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Midkemia Online Goblin Fun!

Hey guys, I play a tiny little Goblin in Midkemia Online which is a lot of fun. My character is a female rogue, and I'm very new to Midkemia. Come check it out if you're looking for a good game!!

Author: NomiM

Emote System of Midkemia Online: Best RP tool I've found

Posted by NomiM Thursday August 16 2012 at 5:44PM
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The emote system in Midkemia is really unique and cool, especially considering how unadvanced the concept of a text game is. Ironically, as graphically advanced as games like Skyrim, World of Warcraft, the Fallout series and even the Final Fantasy series are - their emote systems have nothing on Midkemia's. In typical MMO's, emotes are generally premade and mostly include /wave, /smile, /nod, with a few dozen others. There's also the possibility of custom emotes which are rather awkward to type out in the graphic world, and the text never changes color.


In Midkemia, you can configure emotes to be any color. Same with says, and a ton of other things to configure. I have my emotes configured to be pink (for some silly reason I can't remember - I think it was because I didn't have anything else remotely pink and I wanted them to stick out) and says cyan. Items are dark cyan. Why are the items important? That's for later. 


So here's what the basic World of Warcraft emote looks like:

(targetting Arthashumpertenten)

/nod -> You nod at Arthashumpertenten.

An "advanced" one:

/emote smiles at Arthas, then continues to detail everything until the three-sentence limit is reached almost instantly. -> Yourcharacter smiles at Arthas, then continues to


Rather lackluster, really. Especially considering how advanced the gameplay can get. I mean, there's like seventeen types of fire to stay out of! Now, what's Midkemia's system?

We have the basics:

poke grin -> You poke Grin.

But we can also target items:

poke fountain -> You poke a stone fountain.


And those are just the very basic emotes. Here is an example of what you can do with custom emotes in Midkemia:


emote eyes ^Vanon curiously, considering ^Vanon_him to be paying very little attention. Sneakily, she climbs up on #fountain while glancing suspiciously at ^Vanon_his expression, seeming satisfied with ^Vanon's lack of a response. Reaching the top of a #fountain, she suddenly yells %%AIEEEEEEEE!!!%% while launching herself onto ^Vanon's shoulders.

You have emoted: Nomi eyes Vanon curiously, considering him to be paying very little attention. Sneakily, she climbs up on a stone fountain while glancing suspiciously at his expression, seeming satisfied with Vanon's lack of a response. Reaching the top of a stone fountain, she suddenly yells "AIEEEEEEEE!!!" while launching herself onto Vanon's shoulders.


A few notes: The "AIEE!!!", and 'stone fountain' are both different colors and stand out from the emote. Also note that I typed "on #fountain" as well as "top of a #fountain" - and the emote system automatically placed and removed the a's where applicable. No grammar screwups from an awkward system, just a fluid roleplaying tool that is fun and easy to use. The ^Name_his, ^Name_her, ^Name_him, ^Name's, ^Name system is very intuitive and easy to use as well, making Midkemia's emote system the best I've seen in any game. 

temp65536 writes: Unfortunately you are forced to put your name in front of emote. I vaguely remember another IRE game where you are fine as long as your name is present somewhere in emote, that's much more flexible. Mon Aug 20 2012 3:21AM Report writes:
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