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MMO China

Dear Readers, Sorry for the inconfinience without doing too much of grammar check, because i dont have enough time to do that. my blog's goal is to transmit some cross culture of mmog between china and other country. and i believe google is geting better

Author: NieYoubing

China Prohibited Gang Theme MMO

Posted by NieYoubing Thursday July 30 2009 at 8:12AM
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4 gang theme online game has been identified as illegal in China

A few days ago, the Ministry of Culture investigate and deal with the deployment of "gangsters" theme of illegal online games, there are already four illegal MMO is locked, the relevant departments will be ordered to turn it off.

Recently, the "gangsters" as the theme of online games in a number of popular sites openly aroused great concern. An official under the Ministry of Culture issued a circular requiring all localities to immediately investigate and deal with "gangsters" theme online game.

"Gangsters" theme online games, take "criminal gangs", "triad", "mafia", "Jiang Hu", "Godfather," "Young and Dangerous" as the main theme, highlighting the performance of "triad" to fight, kill, rob , rape, cheating and other antisocial behavior, rendering the bloody violence, instigating, abetting game players to play the game "triad," a member of Praise "triad" of life, a serious threat to distort the rule of law and moral standards of society, young people vulnerable to adversely affected.

This type of game in violation of the "Provisional Regulations on the management of the Internet culture" on the prohibition contained in "promoting obscenity, gambling, violence or abetting the commission of crimes" and "against public morality or the nation's fine cultural traditions" content, such as the relevant provisions of the law to prohibit and investigate and deal with .

Hereinafter referred to the Ministry of Culture, the Internet cultural units conduct self-examination and self-correction quickly and immediately, publicity and link the notice called for a ban on the game and deal with illegal content. provides this original article, Please specify when you quote, thanks.

money contest in mmog to win a girl's heart in China

Posted by NieYoubing Thursday July 9 2009 at 10:14AM
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Summary: 2 men have a race in order to win a girl’s heart. The 2 men and the girl are all a mmo game players. The 2 men’s race is to reset their own game character’s attribute, every reset cost real money 50 yuan ( about 7 usd ). The contest end up with a total cost of about 14000 usd.

the girl they chase

in order to win a female players in the mmo game, two male players "fight the rich" (money contest) approach to "duel", the two sides use the same game can be bought and used many times to reset attribute points props (50 RMB for each / times) as the competition conditions, and each person is "on the brush," the props to the system notice for the card, making wealth. It is understood that this game reflects the player, the system shows the two sides of 1889 Total brush items, valued at 100,750 yuan. (about 14000 usd)

Immediately after the matter came to light the concerns of friends sparked a good deal, for two amazing players, "Doo-rich" wrote, many players do not understand that. According to a senior player online games that can be adopted to judge the game screenshot dialog box, the game network suspected "the pockets of West." By the multi-reporter learned that a lot of players in this game players are women most of the Society, many Society members are proud to have beautiful women, so some of the game by virtue of Association to recruit a lot of beautiful women players, other players said similar incidents in the game with frequent!

the contest screen

Network has previously claimed, "Doo-rich" blog and video, and even after some 90 boys and girls shown directly in the online posting of its illustrious background, to show off wealth. But the game due to competition for "girlfriend" and the outbreak of the "Doo-rich" is the first time events. According to the industry said that at present there are a lot of games, "Doo-rich" family, "Doo-rich" phenomenon is not uncommon in the game, but the other person an accident, this incident, there were a considerable number of replies in the audience to "fight the rich "expressed support for the protagonist as a result of looting" girlfriend "and trigger a struggle to" fight the rich "solution, you can discourage the other more" civilized ", we can see the current players in exchange for the use of wealth" face "means a very keen .

At present, the major site is still being reprinted, "Rothmans fight" has become "the door Pa pants", "milk door feeling" after the network events, such as another hot spot, but the "door-fu fighting" is clearly not the "finger-gate milk "as the vicious incident. In recent years, network-rich video-hyun and styles, some experts said that the contemporary youth groups have been derived from "fighting the rich family" groups, the group for social, cultural, emotional, moral and so on have a new understanding. Educators said, "to recognize each and every generation has its own brand of the times, the culture of each era has its own advantages and disadvantages. From the historical background to assess the culture at that time will always be biased. So adults have to realize that their own have also had such a stage, in order to better to understand the younger generation. "


xinjiang riot in China

Posted by NieYoubing Thursday July 9 2009 at 9:56AM
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This from Urumqi in Xinjiang where I awoke this morning to the sound of army boots pounding on the city’s main People’s Square as squads of Chinese riot police and other paramilitary performed their morning drills.
A veneer of calm hangs over the city today despite the heavy presence of police and armoured cars on the streets, however even at this early stage I think it’s safe to predict that it is going to take a long time for the wounds of Sunday’s events to heal in this ethnically divided society.
Beijing has moved swiftly not only to calm the streets but also to control the reporting environment, corralling the large international media presence in a single hotel.
They’ve done this not by force, but by the simple expediency of limiting internet access to a single location (a hotel off the People’s Square), and like animals on the plain who graduate to the last waterhole in times of drought, the world’s journalists have had little choice but to congregate here.
Long-standing China commentators have been astonished at the speed at which Beijing has moved to seize the news agenda on this event, releasing casualty figures by lunchtime on Monday when in previous situations (the Tibet riots in March last year for example) it’s taken 24 hours for official media to even acknowledge that any event took place at all.
So why the speed this time? Are we witnessing a sudden opening up of China’s information environment, a media-savvy change of heart on the part of China’s rulers who only last month were pressing for installation of Green Dam internet censorship software on every computer in China?
I think that is unlikely. The logical, if more cynical, reason is that on this one China doesn’t have a great deal to hide.
There was a presumption among the foreign media - made from afar as correspondents scrambled to get to Urumqi - that most of the 156 victims of Sunday’s riot were Uighurs. The implication being that they had been killed by security forces - another Tiananmen, if you will.
This never quite stacked up, as very few witnesses reported that the police had opened fire. In fact most reported the use of batons, electric prods and tear gas and other non-lethal methods to disperse the riot.
And why, if security forces had been responsible for the bulk of the deaths, would China be facilitating such unprecedented access to hospitals, holding press conferences (planned for later today) and allowing reporters to tour the city.
It now appears - and I base this on reports from the first government-organised tour of Urumqi’s hospitals yesterday - that most of the injured were Han Chinese with stab or head wounds inflicted during the riots.
According to those reports of 274 patients being treated in the People’s hospital 233 were Han - mostly suffering from stab and head wounds - 29 Uighur and 15 from the Hui Muslim minority.
Many details remain to be confirmed, not least whether police actions in breaking up an initially peaceful demonstration helped provoke the violence.
However if those numbers are correct - and I’ll working to firm up details in reports today - the next phase is to see how China handles that potentially highly inflammatory piece of news at such a critical moment for Uighur-Han relations.

From MMOG to reality, Husband disappear after Flash Marriage in China

Posted by NieYoubing Saturday July 4 2009 at 8:48AM
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Playing mmo game Audition two months later, the 29-year-old Li Ping (a pseudonym) and the 22-year-old Liu Qiang (a pseudonym) got flash married, but only 7 days after the wedding, her husband walked out , bitter finding her husband half a year but fruitless, Li Ping issued only with the Internet, she want to find her missing husband and get divorced. Some Internet users have fun that with a "seven days of the itch."

Seven days , her husband suddenly disappeared

Recently, the emergence of an online forum post called "seven days after marriage, her husband has disappeared," , says about six months ago, She and her husband received their marriage certificate, but only 7 days later, her husband is away family home without any info back.

"I am a person spent waiting more than six months ago, I would now like to find him and looking for divorce," in the post are also published with her husband's name, age and height.

"Audition" to play an internet romance

Yesterday, the Post reporter contacted the woman Li Ping, had just finished her 30th birthday, took out their marriage certificate and talk about its history.

Early in 2008, hometown in Chongqing, Jiangjin , Li was introduced to came to the city as a car conductor. Li Ping said that every day after work, going to play Audition is the most fun of her. In June the same year, Li Ping in the game knowing Liu Qiang, after that the two young men would often meet in the game, she gradually felt that this more than their own small 7-year-old boy is very humorous speech, they soon became " lover in game. "

two months later, Liu Qiang have proposed Li in game, Li Ping immediately agreed to marry him on the network. A few days later, Liu and Li’s resignation was held at husband’s hometown Fuling, and got the marriage certificate.

After Married, the wife found her husband without a real life ability

Li found a few days later in the marriage, "he did not take care of themselves in their daily lives capacity", the husband just only know playing mmo games all day.

August 25 the same year, Li Ping, found that the husband was not home a whole day, then she call Liu’s Mum and was told that Liu did not have contact with his family many days.

Li said that since then, she has been to Kunming, Guangzhou and other places to find her husband, but no avail, in February this year, Jiangjin District Court proceedings to the divorce case, but only unilateral action, and the relationship between the missing did not confirm, so the proceedings was dismissed.

Lawyers: divorce as the missing announcement confirmed

Yesterday, the reporter contacted the Liu's mother, 58-year-old Miss Qian, she cried and said a few days later married his son disappeared, she and her husband all day waits their son, but have no any call or info. Miss Qian said that although some feel that the flash marriage is wrong, but considering the poor economic conditions of their own, it is not easy to find a daughter-in-law, they still agreed the marriage, But they didn’t expect the son disappeared only newly married few days .

Chongqing Dragon tower law firm Zigui Tak Chu said that according to "Marriage Act," in the missing Marriage party, by public notice to find the other, divorce proceedings can be granted in accordance with the law of divorce judgments. Chinese lawyers said that as long as Li Ping, Liu Qiang household to report to the police station and notice to find the whereabouts of Liu Qiang, still to no avail, they can divorce.

Experts: Love train "on the 7th of the itch"

Municipal Women's Federation marriage expert analysis, network and reality are two completely different world, in the network of the world, a lot of things can be virtual, the virtual identity, virtual love, and even virtual marriage, but such as Li, insists on the virtual world the feelings of the transition to reality, but still on the network with the same expectations, and that there is no value to the understanding and management, at this time, her husband's home, but also to allow the feelings of the only virtual marriage became embarrassing " seven days of the itch. "

Russia's porn star tattoo advertising for game gold selling website

To The players of "World of Warcraft" game , there is another interesting thing happened

Recently, the Russian porn star Anna Morgan invited a ads with her chest of her own. Of course this is not free of charge, it is said the cost is 500,000 U.S. dollars for advertising, the contract no less than two years. This ad will be played June 15 execution, June 15 from the start, Anna, with the new tattoo will continue her career.

It is learned that 19-year-old Anna shot 50-100 XX films each year, coupled with DVD and Internet downloads, the ad's visibility can be imagined big.

Abstract: two Online Game addiction unemployed young people, robbed and killed neighbors in the house. After that, they two also played a computer game by the dead victim’s body.

Zhuhai Intermediate People's Court recently sentenced a defendant to death with reprieve, and the other defendants under the age of 18 when committing the crime and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

The cost of living is used up, conspiracy to kill and rob

By the end of September 2008, the defendant GAO (birth October 17, 1990), Chen Hua (born June 9, 1988) came from Guangzhou to Zhuhai Yuehua Road Gongbei in a rental housing, indulge all day long online games. GAO then proposed ROB the woman next door, Hua Chen, agreed.

October 3 at around 16 pm, GAO cut off the power supply section of VICTIM’S to lure victims ZHANG out of the room , Zhang returned to the room while the door not locked YET,TWO MURDERER RUSH into the HOUSE. Zhang SHOUT TO HELP, GAO holding scissors stabbed Zhang interpolation of head and neck, waist and other parts of the abdomen, Chen-hua pinch victims neck. Zhang later seems weak breathing, Chen Hua continued to hold down the victim's head and covered his mouth, the GAO holding of a pair of scissors cut to her neck and then stabbed. They think that Zhang had died, they rummage in the property room, a total of robbing a mobile phone (via identification of the value of 1280 yuan, about 160 USD), and 723 yuan in cash.

After killing they went to the Internet, Internet cafes arrested

According to a GAO accountability, to determine the death of the woman and found the victim's laptop computer was also open, they playing the computer beside the dead body until they feel hungry and go eating out.

When they are Eating out , there were neighbors smell the blood and found some blood stains in front of the victim’s room, thus allowing the landlord to open the door to check and found that tragedy and alarmed. 20 o'clock that night, the 2 murderer want to return to room and cover the scene. Being questioning by neighbors, the two thought that they have been brought to light, then fled the scene. They went to Internet cafes continue to go surfing and gaming until 23 pm the night of the incident, they were arrested by public security organs in a cyber cafe in Gongbei.

After hearings, the court means that the two defendants committed cruel crime, crime would lead to serious consequences and should be severely punished. And taking into account the GAO under the age of 18 years of age, its a lighter sentence, sentenced for robbery Chen Hua to death, two-year reprieve, deprivation of political rights for life and confiscated all his personal property, GAO-free period of a in prison, deprived of political rights for life and confiscated all his personal property. The defendants attached to the families of civil compensation for victims 412,716.4 yuan.

The purpose of new rule to regulate virtual currency in China

Posted by NieYoubing Wednesday July 1 2009 at 10:39AM
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In practice for many years after the operation, the relevant department finally admitted that the legalization of the status of virtual currency. As it has been unable to continue to avoid, some problems can not be ignored.

The afternoon of June 26, the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Commerce jointly issued a "virtual online games on the management of currency transactions," the notice that the same enterprise can not operate with virtual currency transactions, and payment of the purchase of virtual currency in kind, to prevent online game virtual currencies against the reality of the potential financial impact of the order.

It issued the "notice" the background is that the network of virtual currency in the promotion of industrial development, but also brought new economic and social problems, mainly reflected in: the lack of protection of the rights and interests of users, the lack of monitoring of market behavior, virtual currency In disputes arising from the use of constantly. The "Notice" also defines the network definition of virtual currency, game props are not listed.

Carefully read the "notice", the virtual currency  that the main purpose of the new regulations is to prevent the yuan and the two-way exchange of virtual currency.

In accordance with the idealized, virtual currency renminbi only virtual money → → → value-added services, one-way flow of virtual currency, that is, in the normal channels used as virtual currency renminbi, the virtual currency can then be exchanged into RMB. And practice, the circulation in the real situation has changed.

If not believe, then go to Taobao, you can see all kinds of virtual currency and RMB convertibility. It is understood that this area has become a big business.

It can be said that to some extent, the current virtual money has created a closed loop financial transactions, the realization of the virtual currencies and the renminbi exchange two-way, to achieve a virtual currency from RMB → → → value-added services, virtual money → bi-directional flow of the RMB.

With the growing phenomenon of virtual currency is bound to impact on the existing financial order, which led to greater financial problems. The problem is most afraid of relevant issues. So the final analysis, this "notice" the most striking aspect is its Article VIII:

(Viii) online game virtual currency is limited to the use of exchange issued by enterprises to provide virtual services can not be used to pay for the purchase of physical exchange of products or any other enterprise products and services.

Although the "notice" a total of 26, but the other 25 are foil.

For example, Article II, "not at the same time the same enterprise network operators and virtual currency transactions," the brothers who were listed, the registration of more than two companies to consider going to sleep at night easier.

For example, Article XIII, "online game operators do not support online game virtual currency transactions, technical measures should be taken to prohibit the online game virtual currency between the user's account the transfer of functions." This one, in my IQ is difficult to understand.

There are also somewhat useful, such as "online game operator in the user enterprise shall be in cash or directly into the premise of a virtual currency, to take the draw, betting, and other occasional random allocation props games or virtual currency." Why do I say that somewhat use it? Because they can not "open box", then we should reduce the number of shiyuzhu's income, but his intelligence, quick response can be found.

Turns out, the user did not use the end how the virtual currency back, shiyuzhu can not open the box, props be regarded as a virtual currency, they are in fact not important, it is important that the impact of virtual money if the financial system now, However, the relevant officials that could eat away a large bear, which can not be avoided, but also a significant effort must be to take seriously.