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Midkemia Online Goblin Fun!

Hey guys, I play a tiny little Goblin in Midkemia Online which is a lot of fun. My character is a female rogue, and I'm very new to Midkemia. Come check it out if you're looking for a good game!!

Author: NomiM

Player-Leadership in Midkemia: Politics, RP, and surprisingly fun!

Posted by NomiM Wednesday April 25 2012 at 2:01AM
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Hello! I've been pretty busy the last week or two with the last few weeks of semesters, anyone who is a college student knows how hectic they can get. I've fallen a little behind, but as I'm currently spending much more time on papers than playing Midkemia, I'm certain I'll catch up! 

So just to go over the background in Midkemia, goblins are typically meant to be stupid, submissive and exceedingly obediant. Let me start by saying: whoops. I had no idea that was the case when I started playing, and it was a little too late to change after I got a little well known as "that cute stabby thing". So, OOCly, I also rather dislike slavery/oppression and tend to gravitate away from that sort of RP. Nomi is a rebellious little thing, and one day, let an enemy of her city (Sar-Sargoth) take her hunting. I don't even like politics IRL, let alone in a game, but this spawned some decent RP. I apologize for any misunderstandings, as I'm far more used to describing PK than political RP, so bear with me, please!

With that in mind, a Praetor (In Midkemia, cities are led by councils and a leader. Praetors are the councils of Sar-Sargoth, and the Witch-King(or Queen) is Sar-Sargoth's leader.) had a really big problem with that, and Nomi couldn't understand why, then got punished for it. So instead of being patient and waiting for things to sort themselves out, she of course seeks out this Praetor in order to stab her. Wouldn't the world be so much easier if that was all politics boiled down to? Unfortunately, however, the Praetor enemied Nomi to her own city and hid in it, and there was a pretty emotional time where Sar-Sargoth's leaders were all ganging up on Nomi, and not even her mentor stuck up for her. 

I tried making this a bit of a foreshadowing of Nomi's future, as I was a little uncomfortable with Sar-Sargoth as a player overall, and knew I wouldn't really enjoy the game much at all if I RPed a submissive little worm. I'm a hardcore PVPer, and submissive "Yes'm"s just aren't in my nature, after all! So realizing Nomi was out to kill her (and after Nomi teased her publicly), that Praetor voted to exile Nomi. Nobody else really wanted to, partly because they may have thought Nomi was tamable, and maybe because they simply liked having her around. In any case, another Praetor tried explaining Nomi's place to her, which didn't really go well. 

All of this amounted to some pretty fun RP, but regretably, I was unable to save the logs. I've been having some computer problems, which has had a pretty negative impact on my logging capabilities, though I am looking into auto-logging!

Just yesterday, however, the RP this set up burst, and I'll give out the details in my next post (as soon as I get the time, at least!) If you're interested, maybe you can catch me procrastinating like a champion in Midkemia!

NeoStorm writes:

I still <3 mah exiled Nomnomi

Wed Apr 25 2012 9:07AM Report
Draelith19 writes: Not all goblins are submissive in MKO, you just have to be able to spin it to your advantage Wed Apr 25 2012 2:50PM Report writes:
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