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MMO China

Dear Readers, Sorry for the inconfinience without doing too much of grammar check, because i dont have enough time to do that. my blog's goal is to transmit some cross culture of mmog between china and other country. and i believe google is geting better

Author: NieYoubing

Abstract: two Online Game addiction unemployed young people, robbed and killed neighbors in the house. After that, they two also played a computer game by the dead victim’s body.

Zhuhai Intermediate People's Court recently sentenced a defendant to death with reprieve, and the other defendants under the age of 18 when committing the crime and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The cost of living is used up, conspiracy to kill and rob

By the end of September 2008, the defendant GAO (birth October 17, 1990), Chen Hua (born June 9, 1988) came from Guangzhou to Zhuhai Yuehua Road Gongbei in a rental housing, indulge all day long online games. GAO then proposed ROB the woman next door, Hua Chen, agreed.

October 3 at around 16 pm, GAO cut off the power supply section of VICTIM’S to lure victims ZHANG out of the room , Zhang returned to the room while the door not locked YET,TWO MURDERER RUSH into the HOUSE. Zhang SHOUT TO HELP, GAO holding scissors stabbed Zhang interpolation of head and neck, waist and other parts of the abdomen, Chen-hua pinch victims neck. Zhang later seems weak breathing, Chen Hua continued to hold down the victim's head and covered his mouth, the GAO holding of a pair of scissors cut to her neck and then stabbed. They think that Zhang had died, they rummage in the property room, a total of robbing a mobile phone (via identification of the value of 1280 yuan, about 160 USD), and 723 yuan in cash.

After killing they went to the Internet, Internet cafes arrested

According to a GAO accountability, to determine the death of the woman and found the victim's laptop computer was also open, they playing the computer beside the dead body until they feel hungry and go eating out.

When they are Eating out , there were neighbors smell the blood and found some blood stains in front of the victim’s room, thus allowing the landlord to open the door to check and found that tragedy and alarmed. 20 o'clock that night, the 2 murderer want to return to room and cover the scene. Being questioning by neighbors, the two thought that they have been brought to light, then fled the scene. They went to Internet cafes continue to go surfing and gaming until 23 pm the night of the incident, they were arrested by public security organs in a cyber cafe in Gongbei.

After hearings, the court means that the two defendants committed cruel crime, crime would lead to serious consequences and should be severely punished. And taking into account the GAO under the age of 18 years of age, its a lighter sentence, sentenced for robbery Chen Hua to death, two-year reprieve, deprivation of political rights for life and confiscated all his personal property, GAO-free period of a in prison, deprived of political rights for life and confiscated all his personal property. The defendants attached to the families of civil compensation for victims 412,716.4 yuan.

Kordesh writes:

Why is this tagged for Wow, virtual currency and rmt?

Thu Jul 02 2009 1:52PM Report
Batak_Killer writes:

 whoa thats some bad engrish

Thu Jul 02 2009 1:57PM Report
Trucidation writes:

The age 18 limit for juvies in major crimes like murder is bullshit. They're clearly not children anymore and aren't doing it for shits and giggles. They deserve the bullet just like any other murderer.

Sun Aug 02 2009 10:35AM Report writes:
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