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Mindless MMORPG

Mindless banter about MMORPG's and any other game I feel like talking about.

Author: Nicod3mus

Vanguard Part Deux

Posted by Nicod3mus Tuesday October 2 2007 at 1:38PM
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 I followed Vanguard: Saga of Heroes for years and checked out every time Brad McQuiad even opened his mouth. I had succumb to the hype and I thought it was going to be a revolutionary title, the first of the 3rd generation MMORPGs. Uh yeah...that didn't happen. As anyone knows who even remotely pays attention to MMORPG gaming, Vanguard crashed and burned in historic style.

After the server merge, reports of patching mania, and added features and functionality I had several people ask me if the game was any better. I promised to check it out and finally got around to it. Yeah the game is quite a bit better but who in the world knows if anything can save VG at this point.

Had some minor issues when trying to load the game. Had to erase some files in a cache folder and do a scan. No big deal. Renamed my toon due to the server merge and logged in outside Ahgram in Qualia.

I immediately noticed more people than when I quit, when I quit there were literally no people in the zones I leveled in most of the time. People were talking and selling and what not, so far so good. I then attempted to find a group and amazingly enough there quite a few 35-45 going. I joined a crap Xp group in upper CIS as I didn't want to hassle a real group with someone who couldn't find their way there and then barely remembered how to play.

There are a few new features like the grind appears to be lessened substantially and there is a rest XP bonus feature similar to other games. Guild halls have also been introduced and I rolled around in a friends and they are pretty hot. The search for party system works now and it works well also.

I was surprised to know that as of recently hacking had become a real problem. Both guild leaders I talked to said it had hurt the server population but at the same time both were confident SOE was on it.

All-in-all the game is much improved. Will it be enough to sustain any kind of substantial player base or server pops? Who knows.

If you are playing or have played Vanguard recently then drop a line here and let us know your thoughts.

Link to the full article: Vanguard Revisited


Sift writes:

I hope Vangaurd is going better then it was when I first played, they game never should have been released when it was.  I will always be the first person to tell you that you can launch an MMO before its done thats fine by me, BUT you can't release it with the client still crashing for 90% of the people.  Vangaurd still has my favorite class the blood mage so if things continue to go as well as you say I may look back into Vangaurd.

Tue Oct 02 2007 2:50PM Report
zerocool writes:

I played it in beta and right when it came out. I'll admit, it needed a lot of help. So many unfinished or broken features, yet I remained. It wasn't all that I had hoped for but I still played in hopes that through patches it would soon live up to the hype. Things started to come together,  a lot of patches and things were added which helped. Then I quit. Not because I didn't love the game or enjoy playing it. My computer is by far not the best to play on a new age game like that, though I could still do it. I left for personal reasons. School, family, work etc. It wasn't worth even my measly $15 a month to only play maybe 8 hours of the whole month. I hope to go back to it when I have more free time and a new system. I just hope it lasts that long. I am glad to hear of the improvements though.

I guess all i'm saying is. If you've been tempted to try it, but are worried. Take a chance, try it, if you like it, great, if not, then its not for you. You never know unless you experience it first hand.

Tue Oct 02 2007 3:58PM Report
lordtwisted writes:

 If the company listened to thier beta testers they would not have released it when they did.   This should be a lesson to all comapnies out there about beta testing.

  Stop useing raffles and stupid marketing campaigns to find your beta testers. All you are going to get is a flurry of lame reports, and people who don't know  what they are looking for or how to explain it to the developers. This leads to developers who have to either weed through a million bug reports that say  things like, "Why can't barbarians dual wield two handed swords? Aren't they strong?" , or my favorite kind of bug reports "I noticed that when you go through that one forest with the trees and turn left at that one tree you can't go over that hill". 

  If these game companies would start taking beta testing seriously, they would find a lot of willing experienced beta testers out there with some skills in finding and reporting some bugs that could be fixed before the game releases.

 This would help a lot of these companies save a little face by not releaseing with as many bugs as they currently do, have a scapegoat system for the problems not found before release, and  with the right testers perhaps have a wonderful release.

  How many games have you seen in the last few years release without any flaws? 0, zip, none, big fat goose egg. You know why, they don't need to. A lot of them are looking at the short term profit, they expect a lot of people to sign up, that creates a huge budget increase again, then they take the losses of the people that quit right away, and start building another game, it is a win-win for them.


Tue Oct 02 2007 4:10PM Report
bingo69 writes:

The reason why they release is because THEY HAD TO. Microsoft did not give them the choice, you guy are such idiots to belive a compagny would release a game half done if they had the choice. Microsoft just stopped the founding of the game while it was in the making so because of that. they had to launch it no matter what and make out with the Sell/billing money and continue it making by patching... Now since sony decided to buy it, it seem to be in a good way and be progressing in a good way. I'm still waiting a while before going back but it was a crazy game and full of fun while I played it even with it bug.

Tue Oct 02 2007 4:46PM Report
Riho06 writes:

Whether or not they had delayed the release again as they hoped to is irrelevant. The game was layed out very well(the world) and is the most expansive world in existance right now, however the bugs and lack of in game depth are signs of lack of vision on the senior developers.

The game needed atleast another year of just plain bug testing and performance tweaks, SOE has had the game now for less than a year and has already fixed more performance issues than during the entire Sigil Beta testing. When Sigil was in the late stages 'Beta Testing' they still were in the process of creating the game, that's not how its supposed to work. You can't throw a game together at the last moment and expect it to work, they threw it together and pushed it out the door not only becuase they had to but because they knew 'the vision' as Brad called it was a fluke.

Tue Oct 02 2007 5:01PM Report
Crose writes:

bingo69, you make it sound as if Microsoft is to blame for cutting their funding.  Vanguard was in production for five years and I believe Brad kind-of-bragged about being the second most funded MMORPG ever made (second to WoW, of course).

I believe the reason Microsoft dropped funding was because they didn't see enough progress for the money they were putting in.  Brad may be a good game designer, but he definitely isn't a good CEO.  Things weren't being managed correctly, and that's all it takes to ruin a game.

People often wonder why SOE decided to save Vanguard.  The final result of their involvement was buying out Sigil, and their 5 years of work, for a ridiculously low price.  Not a bad deal, IMO.

Tue Oct 02 2007 5:31PM Report
JMart01 writes:

The game is somewhat of a combination of some others, but it also has some very new aspects to it. For example, the crafting of items, the choices you have to perfect the efficiency of the item and so on. The game is huge and if it had more users on it, it would probably be a lot more fun. The lag is a buzzkill, by the way. That's why i quit.

Tue Oct 02 2007 6:30PM Report
Vhayne writes:

I've been playing for the past week (just re-subscribed, and started a new character).  I never really played it much before, level 11 being my highest character.  But at release, it had some serious problems. 

But let me say this.....I haven't had this much real fun in a game since my old days of EQ1, or the first week of WoW.

  The game runs alot better than it used to, although could still use some work. 

As I've said in many threads recently, the whole thing about Vanguard is, that it's an awesome game, with a huge beautiful world, tons of different races, incredible classes (15 to choose from), very complex dungeons (some of the best I've seen since EQ1, and I've only seen 3 so far lol).   The gameplay is greatly enjoyable.  It actually requires tactics to kill mobs again. 

And you WORRY about dying.  Some people knock the exp loss and corpse runs.   But there's something special about them.  When you worry about dying, it gives that thrill of invising into a dungeon alone, or travelling a long way from your home through high level mobs.  You can't say WoW gives you a feeling of wonderment with that. 

Bottom line is, Vanguard definately is an awesome game.  It might not be 100% finished yet, but it's WAY better than most games out there.  I'd rank it right up there with WoW, EQ2, EQ1, and LOTRO.  They're all great games, but different in their own way. 

I've said this many times.  If you "wanted" to like Vanguard, or if you purchased it before, and didn't really give it a chance like I did, then you should spend 15 bucks and try it out again.  Or if you want, wait until they release the free trial that's coming, along with a new marketing plan and "re-release" of the game.  SoE are working hard on this game, and they've spent a lot of money on it.  They aren't going to let it fail.   It's too good to just die because people are too stubborn to give it a 2nd chance.

Tue Oct 02 2007 9:39PM Report
Thillian writes:

I played it on march this year a month after release and I had issue on my vistax64bit. So I cancelled subscribtion. I resubscribed back one month ago and im having a blast. It works fine on vista with ocasional CTD (once per three hours). The game is best on market imo.

Wed Oct 03 2007 1:58AM Report
Krosslite writes:

The game has improved tremendously and the PvE servers are busy. They have added more high level content. The game has always had a ton of content. So much so I have all 8 character slots full and still am unable to cover all the quest line I have encountered along the way. I have been playing since pre-launch and my highest character is 39 at this time. The crafter is system is the most realistic I have encountered to date and you have to watch what you are doing or you could mess up. The game is worth the time to play. Raid content due out soon.

Wed Oct 03 2007 4:38AM Report
Smoothbrain writes:

Although the game has made improvments I still don't see how it is any better then some beta games out there.  The game still has many many performance bugs not to mention quest bugs and the like.  I played right up until after merge and won't be going back until they relaunch if at all.  It is a shame the game was a great concept but never had the execution.  SOE bought a lemon.

Wed Oct 03 2007 9:02AM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

I agree that the depth of the game is most definately unequaled.....if the population continues to grow it could still be a great...that is as long as they get rid of the hacks and stay on top of them.....cracked encryption can kill a game just as fast as any other number of things.....L2 Walker case in point.

Wed Oct 03 2007 10:39AM Report
lordtwisted writes:

 The problem is, a game that is just labeled as "Ok" by the player will not get much more of a fan base. You might get the occasional players from other games looking for something new, but where is everyone else?

   Right here on MMORPG and other sites like it looking for the next beta. I still stand by my previous comment. Without companies actually taking beta serious like they used to, there just won't be much for good games any time soon.

  Meridian 59 there were a maybe 100 beta testers for the first stage, and 300 or so by the end of beta for the stress test , this being a first gen MMO that the server only held less the a thousand players, and the world was very small compared to todays games.

 Ultima Online had an application process to get into beta, and they actually reviewed the applications <from what I heard> before sending out the invites.

 EQ had a few hundred beta testers right off the bat, and by the end of beta a few thousand I am sure.

  Todays games.....the first round beta invites are in the tens of thousands, and they send out that many every couple of weeks. By the end of beta you have probablly 90% og your player base already playing. A friend tested the application process for a recent beta application and listed he was playing on a comadore 64 with a IBM on board graphics card on a 14.4k modem, he listed he has never played a game in his life, and on "where did you hear about us" he listed "I stambleed ackros yer sight wal serfin porno," and he got a beta invite while I listed years of experience in testing online and off for several companies and never got an invite....was he a part of a control group?

Wed Oct 03 2007 4:17PM Report
ethion writes:

Actually if you go back and read some of the info around the time the game came out you will find that MS dropped funding due to an internal reorganization and moving away from MMORPG development.  They dropped the vanguard project into a new organization under the xbox 360 development.  At that time the focus changed from making the best MMORPG to shipping the sucker and being done with it...

Wed Oct 03 2007 11:19PM Report writes:
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