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Outspark: Fiesta Online Blog - Updates from Isya

Here you'll find the thoughts and "wishdoms" of many of your favorite Fiesta GMs, including GM_WishBone, GM_Kobal, GM_Lightburb and more... Read about all the different adventures, content, and more that the Fiesta Team has in store for you. ENJOY!!

Author: OSK_Fiesta

Players of the Month: October

Posted by OSK_Fiesta Tuesday October 18 2011 at 6:58PM
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Hey fellow Isyans,
The community spotlight, a popular feature in the past, has made its return!
This means it is time to give out special recognition to players who have excelled in various aspects of the game, such as community relations, supportive attitude, skillful gameplay, etc.  As part of this special recognition, we have interviewed the three players selected for October. This month's winners are:_Jaybug_ , CallaLily and Eloren.
Interview 1: _Jaybug_
Hey _Jaybug_, thanks for doing the interview with us today. How are you doing?
Thank you, I'm doing great.
Good to hear. So tell me, how long have you been playing Fiesta?
I have been playing Fiesta for around 3 years now.

Wow, that's quite some time. You're probably really known in the community. What do you like most about Fiesta?
Well, I'm not that known. I haven't done a lot on the forums. But I do many things in game. The thing I like most about fiesta is getting to meet and play with all the cool fun people. It makes the gaming experience a whole lot better. Fiesta has a very unique community, I like that.
Our community sure is one of a kind. Now we'd like to know more about you. What are you like?
When I'm online I like to chat and play with my fiesta friends and help new players any way I can. I'm always open to help others if I can, but I also enjoy just a small talk with people I don't know yet. When I'm not playing Fiesta I like watching movies, and chatting with friends and family. I think that sums up just about everything.
Why do you think you were nominated for Player of the Month?
I have been told that I am nice by many people, and it is good to know that. I think I was nominated because I am nice to everyone I meet, and try to help fellow guild members and other players. But that's just my guess. To be honest, I have no clue at all.
If you could hang out with any GM you wanted for a full day, who would it be?
I'd pick [GM]Kobal, because he's awesome.
If you could add anything you wanted to the game, what would it be?
Kobal's tuxedo. I love that outfit and I think it should be on sale. I recall there's were various versions of the same outfit so if those were available in the game, that'd be really cool.
If you could pick any player to join you in this interview, who would it be?
I would pick KatieElisa. She is my in game wife, and is the reason I started playing fiesta in the first place. Oh and she likes to hang out with you Kobal ;)

Do you still see yourself playing Fiesta 2 years from now with all the new upcoming content?
Yes I still see myself playing in 2 years and longer. I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I have too much fun playing to stop now.

Interview 2: CallaLily

Hey CallaLily, thanks for doing the interview with us today. How are you doing?
Um. Tired and weirded out. O.o
Oh yeah? Weren't expecting to be a nominated player?
Well....No? Considering I didn't even know what that was >.>
That's funny =P Well it's time to get to know you a little better. Tell us a little about yourself.
Um. I'm pixelated, I have shiny wings, white hair, blue eyes, enjoy being lazy and not leveling. That sort of thing o3o I play online almost every day... uhm... Friends of mine in real life want me to go places even though I don't want to go and ingame they yell at me to go level.

Why do you think you were picked as player of the month?
Cuz I'm a loudmouth. >.>'

What do you like most about Fiesta?
The people on it. If it weren't for my friends I'd have moved on by now :o No offense.

If you could spend an entire day with  a [GM] who would you pick?
LaRuru \o/

How long have you been playing Fiesta for?
Uhm...  I played a little bit on '08, but I quit, and have been playing now since early juneish. If you stay away too long, you miss the fun you had while you played. 

If you could pick one feature / item or additional content to be added to the game. What would it be?
 O.o New wedding stuff? >.o

Oh yeah? Like what?
New dresses, wedding rings, etc.

If you could pick one player to join you at this interview. Who would it be?
StarAssaut or Lycos

Any last words you want to direct at the community? =)
*Derpface* HAI MUM! \o/ That is all o3o
Interview 3: Eloren
Hey Eloren, thanks for agreeing to do the interview with us. How are you doing today?
A little tired, since I stayed up too late last night showing off my noob pvp skillz in FBZ, but otherwise I can't complain. Too much. 
You seem surprised to be picked as player of the month. Never thought you'd be picked?
Yeah, that came pretty well out of nowhere. I wouldn't exactly call myself a big gun in the game. Although I guess being the biggest event hoar in the Festival of Sparks this summer is a way to get noticed. 
I see. Now we want to know a little bit more about Eloren. Tell us about yourself.
Well game Eloren lives on Apoline. My main character is a cleric, who'll be a Holy Knight once I stop noodling around on my mage and get back to mimics. And I have a mage who likes to have fun pretending she can pvp, and an archer who was actually my first character but the last one to get leveled past 36 or so. And a GGK farmer fighter, and a trickster, and a bunch of other random characters who mostly hold all my extra junk. 
Real-life Eloren has a totally glamorous office job and an excellent boyfriend who helps keep her from spending too much time on silly internet games. I also am a classically-trained soprano, grew up on a dairy farm, and enjoy making beadwork and chainmaille in my spare time. At least the spare time that isn't taken up by gaming.
Why do you think you were picked for player of the month?
I expect it's because of the aforementioned event hoaring. 
How long have you been playing Fiesta?
Almost exactly two years, give or take a week or two. I'm not sure exactly when I joined, but I remember collecting lantern souls for a Halloween quest with my cleric right after I made her, and that was about a month after I started.
What would you tell any newcomer to Fiesta about the game?
There's a lot to experience and learn when you're just starting out. A lot of people get super focused on leveling as quickly as possible, but if you go too fast you lose out on just getting to do everything there is to do in the early levels. I still remember a lot of the experiences I had with my first character, even though a lot of them were pretty nooby.  It's worth it to take your time and take advantage of opportunities to learn, and not just immediately go looking for powerlevels. 
If you could pick 1 GM to spend an entire day with, who would it be?
I'd have to say Kobal. He's a pretty solid dude, and I like a guy who can rock a cravat. Although if you added up all the time we've spent in events together, it might already add up to an entire day.
If you could add anything to the game, what would you add?
Missing skills, recipes, and bug fixes. Wait, is that too serious? Um... I'd give clerics the ability to taze anyone who's rude about demanding buffs.
Pancakes or pie?!
Wait, it's not just cake or pie? 'Cause I was totally preparing for that question. Either way, while I do enjoy both cake and pancakes, I'd have to go with pie.
If you could describe yourself in 1 word, what would it be?
Great! Thanks for having this interview with us. Is there anything you'd like to add before we close?
Thank you very much for the honor, and I hope I don't get beat up too badly at the next event I go to. 
Haha! Ok! See you next time =)
We'd like to thank these 3 for the interview and congratulate them.
As a special token of our gratitude to these 3, they will be rewarded a 30-Day Dark Topaz Outfit.
Dark Topaz Costume