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Mindless MMORPG

Mindless banter about MMORPG's and any other game I feel like talking about.

Author: Nicod3mus

Vanguard Part Deux

Posted by Nicod3mus Tuesday October 2 2007 at 2:38PM
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 I followed Vanguard: Saga of Heroes for years and checked out every time Brad McQuiad even opened his mouth. I had succumb to the hype and I thought it was going to be a revolutionary title, the first of the 3rd generation MMORPGs. Uh yeah...that didn't happen. As anyone knows who even remotely pays attention to MMORPG gaming, Vanguard crashed and burned in historic style.

After the server merge, reports of patching mania, and added features and functionality I had several people ask me if the game was any better. I promised to check it out and finally got around to it. Yeah the game is quite a bit better but who in the world knows if anything can save VG at this point.

Had some minor issues when trying to load the game. Had to erase some files in a cache folder and do a scan. No big deal. Renamed my toon due to the server merge and logged in outside Ahgram in Qualia.

I immediately noticed more people than when I quit, when I quit there were literally no people in the zones I leveled in most of the time. People were talking and selling and what not, so far so good. I then attempted to find a group and amazingly enough there quite a few 35-45 going. I joined a crap Xp group in upper CIS as I didn't want to hassle a real group with someone who couldn't find their way there and then barely remembered how to play.

There are a few new features like the grind appears to be lessened substantially and there is a rest XP bonus feature similar to other games. Guild halls have also been introduced and I rolled around in a friends and they are pretty hot. The search for party system works now and it works well also.

I was surprised to know that as of recently hacking had become a real problem. Both guild leaders I talked to said it had hurt the server population but at the same time both were confident SOE was on it.

All-in-all the game is much improved. Will it be enough to sustain any kind of substantial player base or server pops? Who knows.

If you are playing or have played Vanguard recently then drop a line here and let us know your thoughts.

Link to the full article: Vanguard Revisited


Snail Tits MMORPG?

Posted by Nicod3mus Monday October 1 2007 at 5:49PM
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So yeah I watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network habitually.....29 years old and still watching cartoons....yup. At any rate I have seen some commercials for maple story lately featured on Adult Swim. In traditional AS style they are totally off the wall viral video style commercials.

There were a couple commercials but the last one I saw as a fat dood lying on the ground with snails running around on his nipples. A guy walks up and is like, "Why are you doing that." The snail tits guy replies,"Because it's free." The onlooker then says, "Oh it's just like maple story." Or something to that effect.

So whats the catch...crappy, free, MMORPGs like MS are advertising on TV but the big boys aren't? Maple Story is a joke compared to the major titles and it's pretty sad really that the only commercial I see on TV for an MMORPG is one for MS. Pretty freakin lame.

Regardless I hope to see some commercials for real MMORPGs sometime soon. I find myself wanting to make some MMORPG spoof commercials. Someone hitting themselves in the head with a bat for 2Moons and maybe a guy spending $3,000 to get a new rig to play Vanguard then a flash forward to it covered in dust 3 weeks later when the game dies. Here's some pretty funny threads, the video, and stuff about the commercials:

The Commercials

People Talking Smack

Quake Flake?

Posted by Nicod3mus Monday October 1 2007 at 2:05PM
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After debating whether or not to buy Enemy Territory: Quake Wars I decided to wait until Crysis came out to determine my next shooter. So far I am pretty glad I did. Most of the reviews look like it's a BF 2142 ripoff with over simplified controls for vehicles and the age old twitch of the Quake franchise. The same guys that made the Enemy Territory expansion for Return to Castle Wolfenstien (Splash Damage) made Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and more than one review said RtCW players that played ET for RtCW would be very familiar in the game. That doesn't boast so well for me as I have no desire to play anything like RtCW.

The highly touted "mega textures" or what ever they called them have turned out to be less than thrilling and the game seems to be pretty mediocre all the way around. From what I read props for the teamwork aspects of the game are in order. Apparently the class balance and overall balance of the game worked out pretty well in that you have to have a variance of classes to take and defend objectives effectively.

Is anyone playing the retail version if the game and if so what are your thoughts?

 Enemy Territory: Quake Wars