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Uncharted Waters Online Guide reference

Posted by NortonGB Saturday June 11 2011 at 10:12AM
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5.0| by Norton on Dec 10, 2010 05:09 PM
General Information. < click on links.
Academies of Excellence: (Learning to play)
Port Permits (including expansions)
Skills Guide with locations (find where to buy skills)
Job/Class Change Guide (with Guild Cards from all beginner job quests) 
Maritime Guides *newly added 05/05/11
Durability or Storage (using procurement or fishing)
Cultural Trade routes (with profit/distance calculation table)
Aide FAQ (hire one at lvl 20 second at lvl 40)
Crafting and shipwright production guides:
Ship building (V2 by fenny updated)
UWO Official Web Site(News, guide & announcements)
TOSS (Table of Suspension)
Publisher Blog(incl. Captain's log) highly recommended
External links:
Japanese Wiki Storyline(translated by google)
UWO World Map (plan travel with landing points)
Fan Sites:
oloUS (Tips & Guides)
Aika's (including shared storage)
This is a post to put some useful links together (credits to all the writers)
Enjoy UWO  :)

Free to Play in Potbs - Power & Prestige released.

Posted by NortonGB Monday September 20 2010 at 9:48AM
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CEO of Flying Lab Software Russel Williams announces that Pirates of the Burning Seas will soon be free to play, those of you that can't wait can find a key to give a 30-day trial here that you should enter into a new SOE station account before logging in.

This has had a mixed reception from the remaining community that play Potbs with Pay to Play however the way it is being implemented means that they can still P2P monthly subscriptions as they did before & it will be known as the "Captains Club" giving players many benefits & economy slots.

Potbs is designed to work with important balancing mechanisms that only function with much higher populations; for various reasons & many changes have meant that Potbs has not been able to retain them or bring in enough new players for it to work.

Also the end game has lacked depth & PVE or trading has been restricted by PVP red zones. The recently released Power & Prestige expansion goes some way to address this with more polish, port governors & more missions.

So why will F2P work? 

Many players need high populations to enjoy any mmorpg, no matter how good it is players generally only stay long if that is the case, so when populations grow it keeps the players content & guarantees the mmo's future success.

In my opinion F2P with limited 2 eco slots should easily double the populations; many of those that quit because they were falling or low will come back with a lot of extra new players simply because it's free.

The cash shop is being implemented in a way that does not unbalance the game or give PvP "combat" advantages, however it does allow players to speed up leveling with bonus exp items & PVE npc hire ships for much less grind or to obtain more eco-slots.

As most of the RVR fun in Potbs starts at lvl 50 these will help those that only have limited time to play.

Some outdated views are that when a mmorpg goes free to play it has failed or attracts the wrong type of players, in my opinion that is not the case as the majority of players play for fun without the intention to ruin others game, however by opening the doors to everybody you are sometimes inviting a different type of player.

In the case of Potbs where PVP players like lots of enemy targets, F2P should make it work the way it was always intended & generate a more healthy market for the currently subdued player driven economy.

Without a major re-design & re-launch Free to Play is probably the only way to achieve it in Potbs so I wish them well. :)

If you want to know more about "Age of Sail" Potbs, FLS now host their own wiki or Encyclopaedia Piratica with video trailer here. on their official website.

UWO The biggest Age of Sail mmorpg ever from Japan.

Posted by NortonGB Thursday August 19 2010 at 8:00AM
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Global Netmarble is a game portal that has a great supportive corporation behind; CJ Internet. Korean Netmarble have been servicing Uncharted Waters Online with a great success for past few years, and now CBT is being released in USA & Europe on 25th August 2010 (no key required) 

"Uncharted Waters Online" is a new style MMORPG that is developed by TECMO KOEI, a leading game development company located in Japan. Uncharted Waters Series was originally developed as PC game, but it’s been serviced as online game for past three years or more. With this Global Version of UWO, Players will engage in exploration, trading, and battle in historic backgrounds of 15th and 16th century. 

Basically UWO is like Pirates of the Burning Sea or Voyage Century online however, this game is vast.. I would say much BIGGER in content or depth & level of sophistication of any titles in this genre.

With more than 3 years of playtime built in, even hardcore gamers will find endless places to visit, people to meet, things to explore, and more.

Here is a summary: (credits to wrongfeitong)

UWO Unchartered Waters Online - new english website

Features: (can't summarize all, just adding some good features offered)

Original version:

- Intensive Ship combat with various catergorizes of cannons and attacks.

 Unlimited unrestricted class
 - You can choose from one of 6 nations with the 3 classes (explorer, marine, merchant) and able to change whenever you want. More than 75 professions and 100 skills to master.
 - While in your class, you can choose a sub-class where all your skills will have specific bonuses and easier to train.
 - Keeping skills even if you change class and these skills are usable as long you didn't forget them.
 - Many skills to chose from with no restrictions (some skill requires having another skill first)
 - Be any combination even when you are not in the same career... merchants can have rapid fire and marines can have trading skills.

- Six unique line of story with full interactions
- A lot of historical facts in explorations with real description of landmark, animals, and items.
- Many climates and even ghost ships
- Sail around the world with real port names and many real landmarks.
- Many missions with historical accurate histories.
- Over 100 ships all customizable to your liking.
- A lot of character costumization and cool looks.
- Great Sea fights! (battles 100's of players to contend for ports)
- Everything decays in this game, sailing on the ocean will decay your items, or using cannons alot will decay your cannons while suffering heavy damages decays your ship).
- Guild, guild bank, guild sellers and Guild HOUSE (its like a shop),
- There are Banks for money or items and even buy your insurances (in case you sink)
- Characters have frames allow story mission to move on and allow achievement to higher ranking (giving you port pass to enter further ports)
- Penalties to skills for changing careers
- Player build economy, you buy ships, cannons items from players to players while they can sell on their own bazaar.
- Use guild houses to browse items like auction house.
- Always can get information by drinking, or buying a drink or give gift to the bar girl for information on your missions and states.

- Shipwrights can build over a 100 ships - Craft your own weapons & armor etc.
- Pure 3D high detailed graphics with different weather effects.

Economy & Trading.

Uncharted Waters Online houses a sophisticated economy system very similar to real-life trading of goods. Investments and relationships all have an effect on the economy that surrounds the player. Tax and customs will also be applied within the game making it essential for players to conquer cities in order to reduce their taxes.

- Port of the specific area/region have their local special trade items + normal trade items.
- Trading to gain profit by "shout" for a lower price and sell higher at further ports (India to London)
- Many crafting skills.
 -Smithing: can create consumable, cannons, metal, ore...etc
 -Art: Can creat painting, art, usable items, housing furnture
 -Stitching: Can create sails, many exotic cloths
 -Ship building: Make boats & ships, upgrade boats, customize ships, add stuff to it.
 -Cooking: food that give stat advantages and restore stats and power
- Many language requirements, you have to learn indians to speak in india ...etc (reduce skill numbers but can always forget)
- Investment in ports HELP them grow! add more to tradings and npc sells and flip port to your nation for less taxes.

PvP or Vs. Battles.
- Great sea combat with Nations vs Nations & massive port battles.
- There are safe & unsafe areas free for all as long you are outside Europe.  Any user with adventure, trading, battle levels below 20 will not be attacked.
When notoriety rises above 1,000 the user becomes a bounty.
This means the user will be subject to attack by other users even in safe waters.

- Pirates are started from nations and becoming a pirate by PvP illegally.
- Pirates become free to attack by anyone anywhere.
- Pirate might be blocked from entering nation ports.
- All PvP has chance in loss of cargo and loots. Pirates have a higher chance of losing items.
- You never lose ships but you lose durability (HP of your ship) which make you more easier to be killed.

Land Av-combat.
- Battle level, swordsmanship, attack power, and defense make or break a battle on land. - Mostly for exploration or PVE mission / quest purposes.
- Group land strategy fighting style with commands.

- Explore in many ways, dig through the books and treasure maps and locate the treasure MARKED X
- Salvage or scavenge items from the sea and wrecked boats.
- Chase exotic animals and record them, go to land marks and get named treasure.

Fishing. Fishing skills or fish bait items allow users to fish. Fish at the port in the villages; fish caught in the village will be automatically traded with currency. Users can fish anywhere at sea. The fish will be saved in the ship stores.

- Player housing: Original housing with a doll and a butler.
- Can upgrade your house and add new furntiure and your personal bank.
- Pets: can gain new exotic pets from around the world and treat them as pets.

- Vice captains: Vice captain that can auto-sail (specific skills requirement and condition) and give increase in states.

- Player owned Farm land: Your own farm, your productions.

- Ports that grow into different catergories based on players contribution (all servers are different!)

They have made the world sea maps & ports large enough to support a large population with an eve type concept of never ending conflict in an mmorpg where Heros are born & players become Legends.

Brief Video . If you found this blog informative please bump it at the top.