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MMO China

Dear Readers, Sorry for the inconfinience without doing too much of grammar check, because i dont have enough time to do that. my blog's goal is to transmit some cross culture of mmog between china and other country. and i believe google is geting better

Author: NieYoubing

money contest in mmog to win a girl's heart in China

Posted by NieYoubing Thursday July 9 2009 at 11:14AM
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Summary: 2 men have a race in order to win a girl’s heart. The 2 men and the girl are all a mmo game players. The 2 men’s race is to reset their own game character’s attribute, every reset cost real money 50 yuan ( about 7 usd ). The contest end up with a total cost of about 14000 usd.

the girl they chase

in order to win a female players in the mmo game, two male players "fight the rich" (money contest) approach to "duel", the two sides use the same game can be bought and used many times to reset attribute points props (50 RMB for each / times) as the competition conditions, and each person is "on the brush," the props to the system notice for the card, making wealth. It is understood that this game reflects the player, the system shows the two sides of 1889 Total brush items, valued at 100,750 yuan. (about 14000 usd)

Immediately after the matter came to light the concerns of friends sparked a good deal, for two amazing players, "Doo-rich" wrote, many players do not understand that. According to a senior player online games that can be adopted to judge the game screenshot dialog box, the game network suspected "the pockets of West." By the multi-reporter learned that a lot of players in this game players are women most of the Society, many Society members are proud to have beautiful women, so some of the game by virtue of Association to recruit a lot of beautiful women players, other players said similar incidents in the game with frequent!

the contest screen

Network has previously claimed, "Doo-rich" blog and video, and even after some 90 boys and girls shown directly in the online posting of its illustrious background, to show off wealth. But the game due to competition for "girlfriend" and the outbreak of the "Doo-rich" is the first time events. According to the industry said that at present there are a lot of games, "Doo-rich" family, "Doo-rich" phenomenon is not uncommon in the game, but the other person an accident, this incident, there were a considerable number of replies in the audience to "fight the rich "expressed support for the protagonist as a result of looting" girlfriend "and trigger a struggle to" fight the rich "solution, you can discourage the other more" civilized ", we can see the current players in exchange for the use of wealth" face "means a very keen .

At present, the major site is still being reprinted, "Rothmans fight" has become "the door Pa pants", "milk door feeling" after the network events, such as another hot spot, but the "door-fu fighting" is clearly not the "finger-gate milk "as the vicious incident. In recent years, network-rich video-hyun and styles, some experts said that the contemporary youth groups have been derived from "fighting the rich family" groups, the group for social, cultural, emotional, moral and so on have a new understanding. Educators said, "to recognize each and every generation has its own brand of the times, the culture of each era has its own advantages and disadvantages. From the historical background to assess the culture at that time will always be biased. So adults have to realize that their own have also had such a stage, in order to better to understand the younger generation. "