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Outspark: Fiesta Online Blog - Updates from Isya

Here you'll find the thoughts and "wishdoms" of many of your favorite Fiesta GMs, including GM_WishBone, GM_Kobal, GM_Lightburb and more... Read about all the different adventures, content, and more that the Fiesta Team has in store for you. ENJOY!!

Author: OSK_Fiesta

Weekend in Fiesta: Year of the Dragon, One Day Item Sale & Valentine's Day Items

Posted by OSK_Fiesta Friday January 27 2012 at 7:03PM
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The weekend is here, Isyans! Here's the hot news for the next couple days, fresh off the presses!

Lunar New Year celebration continues!

We've been having a great time in Fiesta celebrating the Lunar New Year and Year of the Dragon! We still have some dragon-themed trivia coming next week to wrap it all up, too! Check times on the event calendar to join. Here are some screens from this week's events:

Don't forget that we have special categories in the store for Year of the Dragon and Lunar New Year items as well. They won't be around for too much longer!!


The One Day, 1 Day Sale returns!

It's time to try out even more items; the One Day One Day Sale is back with different options, all at a great discount! These 1-day items are perfect for finding out which ones you like. Grab a bunch and test them out!

This sale will begin at 12:00am PST on Saturday, January 28th and will last until 11:59pm on the same day.

Check out some of the fun stuff that we'll be offering:




You can view all the details at the original post here.


Valentine's Day item pre-release

With February just around the corner, we're giving everyone a chance to get many of our Valentine's Day items early - and with a discount! Be among the first of your friends to have these lovely items!

These pre-release sale items will be available starting at 12:00am PST on Sunday, January 29th. They will only be discounted for a limited time, so don't delay!

Here's the full list of what's going to be on sale:

  • Light Blue Tuxedo/Dress (Crit) (30 Days)
  • Cupcake Cat (Permanent)
  • Cupid's Desire (30 Days)
  • Puppy Love Dance (30 Days)
  • Sakura Costume (Crit) (30 Days)
  • Pink Donkey (Permanent)
  • Red Tuxedo/Dress (Crit) (30 Days)
  • Heart Shades (30 Days)
  • Sanguine Rose (30 Days)
  • Heart Breaker Dance (30 Days)
  • Heart Pegasus (30 Days)
  • Pink Raccoon (Permanent)
  • White Tuxedo/Dress (Crit) (30 Days)
  • Orchid Blossom (30 Days)
  • Midnight Gala (30 Days)
  • Heart Stomp Dance (30 Days)
  • Wedding Pack (1 Unit)
  • Red Wedding Pack (1 Unit)

You can view all the pictures and links at the original post here.


Weekend Special: Mega, Perfect, Super & Ultra Enhancement Bundles (Grades 2-5)

Are you planning on enhancing that favorite weapon of yours? Now is the perfect time to show those weapons some love, because beginning on Saturday, January 28th, NINE different Enhancement Bundles will be on sale!

These special enhancement bundles are discounted 10-20% versus purchasing the items separately and also include Gold Nines, Perfect Red Eyes and Blue Miles, which increase the chances for successfully enhancing your weapon. The Mega Enhancement Bundles (Grade 4 & 5) also include a binding reset resin!

These bundles will only be on sale until the end of the weekend, so be sure to take advantage of this deal while it lasts!

You can view all the details and links at the original post here.

Have a great weekend, Isyans! 

Lunar New Year in Fiesta!

Posted by OSK_Fiesta Friday January 20 2012 at 7:14PM
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This year, the lunar new year lands on Monday, January 23rd, and this special day is celebrated in several Asian cultures. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, too - how cool! The Fiesta team is ready to celebrate, and we hope you'll come party with us!

Year of the Dragon Events

To coincide with the Chinese New Year, we're running some fun, dragon-themed events for everyone to join! Test your dragon-related knowledge during a round of trivia, march in a dragon parade and join the GMs for story time!

Events will start on Monday, January 23rd and run until Tuesday, January 31st. Check the Fiesta event calendar for days/times and details.

Lunar New Year Item Releases

As part of the festivities, we're also releasing a whole range of themed items to dress up in!  How will you choose to celebrate? Check out the pics below to see just some of the many items available! (New Year items will be available on Sunday)

Dragon Items:




Lunar New Year Items:





Happy lunar new year, everyone! See you in Fiesta!

The OSKI: Business as Usual

Posted by OSK_Fiesta Wednesday January 18 2012 at 2:19PM
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The Outspark Insider
January 17th, 2012
Fiesta Game News

Hello, fellow Fiestans,

It's time once again for our weekly server maintenance! What's been going on since last time?

The plague has swept through the Outspark Office and GM Velfarre started it all. First, the endless coughing send GM Kobal into a nervous breakdown. GM WishBone had to scramble around the office to find Kobal who was hiding underneath a desk in the fetal position. He was incredibly scared that the world was going to end. After 20 minutes of persuading Kobal the world wasn't going to end, he reluctantly got out from underneath the desk. Lightburb believes that Kobal's off-kilter behavior is due to him flying Claude to and from Adealia Village. I guess the world will never know...



- Disconnection and .bin issues relating to the character information screen has been fixed.
 - If you are still experiencing issues with disconnection and .bin issues after the maintenance, please send in a ticket to a CSR agent with the following information.
  1) Server Name
  2) Character Name
  3) Dump File: This can be found in the Fiesta folder under Program Files > Outspark > Fiesta
  4) What you were doing before experiencing the issue

Errors and Bugs

- Fixed text bugs regarding January Premium items
- Fixed text bugs relating to the Invigorate and Awaken Skills

Weekend in Fiesta: Server Boosts and Snowboarding

Posted by OSK_Fiesta Friday January 13 2012 at 7:15PM
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The weekend is here, Isyans! Check out some of the exciting news that's hot off the presses!

30% EXP *and* Item Boosts

Recently, our Facebook page (viewable here) reached 300,000 Likes! As part of the celebration, we're increasing the EXP across all servers by 30% until Monday morning! (You can expect some great related discounts in the future, too.) Additionally, we had some hiccups with the huge Adealia content launch last week. Even though this is normal with such a large launch, we really appreciate everyone's patience as we get it all squared around. To say thanks, we are also boosting the item drops by 30%! Please enjoy this double boost weekend!

Back to School Playtime Event

While the new year does bring some of our community back to school, the Fiesta Team wants to help ease the transition with a very special Playtime Event! From Friday, January 13th, 2012 at 12:01am PST until Sunday, January 22nd, 2012 at 11:59pm PST, the amount of time you play in Fiesta will be tracked. All players that play a TOTAL of 20 hours will receive the Back to School Pack! You heard that right, just for playing Fiesta, you will qualify to receive some awesome premium items! Details:

Weekend Special: Leveling Bundles & Binding Reset Resins

This weekend we're having a sale on two leveling bundles at 25% off! Pick some up to make your weekend even more productive. We also have Grade 4 and 5 Binding Reset Resins available this weekend, and they will be 40% off during the special!

Snowboard Weekend: Snowboarding Gear is Back!

It's still snowing in the colder areas around the world, which means that snowboarding season is still on. In recognition, we're making the new snowboard items available again, but for this weekend only! With four boards to choose from, you can personalize your look quite easily!

Individual items are 25% off this weekend, while the pack is 30% off.



Have a wonderful weekend, Isyans!

The OSKI: When Serverbears Attack...

Posted by OSK_Fiesta Wednesday January 11 2012 at 10:55PM
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The Outspark Insider
January 11th, 2012
Fiesta Game News

Hello, fellow Fiestans,

It's time once again for our weekly server maintenance! What's been going on since last time?

GM Kobal spent his week going around the Adealian hunting grounds, tracking down a bunch of Claudes for the Adealian Tamers to use as transports. It seems every now and then, one of them flies away and never comes back! GM Wishbone spent his time carefully watching underground fighting matches, collecting data and observing as much as possible about guardians, holy knights, sharpshooters, rangers and more.

GM Velfarre and GM Lightburb went to Kahal Plains for a picnic to tame some beasts for an unknown purpose. While out, they came across some Depraved Elves but emerged victorious. They continue to look out for anything that seems off in Adealia, especially those things that greatly affect other Isyans. Every now and then, they could swear they saw a server bear out of the corner of their eye... was it a green server bear? A red one? The colors kept changing! I guess we'll never know...

To prepare for this maintenance, the servers will be shutting down starting at 10:00pm PST, and the maintenance has an estimated completion time of 1:00am PST, for a total of 3 hours. Check the server announcements located in the Fiesta forums for updates in case the process is completed any sooner (or later).


- First attempt at resolving the binning issues due to opening up the character information screen. During our investigation phase, the developer was unfortunately unable to reproduce this issue within the debug environment. We have, however, made some tweaks based on what the most probable causes of the issue are. We are hoping that the changes made will resolve the issue. However, if the issue persists, we will be implementing some debug programs in the production environment in order to help us collect the data necessary to correctly identify causes and effects.


- Implementing January premium items

Errors and Bugs

- Fixed text error for Warlock skill Magical Move

- Fixed scoreboard for level 95 Kingdom Quest "Warriors Code - Invincible Hero"

We'll see you after the patch, Isyans! 

The Adealian Expansion is Here!!!

Posted by OSK_Fiesta Monday January 9 2012 at 11:56AM
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Greetings, Isyans!

The wait is over! Adealia is now here! Enjoy the latest Fiesta expansion. Take on new enemies, explore new lands, visit a new town and, most importantly, make new friends! The level cap has also been raised from 110 to 115!

What's in store for the Fiesta Faithful?

Adealia Village and Field
Just beyond Dark Land a whole new world opens up. From Dark Land you can visit the field of Adealia where you'll encounter new monsters include Dark Ape, Great Tornado, Ice Lich, Shadow Elves, and many others. Most importantly, the field of Adealia is where you can catch a ride on Claude up to Adealia Village. Simply speak to Tamer Ani and be on your way!

Kahal Plain
For the more adventurous, beyond Adealia you can enter the vast expanse of Kahal Plain. Here you'll find the Hunter's Union in some sticky situations. I'm sure they could use some help. But be careful, the monsters you'll encounter are not easy Slimes. Be prepared to face Ruga, Pergy, Wild Ape, and of course the elusive Battle Beak.

Psiken Garden
Are you daring enough? Only for the strong, beyond Kahal Plain lies Psiken Garden, but this isn't your grandmothers tame garden. In Psiken Garden you'll encounter all sorts of monsters including some ghostly Wandering Soul Leopard and Blood Spider. But this is just the beginning. Past Pisken Garden you can enter Pisken House

Psiken House
Inside the house is where the fun begins. If you manage to get past the Wraith, Grey Incubus, and Living Statues, you'll get your shot at Pisken and her dog on the right wing. On the left wing you'll be faced against Chimera.

Quests, Gear, and Level Cap
The level cap has been raised to 115. Along the way you'll encounter new faces who might ask for help. Take on these news quests and be rewarded for your bravery. Quests will reward you with loot and experience. But be warned, these quests are not for the faint of heart. Do you have what it takes to help save Isya from a new terror? Also, what expansion would be complete without new gear. Scattered throughout the Expedition to Adealia is more amazing weapons and armor. But do you have what it takes to wield the new gear?

To celebrate this expansion, the Fiesta Team has come up with some events.

1. "Expedition to Adealia: A Video Journal" - Gather your most trusted friends as you trek from familiar Isyan lands into the unknown wilderness that leads into Adealia. Who will survive this epic journey, which will all be caught on film?

Players must record the entire journey from start to finish and post the video on the forums, along with a narrated journal entry that tells the story of your brave and triumphant party.

2. "Adealia Lore MVP" - It's time to continue the tale of the land known as Isya, the people who live there, the warring gods and the Guardian Magi... and now the new area of Adealia. In the last chapter of this epic lore (found here), Cypion secured peace for the land once more, but at a great cost. The evil vowed to return, as it always does, as it lost that decisive battle. Check our more details here!

3. "Escort Mission: Impossible" - Get a level 10 character to Adealia! Full details can be found here.

More to come!