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Outspark: Fiesta Online Blog - Updates from Isya

Here you'll find the thoughts and "wishdoms" of many of your favorite Fiesta GMs, including GM_WishBone, GM_Kobal, GM_Lightburb and more... Read about all the different adventures, content, and more that the Fiesta Team has in store for you. ENJOY!!

Author: OSK_Fiesta

The OSKI: New Challenges, New Rewards

Posted by OSK_Fiesta Tuesday November 8 2011 at 10:43PM
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Hello, fellow Fiestans,

It's time once again for our weekly server maintenance! What's been going on since last time?

During the past week, an ominous feeling of dread has slowly descended on Isya. The weather has turned ugly, and many monsters suddenly became more aggressive. The source of these disturbances has finally become clear: both Malephar and Helga have powered up! The GMs created a small party together, but even they barely came out alive. We need more people to join forces to take them down! Show them that even powered up, Isyans will always prevail! (You can still choose to fight the normal difficulty of these bosses, but remember that higher risk means higher reward!)

After surviving Hard Mode Helga's lair, the GMs took some time to let their wounds heal and headed over to the Lucky House to relax. GM Kobal managed to get a weapon from the Lucky Capsule machine, and he was able to confirm that it is now bind-on-equip. Make sure to keep this in mind if you take off your Lucky House weapons; the next time you equip them, they will become bound! Also, GM LaRuru has been spying some of those special mounts around Isya that can only be obtained from the Lucky House. Congratulations to those winners!

To prepare for this maintenance, the servers will be shutting down starting at 10:00PM PST, and the maintenance has a planned completion time of 1:00AM PST, for a total of 3 hours. Check the server announcements located in the Fiesta forums for updates in case the process is completed any sooner (or later).


- Added Malephar Hard Mode and Helga Hard Mode!

- Includes missing Malephar items!

 - Helga Normal Mode drop rate has been lowered to 50% (This was done because there are now 2 concurrent instances of Helga running at all times, one at 100% and one at 50%. Overall, this means 150% item drop total instead of 100% - a net gain of 50%)

- First Malephar HM details:

- First Helga HM details:

- New quests associated with this content:

- "Awakening Tragedy" - Talk to Priest Median in Swamp of Dawn, Levels 100-108

- "Helga, Once More" - Talk to Hugues of the Hunter's Union in Swamp of Dawn, Levels

- "Gathering Clouds" - Talk to Alberstol Chief Kiera in Alberstol Ruins, Levels 108-110

- "The Gradual Unfolding of the Truth" - Talk to Alberstol Chief Kiera in Alberstol Ruins,
Levels 108-110

- Some quests in the 1-60 range have increased EXP rewards

- Lucky Capsule weapons are now Bind on Equip

- Currently owned weapons can be removed. They will bind on the NEXT equip.

- Number of possible participants in Leviathan's Nest increased significantly


- Halloween content & event quest removed

- Respawn point when killed by Helga is now changed to Uruga

Errors and Bugs

- User now respawns inside town when leaving Alberstol Ruins' Lucky House

- Fixed text error in quest "Slandering the Baby Bat"

- Fixed text error in item description for "Metis Hammer" and "Themis Bow"

In Progress, Discussion, or Review

- EXP tweak (Level 1-60 quest tweak is part of this)
- Secret Lab difficulty and drop rate
- Estate refresh
- Helga x2, Malephar x2 (Done!)
- New Fiesta dances
- Level cap increase
- Missing Malephar pieces (Done!)

As always, check out the Fiesta calendar here to see which events are coming up next!

We'll see you after the patch, Isyans!