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Midkemia Online Goblin Fun!

Hey guys, I play a tiny little Goblin in Midkemia Online which is a lot of fun. My character is a female rogue, and I'm very new to Midkemia. Come check it out if you're looking for a good game!!

Author: NomiM

Another Epic Day in Midkemia

Posted by NomiM Thursday September 6 2012 at 11:47PM
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Yesterday was really, really awesome in Midkemia. Why? Well, it wasn't because a God decided to visit Nomi, and it wasn't because of an admin-controlled event. There was no new area to explore or new monsters to fight, or even a new boss. No admin-controlled NPCs, or anything really fancy like that. It was just a day that I played the game, and the game was exceptionally awesome.


It started out kinda boring, I was just sitting in Krondor. Then Raelyr (another resident badass in Krondor) told Nomi that one of the novices had been kidnapped and brought to Sar-Sargoth. So Nomi thought this would be an impossible mission and she'd probably get killed, and that just made her even more excited to try. She prepared and when she got there, Raelyr asked her about a plan. They kind of just stared at eachother awkwardly and one of the Sar-Sargoth people found them, so they just started killing. Two kills later, a few more people came. Two more kills later, Nomi yelled for Raelyr to take the kid and run.


So then a few minutes later, Nomi's still alive and surrounded by five Sar-Sargothians (members of the 'evil' city of Midkemia), with two others running in and out. Her target usually flees, and she's too busy to chase. So she kind of just started killing one person, let them go, then start on a next - until Raelyr got back. That's when people started dying again.


Nomi's first target died with help from Raelyr, and then the second. Then the third. Soon, there was nobody left but Nomi and Raelyr standing there, with Nomi giggling like she wasn't covered in blood. Since they were right inside Sar-Sargoth, though, their spawn point was really close, and it was an endless 2v7. 


Eventually things settled down and they were the only ones left alive again, but then another target walked into Nomi's sight and she got ready to kill. Then one of her only friends in Sar-Sargoth asked her not to, so she spared her other friend and that's when the third wave got there. By the time Nomi and Raelyr finished, they racked up fifteen kills total. From there, they retreated back into the shadows and escaped, showing Sar-Sargoth the price of bothering their young. 


Things cooled down, but I was having too much fun. So Nomi went back into Sar-Sargoth, and eventually got herself cornered by a Moredhel and a Valheru. Instead of being scared like she probably should have been, she immediately started fighting the Valheru. Just some background information, Valheru are incredibly powerful, almost demigods. In Midkemia, someone becomes a Valheru by acquiring an ancient artifact and using it long enough.


Nomi got that artifact after she killed the Valheru, and Nomi got away from the horde of Sar-Sargoth people chasing her. What happened next? Well, you'll just have to come back to find out!


Why People Love Midkemia

Posted by NomiM Wednesday September 5 2012 at 10:55PM
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When I started playing again after a little bit of a break, I asked people what they loved about Midkemia. I got a lot of different responses, some interesting ones, a few that honestly confused me, and still more that made a lot of sense. I agree with most of them and find a few interesting, but here they are, listed in order of highest frequency:


#1: The roleplaying.

I heard this from several people, and surprisngly only a few of them were notorious for being great at RP. A few of them were really into PVP, and others were into PVE. A wide variety of people listed the roleplaying as the biggest reason they love Midkemia, it's just so easy to jump right in and start being someone else in an immersive world with rich (but not restrictive) lore backgrounds. This is one I agree with - I haven't found similar quality roleplaying anywhere else. Have you seen Midkemia's emote system? Check out my previous blog post for more details on it, it's amazing.


#2: The people.

Maybe this ties into the first one (and maybe the next few) but something I've heard often is just how awesome the playerbase can be. We have our villains (of every city), we have our interesting characters, we have our PVP-heads, our crazy ritualists, then we have even more people. We have very original characters, some stereotypical ones, and ones that fall somewhere inbetween. I'd have to agree with this one too, most of the people in Midkemia are a blast to interact with, and there are exceedingly few 'angry 13 yearold' moments -- especially compared to games like CoD, WoW, Halo, etc.


#3 The PVP.

The mechanics in Midkemia PVP (which I've already posted a little about) are simply different from everything else out there, even other IRE games. I'm a PVP vet from Achaea, and even I find Midkemia PVP mechanics a little more interesting. I know sometimes even something a little different can be preferable, but this is very different, and it's fresh. The amount of effort that has gone into the coding behind the scenes is obvious, and the concepts behind everything is spot on. The devs actually care about what the players think, which leads me to my next point:


#4 The admin.

Only one person said this, but it's still one of my favorites. He (paraphrasing) said the admin were approachable and actually care about players. I've seen this first hand - I've spoken to several different admins (both IC and OOC) and it's true. The admin really care about the players, and they actually put a lot of effort into everything - and that's not even touching the surface of what goes on behind the scenes. Can't say I've seen even a shred of comparable actions from any other dev team.


That wraps it up for now, but I'll be posting a few more later. Why not come try Midkemia and add to this list?

Midkemia PVP: Back to the Basics

Posted by NomiM Saturday August 25 2012 at 7:55PM
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Something I noticed over the years I've spent PvPing in IRE games is any time I try to teach someone, I sometimes end up figuring something new out for myself. That is part of why I'm writing this; the other part is I hope you'll find Midkemia PvP mechanics interesting and decide to come try! In this post I'll be discussing the core mechanics of PvP in Midkemia, and what makes them interesting.


1. Adrenaline


This is a system no other game uses, formed from a concept that simply makes sense. It's basically momentum, and it has an effect on almost every part of PVP. First, it adjusts how fast your attacks are. Second, it's a resource - it is used by healing + defending and generated by attacking. Consider it like a snowball on the top of a mountain. You're trying to push it down one side, while the other person is trying to push it down the other. Once it gets rolling in one direction, it's difficult to stop and push it back up and then down the other.


2. Defending


Almost every game out there has "instant attacks" and most of the variation is in the flavor text. In Midkemia PVP, however, almost all attacks come with two timers. The first is how long until the attack goes through, called a telegraph, and the second is the balance - how long until you can attack again. The interesting thing is telegraphs can be altered by weapon speed and dexterity for some classes, and some special abilities speed up attacks as well. You can defend attacks if you start defending within an acceptable time frmae before the attack hits, but it's hard to guess - that's what systems are for!


3. Curing


There are a lot of afflictions (debuffs) in Midkemia, and most can be cured through one of three forms: focus mind, body or spirit. This costs adrenaline, but cures your affliction. You can only do one every cooldown of balance, so you can't focus mind then focus body - unlike in other IREs where you can apply a salve and eat an herb with the same balance. Healing your health or mana (called magic here) is done through the skill overdrive, which also uses adrenaline. 


Now that the very core mechanics are out of the way, I can give a very basic example of how to kill in Midkemia. First, you can come prepared and have a lot of adrenaline already built up. Then, try to wait until your target is only at 50% adrenaline - the typical 'idle' level. Since adrenaline boosts your attack speed, you can use that to pile on damage or afflictions - both of which require adrenaline to cure. Soon enough, your opponent likely won't be able to build enough adrenaline to keep up, and you can come out victorious.


Emote System of Midkemia Online: Best RP tool I've found

Posted by NomiM Thursday August 16 2012 at 4:44PM
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The emote system in Midkemia is really unique and cool, especially considering how unadvanced the concept of a text game is. Ironically, as graphically advanced as games like Skyrim, World of Warcraft, the Fallout series and even the Final Fantasy series are - their emote systems have nothing on Midkemia's. In typical MMO's, emotes are generally premade and mostly include /wave, /smile, /nod, with a few dozen others. There's also the possibility of custom emotes which are rather awkward to type out in the graphic world, and the text never changes color.


In Midkemia, you can configure emotes to be any color. Same with says, and a ton of other things to configure. I have my emotes configured to be pink (for some silly reason I can't remember - I think it was because I didn't have anything else remotely pink and I wanted them to stick out) and says cyan. Items are dark cyan. Why are the items important? That's for later. 


So here's what the basic World of Warcraft emote looks like:

(targetting Arthashumpertenten)

/nod -> You nod at Arthashumpertenten.

An "advanced" one:

/emote smiles at Arthas, then continues to detail everything until the three-sentence limit is reached almost instantly. -> Yourcharacter smiles at Arthas, then continues to


Rather lackluster, really. Especially considering how advanced the gameplay can get. I mean, there's like seventeen types of fire to stay out of! Now, what's Midkemia's system?

We have the basics:

poke grin -> You poke Grin.

But we can also target items:

poke fountain -> You poke a stone fountain.


And those are just the very basic emotes. Here is an example of what you can do with custom emotes in Midkemia:


emote eyes ^Vanon curiously, considering ^Vanon_him to be paying very little attention. Sneakily, she climbs up on #fountain while glancing suspiciously at ^Vanon_his expression, seeming satisfied with ^Vanon's lack of a response. Reaching the top of a #fountain, she suddenly yells %%AIEEEEEEEE!!!%% while launching herself onto ^Vanon's shoulders.

You have emoted: Nomi eyes Vanon curiously, considering him to be paying very little attention. Sneakily, she climbs up on a stone fountain while glancing suspiciously at his expression, seeming satisfied with Vanon's lack of a response. Reaching the top of a stone fountain, she suddenly yells "AIEEEEEEEE!!!" while launching herself onto Vanon's shoulders.


A few notes: The "AIEE!!!", and 'stone fountain' are both different colors and stand out from the emote. Also note that I typed "on #fountain" as well as "top of a #fountain" - and the emote system automatically placed and removed the a's where applicable. No grammar screwups from an awkward system, just a fluid roleplaying tool that is fun and easy to use. The ^Name_his, ^Name_her, ^Name_him, ^Name's, ^Name system is very intuitive and easy to use as well, making Midkemia's emote system the best I've seen in any game. 

Roleplay styles in Midkemia - and a few tips

Posted by NomiM Saturday August 11 2012 at 6:25AM
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Akaxi (a well-known player of Midkemia) wrote a really thoughtful forums post about what he considered to be two different styles of roleplay. I thought what he said was really interesting, and when I applied it to my time played in IRE in general, I realized there were some things that stuck out. What Akaxi said was there were two types of roleplayers - proactive and reactive. 


Akaxi said that proactive roleplayers tend to generate or initiate their own roleplay - while reactive roleplayers tend to prefer responding. This definitely makes sense and it's something I've noticed everyone I've met in IREs such as Midkemia falls in one of the two categories. What's interesting is I realized the ones who dabble a bit in both and strive to create their own roleplay while giving others the opportunity to join in tend to stick around the longest - a measure I'm using to judge their enjoyment of the game.


I've seen players in Achaea summon long-dormant Gods and let dozens of other players join in on the fun - in effect, sparking their own roleplay and reacting to others trying to join. I realized most of the times I've burned out in IRE games is when I become almost exclusively reactive, and just sit waiting for something to happen. At the same time, it's possible to burn out trying to be the force of nature behind every RP scenario for the next five weeks - there are limits to creativity, after all. 


So after reflecting on this, here are a few general roleplaying tips to keep you interested in Midkemia longer:


1. When you create your character, try to make something about him or her stick out. This will effortlessly give other players the opportunity to react to your character without even needing to think about something other than what your character is normally like. An example I use is having a goblin character in the city of Krondor. Most new citizens (or old returning ones) do a double take when they see Nomi, and do a second double take when she doesn't kill them.

2. Try to have your character interact with others at least a little bit - even if they're shy. Maybe your character needs help with finding that one ingredient, or maybe your character decided he or she wants that hat that other person is wearing. Whatever it is, give someone an opportunity to be interesting. They won't always play along, but you'll get a few fun encounters out of this. What I do with this is my character is a little eclectic, and tends to want to steal things people may be wearing. Or riding! The first time Nomi tried to steal anything, she waited until her teacher wasn't looking then started trying to put her camel in her pocket. Fortunately for her teacher, only the first hoof fit- it was amusing to see a deadly, badass Moredhel completely unsure how to handle a situation.

3. Look for opportunities to interact with others. Maybe they have a wound in their description, or are getting killed by someone specific a lot. Offer help, make fun of them, or even casually ask how they're doing - it all depends on what your character is like. 


I'm not really the best at roleplay, but I have fun with what I do, and I hope these tips help you do the same! If you're not here already, come play Midkemia


Midkemia: Update on the goblin badass (part two!)

Posted by NomiM Tuesday August 7 2012 at 4:18AM
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In an effort to give as much information as possible in my last post, I couldn't really go into too much detail. This time I'll be focusing on my favorite part of Midkemia: the PVP! There have been a few new changes recently that have drastically altered PVP, but the changes are definitely for the better. In the future I'll show my old analysis writeup in this blog that I posted on MKO's forums, but for now - the changes are definitely for the better. 

Currently, Nomi's still a Magician / Bard and can still stand toe to toe with anyone in the game (and sometimes 1v2, 1v3, etc. depending on who they are, of course!). Certain afflictions such as prone and entangled used to prevent you from attacking at all until they were cured, but now they just make the attack balance cost a little longer. This means in Midkemian group PVP, you can't just have someone spam earthbind, grab, etc. and hope for the best - it encourages thoughtful PVP with a strategy and a goal, not just mindless keyboard-slamming that might as well be PVE.

The changes are most noticable in group scenarios and in timewarp, an interesting PVP mechanic that no game that isn't hosted by IRE has (not even WoW!). Timewarp introduces a second long delay on everything you do, which leads to some really interesting strategic combat. Previously in timewarp, any newbie warrior+mage combos with the impale ability could kill any magician in timewarp, with no skill involved at all. One spams earthbind, the other spams impale. Absolutely nothing the magician can do. But now, if we can start the attack before the impale/earthbind hits, we can still get something in.

Why am I telling you this? Someone made Nomi angry by insulting Killian (one of the Goddesses of Midkemia, Nomi is in her Order), and she wasn't happy. Unfortunately for the target, she isn't afraid of groups of people. She locked him down in timewarp and started stealing from him, but then one of his allies jumped in. Immediately, she disoriented him and got him incapaciated, and then a third ally jumped in. She was able to incapaciate the third ally as well, and by the time she was ready to kill all three of them - a fourth joined in. Knowing the second fighter was about to finish healing, she ran away and beat the fourth PvPer down alone. He's one of Sar-Sargoth's best fighters, and it was fun to see how he stacked up against an angry little gremlin of a goblin. He fled back to the group, and Nomi was able to set up a trap that killed one of them. While she was trying to kill another, two got her at a bad time and ended up killing her (even though one almost died). 

I might just start enjoying Magician PVP more than Bard PVP. I will bring some logs next time so I can show you all what I'm talking about (and how awesome Midkemia PVP is!) But until then, don't take my word for it. Come see what you're missing! I'll even give you a link. Riiight... here! To Midkemia with you!

Midkemia: An update on the goblin badass

Posted by NomiM Saturday August 4 2012 at 12:17AM
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So, Nomi is by far my most favorite character I've made anywhere, and I certainly didn't expect to have as much fun in Midkemia as I'm having now. She's a lot of fun to play, and the personality I've developed for her lets her act as a little furby doll or an incredibly pissed off gremlin that can kill anyone (or, at least, just about anyone). Her accent makes any interaction reasonably fun (closest thing would be comparing it to sign language's word structure) and the resulting possibility confusion is a lot of fun, too. 


Nomi is still in Krondor (a city in Midkemia), and I think she's the highest level goblin in the game right now. Just today she fought some old friends from Sar-Sargoth - someone made her angry by insulting her Goddess, and she showed him how easily she could take his life. It involved timewarp, a lot of patience and just incapaciating his friends rather than finishing them off - but in the end, she died shortly after the fifth person arrived. Ironically, even though she died, the strongest person who came agreed to finish the lesson with Nomi's enemy so she wouldn't have to be a bully anymore.


Currently Nomi's trying to recruit her old friends from Sar-Sargoth into Krondor, which has gotten me a few OOC "AWWWWW"s and speechless moments. The arguments have been a lot of fun, and I think starting out in Sar-Sargoth gave me some good framework for RP with some of the players of Midkemia there. Reminiscing over old times while Nomi tries to convince her best friend to come to Krondor was a pretty sweet moment.


That's all for this update, but I'll post the rest next time!

Midkemia: Avoiding burning yourself out

Posted by NomiM Wednesday August 1 2012 at 1:53AM
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Hey guys, I'll admit I burned out pretty hard on Midkemia. I played it a lot over the course of two months and in that timespan, had a lot of dramatic RP, climbed near the top of the PVP world, leveled my character up to a very high level (no level cap), got rich, got an insane weapon, have two classes and even a mount that nobody else in the game will ever have. So after pretty much "doing everything there is to do" in Midkemia, I got kind of bored. But you know what? I came back. I tried Heroes of Newerth. I tried Skyrim. I tried Star Wars: The Old Republic. I tried finishing Mass Effect series. I tried Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2. None kept my attention as long as Midkemia did, and in none of them did I experience the range of emotions that I did in Midkemia


So I thought about it (because I don't want to burn out again) and I figured some things out for keeping yourself from burning out. This can be applied to pretty much anything - from other MMO's, to RPG's, to whatever.

#1 - moderation is key. Don't play 16 hours a day. This seems obvious, but it can be difficult if you have a lot of free time and there's always something your character needs to do to 'get bigger' - such as gathering in traditional MMORPGs, bashing in Midkemia, whatever. Make a limit if you need to.

#2 - keep goals for yourself, but don't dedicate your existance to meeting them. This can be reaching a certain level, getting good at PvP, getting a certain rank in exploring the game-world, whatever! Main thing is, have something to work for. Just don't work towards it so much and so often that you reach your goal within 3 days. This will keep you interested, without running out of things to do (which is surprisingly easy to do, even in games like SW:TOR). 

#3 - find a good rival. This is someone who is about your skill level in whatever you're competing in - be it politics, RP, PVP, whatever. It's also preferable if they get better at the same rate as you, too. If you constantly have a friendly rival, you'll constantly have reasons to improve. Just keep #1 in mind. 


Hope these help, and if you haven't already - come try out Midkemia! There's even a neat little link there for you. 

PVP in Midkemia: Climbing to the Top with Style

Posted by NomiM Friday April 27 2012 at 3:56AM
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I haven't had much time lately to blog, but that doesn't mean I haven't had much time to PvP. The best part of PvP in Midkemia is you lose nothing at all except something called War Points, so there's no reason at all to jump right in and stat trying to learn. Which is exactly what I did! I've racked up just over 400 hours of playtime so far, and my character has some pretty significant work investments, so keep that in mind! 

After about 20 hours of playtime, I tend to get bored with games and move on. But I'm on my 406th hour now, and I'm loving Midkemia as much as when I first started. I can't stand games like Call of Duty or even WoW BG's or SWTOR WZ's for more than an hour or typically three hours MAX at a time, but I can easily spend all day on Midkemia without even realizing it. 

Anyways, I'm sure you guys know how much I love this game, so continuing on about that is pointless. Here's what you came for: PVP in Midkemia is still great. If you saw my blog post from a few weeks ago, you saw how much I liked it then. I still like it that much, 400 hours of playtime into the game. I play a Rogue Bard and my character has gotten much stronger since then. Currently I'm able to give anyone in the game a pretty good fight, and I can even 1v2 or 1v3 against sometimes, depending on who it is!

I gave a really good explanation on the mechanics of Bard back then, but I'll re-summarize and include an explanaion of Midkemia's PvP mechanics: Each ability has two timers. One is how long until it fires, the next is how long until you get your balance back and can attack again. There are five ways to defend in the game, and each attack has its strengths and weaknesses against different types of defenses. What this means in simple terms is: you need to get creative to beat anyone who's good. It's not the same against everyone and anyone, you really need to change it up or you are going to find something that your strategy won't work on! It's a bit like Starcraft 2 in the sense of x beats y unless y is really good, then y becomes more powerful but is still susceptible to xa which  is weak to yb if yb does this, etc, etc, etc. You get the point.

Anyways, complexity is why I play games like Midkemia. There's just no point in playing a game with pretty graphics if, when it's all summarized in a combat log, it basically comes down to: You do 10 damage. You take 5 damage. You do 9 damage. You take 4 damage. That's not fun, and that's not complex. If you're looking for something complicated, you need to check Midkemia out right now. Seriously, give it a good, honest shot. 

My character has gone from a grubby little midget-goblin to being the only goblin currently in the world who can stand toe to toe with some of the big-names of the fighting world. Rogue Bard has a lot of really cool tricks, and it has a total of 3 or 4 required weapons, with uses for all of them. If that isn't enough, we have access to 23 spell-like "songs" that get more powerful over time, and each has a very different effect. What more can you want? It's sort of like playing a Druid in WoW, except you get three specs instead of two, and you can swap between them right in the middle of combat. Bard is that adaptable, and it's even more fun than doing that in WoW would be. 

So far my favorite part of PvP in Midkemia would be the poison system. There are dozens of poisons with different effects, and almost every fencing attack I have also delivers a poison from my saber. This is really awesome for stacking afflictions and making them burn adrenaline curing. Adrenaline is sort of like pushing a boulder up or down a mountain, depending on who has more. This makes it a really cool mechanic and a lot of things can change the flow of the fight entirely, leading to the most dynamic fights I've had in any PvP system. 

Recently, my character has fought two Magicians at once, dueled a pyromaniac surrounded by over twenty rooms of fire, won a 8 person hour-long free-for-all marathon where everyone respawned and the one with the most points won, smacked an invisible rogue right out into the open and preceded to kill him, and even hunted a Magician down from one end of the world to the other... and this was all just in the last week or so. There's way too much to go over every detail, but I've had all this fun and I haven't even had much time to play lately due to final papers and the like. If any of you start playing, I'd be happy to help you out! I'll even give you this easy-to-click link to get started: Midkemia!

RP in Midkemia: Politics, pixies, and double-edged betrayal

Posted by NomiM Thursday April 26 2012 at 11:51PM
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So last time I gave the backstory and what happened in Nomi's first clash with politics in Midkemia, let me remind you all that I refer to Nomi as a third person because Midkemia is a role-playing world, and I don't really attach myself to Nomi! Anyways, the clash with politics left her with a city disfavor and a sense that she had very few friends in Sar-Sargoth compared to how many she thought she had, because of how few people stuck up for her! So after a discussion with Rhiarinn (one of Nomi's biggest role-models and her Clan Leader), Nomi calmed down a little bit and tried to just avoid making trouble. But come on, how good can a goblin be at avoiding trouble, anyways? Anyways, Nomi's groundrules were not to accept help from enemies anymore, though the head leader of Sar-Sargoth broke that very rule while she was still in the process of telling Nomi not to. 

A few RL days later, there was a Clover Hunt, and one of Nomi's citymates decided to capture the pixie who was in charge of it. With Nomi's back-story in mind (she hates being trapped and hates fire), she had a lot of sympathy for the pixie and threatened to kill Devlin if he didn't release the pixie. Naturally, a few people didn't like that much at all, and stood up to Nomi. I had a pretty fun 1v2 fight against Tora and Firengaud (Firengaud is one of the better PvPers of the game) and won twice, so Nomi was feeling pretty confident when she went back to Devlin. Unfortunately many more people were there, and when Nomi tried to kill him, she got squashed pretty quickly.

They started demanding the pixie summon an artifact from Elvandar, threatening torture and worse. After the pixie got started, fights broke out, and eventually the artifact, a runeblade (with weapon stats of 150 damage, 150 accuracy, 150 speed which is great considering average weapons in Midkemia have one good stat around 170 and two okay stats at 60) was summoned. Moredhel, the main race of Sar-Sargoth, go pretty nuts over these artifacts, but they didn't let the pixie go afterwards. Lilah, a leader in Sar-Sargoth, took the pixie to a special set of rooms called the Hall of Worlds, and that was when Nomi popped out of the shadows and killed her. 

Taking the jar, Nomi ran off and freed the pixie, letting it run free. Once Lilah came back to life, she kicked Nomi from Sar-Sargoth, and enemied her as well. This was when I decided to stay gone. I actually waited a really long time to talk to Rhiarinn for kind of long, but the RP was more politics and she was just so focused on politics that she didn't see any of the signs that Nomi was about to leave. Nomi never seriously questioned her once before, let alone four times in the course of an hour, so I was rather surprised at her astonishment when Nomi quit Raven (one of the Guilds in Midkemia) and didn't rejoin Sar-Sargoth, instead joining Krondor and leading their forces against Sar-Sargoth. To Sar-Sargoth, this is betrayal, but to Nomi, they betrayed her when they allowed Lilah to kick her from her home simply for doing what she thought was the right thing, then refusing to speak about it! 

Nomi's pretty happy in Krondor now, she's treated very well and is having a lot of fun making new friends. A few of her older friends from Sar-Sargoth have forgiven her already, but a few others broke her heart with an impressive amount of hatred. One player even snubbed (the equivalent of /ignore) Nomi simply for not killing her and offering tips instead!! That was rather disappointing just because of the absurd loss of RP potential, but I guess some people just aren't up for it sometimes. Next blog will go over something that, as an avid PvPer, is much more fun to talk about: PvP!!