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Outspark: Fiesta Online Blog - Updates from Isya

Here you'll find the thoughts and "wishdoms" of many of your favorite Fiesta GMs, including GM_WishBone, GM_Kobal, GM_Lightburb and more... Read about all the different adventures, content, and more that the Fiesta Team has in store for you. ENJOY!!

Author: OSK_Fiesta

The OSKI: Soccer Slime Surprise!

Posted by OSK_Fiesta Wednesday November 23 2011 at 5:24PM
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The Outspark Insider
November 22nd, 2011
Fiesta Game News

Hello, fellow Fiestans,

It's time once again for our weekly server maintenance! What's been going on since last time?

It seems that the new, stronger energy given off by the Hard Mode bosses has had some unexpected effects! The energy has strengthened a small tribe of peaceful slimes who always lived in hiding for fear of being squished. Now, though, their squishy skin has toughened up and become impervious to attack!

Knowing that they don't need to be afraid of the Isyans anymore, they've come into the towns to play with everyone and make friends. As a sign of friendship, they've offered to act as soccer balls for everyone in town!! Get your friends together and get a game of soccer going (or football for some of you) - the rules are up to you! Don't worry, the slimes don't mind getting kicked - as long as they get to play with everyone in the process!

Oh, and for everyone wondering, GM Kobal is all healed up after his racing mishap last week! GM LaRuru has spent the last several hours chasing a soccer slime around. She thought it was so cute, she wanted to make it a pet... but every time she gets close, she accidentally kicks it away! In the meantime, the other GMs are busy preparing for the Feast of Giving Thanks. GM Wishbone always brags about his pumpkin pie, so now it's time to put his gold where his mouth is!



- Increased the number of mobs in certain areas for level 90+ characters.
- Includes most repeatable quest mobs
- Includes Burning Rock, Swamp of Dawn, Tear's Marsh, Temple of Spirit
- Decreased the difficulty of Leviathan's Nest
- Increased the moving speed of Hard Mode Malephar
- The attack damage of the Doppelganger Monster from the promotional quest has been decreased.
- Added Thanksgiving event quest. Talk to Lord Elbama in Elderine to accept it.


- New slime soccer balls for towns! Kick 'em around, play games with 'em, come up with creative uses for 'em!

Errors and Bugs

- Fixed an error where a countdown clock appeared for the permanent Revolutionary Steampunk costume


As always, check out the Fiesta calendar here to see which events are coming up next!
Have a fantastic holiday weekend, Isyans! writes:
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