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Author: Nytewolf2k7

Testing Windows 7

Posted by Nytewolf2k7 Tuesday January 13 2009 at 1:43AM
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As some of you may or may not know, For the last few days I've been testing Windows 7, which I downloaded and installed on a Virtual Machine on my laptop. So far I can see that it does load faster than Vista and XP, however logging in seems to take longer. I can't test graphical performance however, as Virtual PC 2007 isn't capable of that.

Windows 7 is a breath of fresh air, at least for me, My only concern is that certain features that were in previous versions of Windows would now have to be downloaded from the internet (According to the Wikipedia article, take that as you will) , I guess to please the competition.

I'm pleased to say I haven't had one crash or blue screen yet!

Since this is still a beta, It has a long way to go before final release.

- Nytewolf


ChurchillT writes:

I installed the beta on a rather beefy machine and there as the load time is but a few seconds faster other things are slower. Logging int takes a few seconds where as on Vista it is instant.

With Windows 7 there are many features that Vistas has but in Windows 7 they are harder to disable (To free up much needed ram and processing power for gaming)

Over all it is very nice and very refined. If you don't like the way the UI looks I agree but it is very customiseable! I would not go out and buy it if you have XP or Vista already BUT if upgrading to a new computer it is not a bad OS at all.

It's not worth $100 to $200 unless you need it but it so far has handled everything I have thrown at it. Very impressed for a Microsft Product but I'm not sold on upgrading intill I see a reason to.

Tue Jan 13 2009 4:02AM Report
ChurchillT writes:

Also I'd like to add that I feel it's too focused on using IE but that's easily worked around and I am now on FireFox.

My main issue with Widows 7 is that is should be a Service Pack for Vista and not an entire new OS. The problem being that no one needs half the features in new OS's and the architecture is almost unchanged (For a users point of view)

Tue Jan 13 2009 4:04AM Report
Anub1s writes:

I Have to disagree its pretty fast and the only feature u would have to download from vista is the dreamscene as for the boot it took me 23 secs if u count all loading time which includes the appearance of the starting windows to login while vista takes me 29 secs,no issues what so ever,its not even complete and looks great and u should know that service pack is just a collection of updates so if it looks like a sp for vista it looks like a complete os which is excelent for an incomplete one.

Tue Jan 13 2009 3:07PM Report
antizax213 writes:

Umm there will be a service pack for Vista soon. SP2 should be coming out late spring early summer if I'm not mistaken. I have no dea what this SP will contain but it's coming.

Thu Jan 15 2009 8:40AM Report
Nytewolf2k7 writes:

Read: Some applications that have been included with prior releases of Microsoft Windows, most notably Windows Mail, Windows Calendar, Windows Movie Maker, and Windows Photo Gallery, are no longer included with the operating system; they are instead offered separately (free of charge) as part of the Windows Live Essentials suite.

Sun Jan 18 2009 2:52AM Report
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