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Midkemia Online Goblin Fun!

Hey guys, I play a tiny little Goblin in Midkemia Online which is a lot of fun. My character is a female rogue, and I'm very new to Midkemia. Come check it out if you're looking for a good game!!

Author: NomiM

Roleplay styles in Midkemia - and a few tips

Posted by NomiM Saturday August 11 2012 at 7:25AM
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Akaxi (a well-known player of Midkemia) wrote a really thoughtful forums post about what he considered to be two different styles of roleplay. I thought what he said was really interesting, and when I applied it to my time played in IRE in general, I realized there were some things that stuck out. What Akaxi said was there were two types of roleplayers - proactive and reactive. 


Akaxi said that proactive roleplayers tend to generate or initiate their own roleplay - while reactive roleplayers tend to prefer responding. This definitely makes sense and it's something I've noticed everyone I've met in IREs such as Midkemia falls in one of the two categories. What's interesting is I realized the ones who dabble a bit in both and strive to create their own roleplay while giving others the opportunity to join in tend to stick around the longest - a measure I'm using to judge their enjoyment of the game.


I've seen players in Achaea summon long-dormant Gods and let dozens of other players join in on the fun - in effect, sparking their own roleplay and reacting to others trying to join. I realized most of the times I've burned out in IRE games is when I become almost exclusively reactive, and just sit waiting for something to happen. At the same time, it's possible to burn out trying to be the force of nature behind every RP scenario for the next five weeks - there are limits to creativity, after all. 


So after reflecting on this, here are a few general roleplaying tips to keep you interested in Midkemia longer:


1. When you create your character, try to make something about him or her stick out. This will effortlessly give other players the opportunity to react to your character without even needing to think about something other than what your character is normally like. An example I use is having a goblin character in the city of Krondor. Most new citizens (or old returning ones) do a double take when they see Nomi, and do a second double take when she doesn't kill them.

2. Try to have your character interact with others at least a little bit - even if they're shy. Maybe your character needs help with finding that one ingredient, or maybe your character decided he or she wants that hat that other person is wearing. Whatever it is, give someone an opportunity to be interesting. They won't always play along, but you'll get a few fun encounters out of this. What I do with this is my character is a little eclectic, and tends to want to steal things people may be wearing. Or riding! The first time Nomi tried to steal anything, she waited until her teacher wasn't looking then started trying to put her camel in her pocket. Fortunately for her teacher, only the first hoof fit- it was amusing to see a deadly, badass Moredhel completely unsure how to handle a situation.

3. Look for opportunities to interact with others. Maybe they have a wound in their description, or are getting killed by someone specific a lot. Offer help, make fun of them, or even casually ask how they're doing - it all depends on what your character is like. 


I'm not really the best at roleplay, but I have fun with what I do, and I hope these tips help you do the same! If you're not here already, come play Midkemia writes:
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