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Midkemia Online Goblin Fun!

Hey guys, I play a tiny little Goblin in Midkemia Online which is a lot of fun. My character is a female rogue, and I'm very new to Midkemia. Come check it out if you're looking for a good game!!

Author: NomiM

Midkemia PVP: Mini Goblin Rogue versus the World

Posted by NomiM Monday April 9 2012 at 2:25AM
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This was a pretty huge week for me because I finally got to transcend my skillset. Just a reminder, my character in Midkemia is a goblin rogue bard. In Midkemia, goblins are strange little things that nobody really respects. So it's been fun from a RP point of view to build up respect for my character. Let me go over the skill sets I've learned so you get some level of familiarity with the system.


First, there's Fencing. Fencing is really cool, and it's exactly what it sounds like. It's all about finesse, speed and skill. In a game like Midkemia where the defensive side is all about dodging rather than magic "healing beams of light" or a bunch of green numbers spamming your screen, that is a really attactive concept. Fencing has a lot of really cool abilities and the transcendant ability is one where once you start it, if the target has level two bleeding, hamstring and two severed nerves, they die instantly. It's sort of like that Zorro z slash thing, except it's called Coup de Grace. So. Much. Win.


Second, there's Subtlety. Subtlety is really straight-forward with what it is too: it's filled with underhanded "subtle" techniques that give you advantages. These are little tricks like bombs, backstabbing, spying and hiding, but there's also something really cool: hostage. No guessing about what that is. What's even more cool is you can instantly kill someone you are holding hostage. The transcendant ability is called deepshroud, which is pretty much a level two "hide" that only other deepshrouded rogues (and a few special tactics) can get you out of. Definitely cool.


Now the third skill for any class in Midkemia is optional and it defines what you really are. Priests have the most options, while Magicians and Rogues have two, and Soldiers currently only have one option. Performance is all about songs, rogues who take that become Bards. The other option Thievery, rogues who take that are sneaky Thieves, which are better at assassinating and some styles of solo fighting. Performance is better at rambo-style fighting. Guess which I prefer.


Yep! Performance is filled with lots of room-control abilities with passive effects called "songs". This is really cool because I love strategy games and this makes Midkemia PVP feel a little more familiar. It also has some targettable songs like Canto and Requiem, both of which do damage... and Naming of the Tears, which summons an ally to you. One of the coolest abilities is one that doesn't let anyone enter your room as long as the song is active, this is called Squall of Storms. Performance works off of a "cadence" system, where you need to build up cadences in order for songs you play to last longer. Cadence is consumed with each song you play, and the max is three. Good Bards keep their songs at full duration with a full cadence Refrain, which increases the duration of all songs in the room by an amount determined by how many cadences you have.


Now that you have a slight idea of what does what, let me go over what happened. I recently fought some of the best PvPers in the game, and they think I did pretty well. I won as many as I lost, which is quite a feat considering how long some of them have been playing and how many pay-for-perks items some of them have. Midkemia is still in beta, so I'm not judging it too harshly, but currently it seems to favor magicians. There are a few bugs in the game that make my life difficult, but I'm sure they'll be fixed soon. I've been able to fight 1 v 2 and 1 v 3 with varying success lately and my character is still really tiny, but it's been a blast. 


Eventually, another city ended up sieging Highcastle, which was controlled by my city. No one else was around, so I just defended against all eight of them. It was a LOT of fun, albeit a little frustrating. The most successful part was when I hostaged (and executed) one person, then started fighting the person he was with. By the time the next person got there, my target was very messed up. I killed him and started working on the next target. Then another person got there and I finished the third arrival off (with a coup de grace). I started killing the fourth, but then two more people showed up, and these two were people who my character would have to fight alone to win against. Oh well, it was a lot of fun and great practice. I might be able to pull that off once I get a bit better! I have some great tactics lined up for when my character is bigger. I can't wait to see where my character ends up in a few months. Maybe the tiny little goblin will end up being the First Warlord! Who knows? :)

Ergload writes: Good stuff, I love these MKO player blogs. Must be a popular game? Wed Apr 11 2012 5:10PM Report writes:
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