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I have played many popular MMORPGs, as well as participated in betas for the most obscure of games. I like to think I know a thing or two about the industry, and so I write about it.

Author: NotArkard

Contributor: NotBrandon

Tier 1 and World of Warcraft

Posted by NotArkard Wednesday October 8 2008 at 3:29PM
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I know the title's a bit confusing, so I'll clear up what I'm trying to get at here: if you PvP in Warhammer: Online the same way you do in World of Warcraft, you're an idiot. Plain and simple. "Where is all this arbitrary hate coming from?" No doubt, you ask, and I will explain. My friends and I have been on the search for the right server to play in ever since release, we've tried full servers with medium order playing as order, as destruction, high/high servers as destruction about a million times. Queues were popping too slowly, queues were popping too quickly, it took too long to get into the server, whatever. We've been in Tier 1 ever since launch, and that means a ton of Nordenwatching. My highest level character is a tier-3-ready marauder, so I have seen things outside of Nordenwatch, but what annoys me the most is this specific scenario, and not just that. People are playing these scenarios as if they were WoW battlegrounds.


Fight on the flag:

I'm not here to tell you to fight on the flag. I'm here to tell you not to fight on the damn flag. Every scenario, it's the same thing. Some random moron will start yelling "fight on the flag, fight on the flag!" and for what? I understand it in Khaine's Embrace, you want to prevent people from taking the flag, and I understood it in Arathi Basin: same concept. Nordenwatch? You don't have to click on the flag, you have to be near it to start capturing it. That's great if you're fighting on the flag, but guess what? THE ENEMY HEALERS ARE ON THE DAMN BRIDGE OR DOWN THE HILL.

All these flag-fighting master tacticians spend their entire health bar at the fort fighting swordmasters or black orcs that are being healed by people standing away from the flag. Guess who's going to take the fort at the end? It's not going to be the people fighting at the flag, it's going to be the people who run up to the healers and either scare them back to their starting node, or kill them. You can run back to the flag to help capture it later, but fighting on it is as useful in capturing it as whispering sweet nothings in its ear.

Normally, I'm not one to complain to my team, although every now and then they drive me insane. It's tier 1, after all. A lot of people are still discovering the game. Newbies don't bug me; let them make mistakes, so they can learn. Who cares if the newbie Warrior Priests and Disciples only heal themselves? I'm cool with all of that in tier 1. What I don't care for, are the people who rushed to 40, made an alt and are now harassing everyone to fight on the flag as if they had any possible idea of what they were talking about.

You have all blue gear you bought at the auction house? Great, congratulations. Use it to kill the healers, not to spend ten minutes at the fort bunny-hopping and circle-strafing around tank classes like some ADD-ridden ten year old.

"I have the highest damage" or "My damage isn't the highest because I'm too busy helping us win."

This is a two parter.

1) People who boast they are better than you, and have contributed more during a loss simply because they have outdamaged the rank 2 marauders and squig herders. These guys will sit there talking about how much better than you they are because of all the damage they dealt. Unfortunately, there aren't many arguments to counter this. Damage dealt varies widely depending on the conditions. For example, we were winning a game the other day, and we had Order fighting at the bottom of the hill to the Lighthouse(we had all 3 nodes and were just killing them there). They had almost 20k damage more than we did overall, but only 17 kills, compared to our 50 something.

It's easy to have highest damage dealt depending on your class. On my marauder, for example, I can switch to gift of monstrosity and simply spam AoE. Yep, I didn't kill anybody but I have 30k damage dealt. I was a real asset to my team, I was! That brings me to part two, which is the most common counter to the "I have the highest damage" boast.

2) Like I stated previously, I don't care if you're a rank 4 sorceress dealing 30k damage, or a rank 11 sorceress dealing 3k damage at the end of a game. Your damage varies on how well your team is doing. You could also be a newbie, which is okay, it's tier 1, right? But when someone says "I have the highest damage, I'm better than you" and you counter with "Sorry, I was actually busy contributing to our team, instead of looking at the damage meters" I feel like punching them. Now you're trying to sound like you're better than the person that's bragging about their damage.


A) You're a sorceress.


B) Your contribution to the team is your damage, so if it's lower than the squig herder that's lording his damage over you, then no, you are not contributing more than he is.

Seriously, what the hell other kind of contribution could you possibly be performing for the team in Nordenwatch? Are you harvesting tiberium to fund tesla coils for the barracks? Let's face it, it's only DPS classes that will even bother with this argument, because they somehow feel their damage output is being attacked, and they feel the need to defend it. Healers won't care, because they don't care who has the highest damage, and they know they're not being attacked on their performance because they're usually, well, healing.

In the end, it doesn't even matter.

It's obvious that most of us know that Warhammer: Online, although similar, is not World of Warcraft. We need to stop playing scenarios like they are WoW battlegrounds, though. There are no severe punishments for losing. Sometimes a few people will start cursing everyone out because we lost the game by 3 points. So? We got all the XP from gathering 497 points. In fact, in losses like these I've sometimes ended up with more XP than several players from the opposite faction. What's the use in swearing at everybody over a difference of 100XP or in some cases, no difference at all?

I hate the principle of losing as much as the next guy, but the only thing I get from a scenario win or lose is XP. Until some changes are made where losers get their XP gain cut in half, or are punished in some form for losing, then why should you care?