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MMO China

Dear Readers, Sorry for the inconfinience without doing too much of grammar check, because i dont have enough time to do that. my blog's goal is to transmit some cross culture of mmog between china and other country. and i believe google is geting better

Author: NieYoubing

In order to raise money online, six young people armed with knives combined with other weapons, coercion the way to threat on the homestays night shift waitress implementation robbery, in a short span of 10 days, one after another to the east of Sanya, Hexi up to 7 homestays . Reporters from the Sanya on the 30th the police was informed that special training in the social order operation, the Public Security Bureau Hedong After careful investigation, struggling to poverty, the recent success will be involved in six robbery suspects were all arrested and successfully destroy the criminal gangs. Police handling the case so sad is that the criminal gangs composed mainly of juvenile even went so far as minors, the oldest of them, who just turned 19 years old, the youngest only 14 years old, of which 4 were known to be minors, all the stray in the community on young people drop out of school.

Suspects He identified crime scene

From April 19 to April 28, a short span of 10 days, the Sanya City Hedong, Hexi District, a row occurred in 7 cases of serious robbery on homestays, of which 6 occurred in Hedong District. Criminals armed with knives and other weapons open-mountain knief threat to the hotel attendants Watch robbery, has taken away a total of 7,400 RMB yuan, two mobile phones, 4 packs of cigarettes. Crime criminals density, and the means of the poor among the masses to a certain degree of negative impact.

After the series of cases, Sanya police  elite  unit and task force , to carry out detection.  After analysis, the panel found that criminals choose crime time 2:00, the crime of choice is almost close to the road, to prevent non-tight and easy to run the homestay.After extensive investigation, the community task force locked early teens drop out of school students and the community as the focus of idle youth.

To this end, the task force splitted to 2 parts, one  waiting for the deployment of police to take the approach the major junctions in the urban crime-prone point, second, the urban area of the medium and small Internet cafes carpet inventory, focusing on late-night investigation stranded in Internet cafes, game night out of the drop-out students and the community youth idle.

The evening of May 1, the police in carrying out the work of a large number of a major breakthrough. The evening of the task force in the Hedong District internet cafe investigation, one of the young people acting suspiciously alertness caused by plainclothes police. The young people are concentrating on playing online games, the edge of the keyboard placed in their newspaper wrapped with an unknown object like a knife. Police go around quietly, the gap showing the parcel from the newspaper found that actually is a  long machete, and the recent series of knife-wielding homestays to reflect the course of the robbery victims are very similar to the open-mountain knife. by the Act of dangerous knife control of access to public places, the panel forced police immediately summoned him back to the public security organs for further examination. After trial and organizations to identify victims, to determine the tool to control access to the Internet to bring young men robbed the hotel is the family home of the suspect case He(male, 17 years old, people in Wuhan City, Hubei Province). Hedong Public Security Bureau police chief  sentenced their deep immediately. Evidence of iron before the He statements in order to raise money playing online games , together with Chen Long (male, 19 years old, referred to County of Sichuan Province), and Liu (male, 19 years old, Wuhan City, Hubei Province), the Chen allegiance to a certain (male, 15 years old, Changjiang County, Hainan Province), He(male, 15 years old, Hunan Road, County), Wang (male, 14 years old, Hui Chun City, Jilin Province) urban robbery knife-wielding cross-7 homestays of the crime .

Hedong Public Security Bureau should follow up the victory, May 3 will be the remaining five suspects Chen Long, Chen-Zhong, Liu, Wang, He all arrested. After trial, the arrest of criminal suspects for robbery of the crime family pleaded guilty hostels. The 6-member robbery gang, the oldest 19 years old and the youngest 14-year-old, 4 of which were known to be minors. Sanya's parents are foreign workers, and some parents divorce, the livelihood of some negligence of parents in disciplining their children busy. 6 suspects to accept only the highest degree of cultural and educational junior high school, and some have not graduated from primary school to drop out of school all day occupy a place in Internet cafes, game rooms, etc., in order to access those places, robbery gang build.

Police seized the open knife crime tools

At present, the arrest of six suspects are suspected of robbing four were suburban Sanya City People's Procuratorate approved the arrest in accordance with the law, the case is still pending further. The face of crime have become increasingly prominent trend of younger age, the police appealed to the whole society should be concerned about the growth of young people concerned about the prevention of juvenile crime.