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I have played many popular MMORPGs, as well as participated in betas for the most obscure of games. I like to think I know a thing or two about the industry, and so I write about it.

Author: NotArkard

Contributor: NotBrandon

Darkfall - What it means to me.

Posted by NotBrandon Thursday January 1 2009 at 7:18PM
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I like to think of myself as a pretty hardcore MMO gamer, at least when my time permits with a full time job of course. I've played pretty much every MMO that's come around 2003 or so. Which means I never had a chance to try the likes of UO, AC, SWG pre-CU, etc.


Many people have disbelief in Darkfall as a whole. Is the game going to actually launch on the 22nd of January? If it does launch, is it going to be feature complete? Is the game actually going to be FUN? I'm one of those guys, kind of. But I believe overall everyone is feeling about the same about this game. I consider myself a skeptic, mainly because the past MMOs which have launched have been failures to me.While AoC and Warhammer have had their shares of ups and downs, they're just not games that hook you in, and put you into the world that the devs have created.

I haven't followed Darkfall as much as many people have. I basically started reading and hearing about it about 3 months ago or so. I never had the chance to play a "sandbox" MMO. But it excites me.

This genre needs something new, even though the concept may be old, it needs to be broken into. I'm tired of games where the world is stale, where around every corner you know what's there. Where when you reach a certain level the area becomes worthless to you. I'm tired of the same thing we've mostly all been playing for the past 5 years+.

Overall, Darkfall needs to be the game to change the genre. I'm both a skeptic and a believer, and come January 22nd I'm going to be glued to my PC much like most of you will be, just to see if what Aventurine has been touting will live up to not only the expectations of what they want, but the expectations of the players.

So I'll support Darkfall, if only for the hope that developers will think outside the box, and that finally I can enjoy and MMO again for what it's supposed to be.

hidden1 writes:

skeptic and believer?  not sure those go well together... as for being glued PC, i just want a twitched based WASD MMORPG.. one that works... maybe that's DF, maybe it's Mortal Online further down the future... I guess I'll wait and see

Thu Jan 01 2009 7:52PM Report
demonic87 writes:

I must say Darkfall is less twitch based, a lot slower movements.

Thu Jan 01 2009 11:35PM Report
sanders01 writes:

 I think Darkfall is going to be the WoW for the sandbox community, if it launches successfully, if not it's going down fast, with no chance of recovery.


You could try TCOS, twitched based WASD, but it's like DF, may or may not come, and may or may not be good.

Thu Jan 01 2009 11:35PM Report
mieko writes:

DF seriously looks like RYL both in graphics and in gameplay to me. And we seriously saw how fast RYL crashed when it was p2p, b2p and even f2p. I don't see what the big hype is anyways with the game. Want twitch based combat? Go play call of duty and you'll be twitchy as all get out when other players are sneaking around or acting like beserkers. Random excitement is not a mmo's forte and probably won't be for quite awhile.

Thu Jan 01 2009 11:48PM Report
bborwoeorks writes:

Here's what your post means to me.... omg waste of time. 6 paragraphs about how you have not played the game, you haven't even taken time to play the games it was based on, and basically you are waiting like the rest of us. In the mean time... quit posting stuff unlees you have info.

Sat Jan 03 2009 11:39AM Report writes:
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