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My Gaming experiences

My experiences in games, both online and offline as well as other things.

Author: Nytewolf2k7

My experiences in Entropia Universe

Posted by Nytewolf2k7 Sunday October 26 2008 at 11:36AM
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I heard about the game in a local magazine, but it was not till much later that I decided to try it out...

The day was February the 14th 2007, the time was 5:45 WAST, I had just finished downloading the client (took ages to download on my old pc) and began installing it, the installation process was nothing to speak about, just wish there was some nice background artwork or something... No matter...

So I logged in that Evening...

Since there was no extensive manual, of any kind, I had no idea whatsoever of what to do, the guides I kept hearing people mention were fairly helpful, they taught me a few things (which should have been covered by a manual of some kind) as did my soon to be mentor...

Much later...

I met my mentor, Alexandros Kingsize Phenomenon, or Alex as I called him, In the quiet town of Port Atlantis after a rather non-profitable sweat trip... He would give me advice that would help...

After receiving the advice of my Mentor (Alex), I took up hunting and made some money that way, but it was not long before I needed to learn about this thing called "Skill Increase Bonus"...

I found the information I needed from Alex and from that old gem, Entropia Forum...

Much, much later...

I had been a member of several societies (In other games, these would be called "Guilds", "Clans", or "Factions"), my first one was Second Life Anonymous, but due to the inactivity of the society and it's members, I eventually defected to the (Now Defunct) society Australianz Rules.

Sometime in July...

Eventually I joined the Society known as 'The Knights of Calypso', I would join following a friend by the name of Tony Rocketfingers, who I have not seen in some time. I am now a Captain of the Knights, something achieved after my old mentorship program and other activities.

Eventually, After much blood, sweat, broken guns and tears, I graduated from my Discipleship with flying colours, Alex didn't get anything special out of it, but he gave me a truckload (more like a few, I die alot ) of Fast Aid Packs

I participated in the WoF 2008, representing Australia, which was fun, except for the deaths...

My profits weren't much to speak of... Yes its possible to make money, not a lot of money I made a whopping 15 cents playing the way countless people have recommended... Anyhoo...

mrcalhou writes:

How much did you have to deposit and what is sweat going for now?

I never deposited and quit with around 300 ped of stuff.

As much as I dislike the way the game is run, I can't really say anything bad since I played for half a year for free and actually had a good time, until the no loots consistently became 19/20 loots.

Sun Oct 26 2008 3:23PM Report
jakoblin writes:

 Dude  do research ,   I made 100k of ped by selling.

Sun Oct 26 2008 9:06PM Report
Naifas writes:

Yeah, it's all blood and sweat ;)

Mon Oct 27 2008 6:45AM Report
thedrakon writes:

you were lucky, when I tried, I didn't find anyone, or I was totally lost and found myself leaving after half an hour.

Tue Oct 28 2008 7:00AM Report writes:
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