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Rolaplaying, in general. Not the bully tactic level/skill up and that is all, but play the words, with your mind, with others, like when you didn't had a comp at all but still could role play with your friends. That is why RPG Land for.

Author: Nimrodblog

Some thoughts about free money

Posted by Nimrodblog Wednesday June 4 2008 at 5:36AM
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I noticed a disturbingly increasing rate of the various sites where you can get free money. Talking about ingame money, mostly for Second Life, but there are a few for IMVU, There, etc. Most of them are a simple MLM site.

Free money? That is not possible, you always have to do something for that.
In Second Life you have to camp, in Entropia Universe you have to sweat and trade for that.
Sounds very boring, and you know that it is very boring, and the earned money is barely enough for anything.

There is a solution to get the same amount of money or a bit more without camping or sweating. Your question probably is, how?

There are websites, where you can collect points with completing simple tasks, like add a place to your Second Life Profile, complete surveys or write a blog. If you have enough points you can cash them out into virtual currency, right now to L$ (Second Life), PED (Entropia Universe), IMVU or There credits.

Don't worry, this is not a scam. You don't have to give any informations about your account but your name.

Here you can register to the MetaRL site, what I can recommend. No spams, the easy money is true, but don't forget, it is not much, you won't be millionaire from this, but nice as additional earning.

There is another site, the Earn2Life what I am not recommending.
First, you have to install an add-on to your Internet Explorer browser. You can't use other browsers or other OS, Windows with IE. Monopoly, a very big NO!
The registration is too personal, they are asking (and collecting) too much informations about you.
To get money there is harder, the tasks are full with registrations to various sites. That is a possible spam warning.
They are telling, that no adult offers. True, but I already saw adult banners on the site.
Also, you can earn only L$ there.
I am not recommending it, but not telling to not to give it a try.

Cool SL and OpenSim Viewer update

Posted by Nimrodblog Monday June 2 2008 at 4:03AM
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New in this release: MoreGrids patch added (allows to connect easily to all existing public grids), a few quirks fixed in the UI (groups and master volume buttons now stay highlighted while the corresponding floaters are shown, the camera does not zoom/pan any more regardless of the user prefs whenever the "Build" toolbar button is pressed), maximum prim size in OpenSim increased from 100 to 128m, RestrainedLife updated to v1.11b, v1.20 script functions (extended media and glow) backported (i.e. you can compile scripts using them, even if the result is not possible to see in v1.19.0 viewers).

Install manuall: Cool Viewer website

You can download from:
Cool Viewer website
RPG Land