm PST

2/16/2012 @ 4:00pm PST



First person to answer the trivia question correctly (and message the answer in world chat; you can buy Wind Whisper Shells used to make world messages here) will receive 5 Planar Essences as reward.



Unscramble This!

GM will release a total of 4 scrambled words that are related to Valentine's Day every day at the time stated below.

For example:

nmkomobnob (scrambled)

mokobonbon (unscrambled)



2/14/2012 @ 3:00pm PST

2/15/2012 @ 3:00pm PST

2/16/2012 @ 3:00pm PST

2/17/2012 @ 3:00pm PST



First person to unscramble the word correctly (and message the answer in world chat) will be awarded with 5 Planar Essences.  You can buy Wind Whisper Shells to make world  messages here.



Valentine's Bingo

This is not just Bingo, it's Valentine's Bingo! Throughout the week, in-game announcements will call out a word, take a screenshot of each of these announcements.  These announcements will be at random times on the dates stated below.  Once you have enough to make a BINGO using the cards below, post them here for your prize.  The first 5 players to submit a valid BINGO will win great prizes! 



2/14/2012 @ random times

2/15/2012 @ random times

2/16/2012 @ random times

2/17/2012 @ random times


Here's the Valentine's Bingo Card


For more details, please visit our forums.

Luvinia's GM Wedding Now Accepting RSVP!

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Friday February 3 2012 at 7:26PM
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(Go to our homepage, click the banner to refer and win!)

When the marriage system releases, one of the first weddings will be for GM_Refresh and GM_Mokobonbon, favorites of the Luvinia community. While both of them are preparing for the wedding, their journals are available for viewing here:

All players are welcome to join their wedding, and invitations will be sent to those who are interested. Don't miss this chance to vitness one of the greatest weddings in Luvinia! RSVP here:

Follow the GMs on Facebook:, and Twitter:!/LuviniaGame.


Posted by OSK_Luvinia Thursday January 26 2012 at 4:41PM
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Outspark broke incredible news today - brand new marriage system to debut just after Valentine's day, and you'll have a chance to win a dream wedding for you or friends in our  SHARE THE LUV promotion. Here are the details from the official press release:
Luvinia Announces Weddings for Valentines 
Fall In Love & Live Happily Ever After in the Land of Savejela
SAN FRANCISCO - January 26, 2012 - Following a spectacularly romantic Valentine's Day in the fairytale world of Luvinia, a beautiful, brand new fantasy free-to-play MMORPG, players will be able to tie-the-knot and invite friends and family to breathtaking wedding celebrations. Now players can meet their soulmate, quest and craft together, battle and romance, then give their heart over in grand spectacle. 
"We're thrilled to offer the unique experience of marriage to our players" said Philip Yun, CEO of Outspark. "Our flagship franchise Fiesta was one of the first MMORPGs to introduce the marriage system and we know how interesting things can get when relationships are allowed to deepen in the game. Many thanks to developer Shanda Games for bringing this special feature to Luvinia fans."
One of the first weddings will be for GM_Refresh and GM_Mokobonbon, favorites of the Luvinia community. Follow them as they post all the excitement of planning for the big day in their wedding journal weekdays 4pm PT on Facebook (, Twitter (, and in the Forums ( 
For those seeking to win a dream wedding for themselves, or to gift to friends, Luvinia is giving away an extraordinary wedding package complete with cake, confetti, venue, decorations, wedding rings, attire and fireworks to the top referrer of the SHARE THE LUV promotion from now until Valentine’s Day. Promotion details and the free game download are available on the Luvinia website at

Zendo Hunting Season Is Here! Brand New Event For All.

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Thursday January 19 2012 at 6:50PM
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Launch Event
Zendo Hunter's Camp Preview Event for level 39 and below characters
Don’t have a level 40 and above character to experience the new Zendo Hunter’s Camp?  Don’t fret, because you are now given a special chance to see this new map with your favorite GM Mokobonbon (uh, I hope I’m your favorite).
Please read below for how to join this event.
How to join?
1.       All level 39 and below characters can meet GM_Mokobonbon at Geneway College (x327,y116) on tour dates and time specified below.  GM will wait for all players until entry closes by 2:10pm or 4:10pm PST depending on the date.  Only 15 players will get to experience this tour, so be sure to show up early and private message the GM.
2.       The first 15 level 39 and below players who private messages the GM (starting from 2:00pm or 4:00pm PST) will be granted access to the Zendo Hunter’s Camp.
3.       Players are free to explore around, but not violations of ToS and foul language are accepted.
4.       The tour will be 20 minutes.  Players will be teleported back to Geneway College after the event concludes.
Dates of the Tour
1.       January 19, 2012 @ 2:00pm PST
2.       January 20, 2012 @ 2:00pm PST
3.       January 23, 2012 @ 4:00pm PST
4.       January 24, 2012 @ 4:00pm PST
5.       January 25, 2012 @ 4:00pm PST
1.       You will get a sneak peek of what Zendo Hunter’s Camp is all about.  Show off cool stories and screenshots to your level 39 and below friends and make them jealous. :)
Team Luvinia

Zendo Hunter's Camp Sneak Peek

Posted by OSK_Luvinia Friday January 13 2012 at 1:49PM
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Team Luvinia is excited to announce a big and amazing map called Zendo Hunter's Camp coming to the game soon. The event called  Zendo Hunting Season  is a new map that consists of over 100 different quests.  Level 40+ players will have a chance to emerge yourselves in this adventurous new location in Savejela.  For those who are still below level 40, you can now start leveling your characters in order to enjoy all the new quests.  Everyone, be prepared for the awesomeness that will appear on your screen soon!



For more previews of the Zendo Hunter's Camp, please visit our forums: