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Mindless MMORPG

Mindless banter about MMORPG's and any other game I feel like talking about.

Author: Nicod3mus

<< Console Hater

Posted by Nicod3mus Friday September 28 2007 at 5:25PM
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Played all the early consoles but when PC games started passing them up I played almost exclusively PC games. From Tecmo Bowl to Perfect Dark we were kings of the console betting $100 on Perfect Dark death matches at high school parties. Pretty sad deal but none-the-less true. We had a buddy walt has always been a cut above the rest when it came to shooters and he would beat people for money at 007, Perfect Dark, Killer Instinct, or about any other FPS title of the day.

Like I said before, I passed up consoles when PC games started to become better than console games. Some of the early titles that took my from my consoles were Ultima Online, Age of Empires, Ghost Recon, Counter Strike, Etc.

The new consoles look like they are attempting to replace my PC. We got a complimentary XBOX 360 and it sits unplayed over there in the lounge across the hall from me. I got a PS3 and sent it back because frankly big boy games are much better on the PC.

When my Wii showed up at release with all the controllers and nunchuks and what not I knew it was here to stay. Guess what the Wii whispered to me shortly after his arrival. "I'm not trying to compete with your PC I am something different." The Wii has something different and I like it. When I feel like a casual game or want to play something with the kids the Wii is the ticket. The lack of online multi player games has kept me from playing it much at all but Battalion Wars 2 and Smash Brothers Brawl look like a lot of fun and they are just around the corner.

Bottom line is I am a console hater........but the Wii is in a category all by itself. If I didn't have a computer yeah I might get a PS3.....but that won't ever happen so for now I'll play my big boy games on a big boy system.

 Nintendo Wii Online Titles Coming Soon!

Nicod3mus writes:

On another note **** Gamestop for selling out to the evil consoles after PC gamers kept you afloat for a decade.

Fri Sep 28 2007 5:32PM Report
dlunas writes:

I agree with the thoughts on the Wii and PS3-that one seems to be trying to replace all electronics in the house-but the Xbox seems to me to be trying to make console games rather than just games that should be on PC anyway.  Now, I may be mistaken, because I've only been paying attention to a few titles, but the games I grab for it just feel like they were designed for console type gaming.  Even the way Oblivion plays on the 360 doesn't feel like the PC ports that we had to put up with in past years, but rather that the game itself was designed for the console.

Sat Sep 29 2007 12:31AM Report
Sovren1 writes:

I agree kinda, but...I love when it comes down to it...I want to experience every game out there.  Whether it be kiddie or adult.  How fun it is will determine how long I may play. So I want to play PC games, console games, psp games, ds games even gameboy games.  Had I not been this way, I would have missed out on some really great material like Ninja Gaiden for Xbox, or metal gear solid for ps2.


I don't really see consoles as trying to replace anything, I just see them moving in a natural progression and will probably in the next 20 years merge with PC gaming. 

As for NIco making the comment about Gamestop,  Um you are highly mistaken.  Gamestop is owned by Barnes and Noble and used to be babbages and Funco.  This merger renamed itself Gamestop in 2000.  They merged again later with EB. Now operate under three store names...Funcoland, Gamestop, and EB.  I think console gaming has always out sold PC gaming. At least as far back as I can remember.  Saying that pc gaming kept them afloat had it been true would have been a very bad move in terms of buisness in this field. 

Sat Sep 29 2007 10:54AM Report
neschria writes:

We only have a PS2, and I have mostly used it as a DVD player. (I sometimes play fighting games with the kids, or Harvest Moon, or Katamari Damacy-- I am casual-to-the-max on consoles.)

My son raves about his 360, and my kids really seemed to love the Wii at my brother-in-law's house... but I'm afraid I'm just a PC gamer at heart. 


Sat Sep 29 2007 10:59AM Report
Gameloading writes:

consoles have never tried to compete with the PC. In fact, the pc market is so small, and a PC that can do what a console can do is so expensive that its not even a competitor.

Consoles clearly have a much larger library because the console user base is a lot larger than the high end pc userbase.

a PC just can only barely compete.

Sat Sep 29 2007 3:37PM Report
Ganjamos writes:

you push the "on-button" and you can play ! no cd protectiion that you have to activate online or trouble because you dont have enough disc space. Thats the ONLY argument for a console. i am no console hater , i like them . play tekken or a football cup with your friends instead of a poker evening but they will never reach "the power" of an pc. I would never trade my pc for any console....not even for every console with every game.

I never tried the Wii but it looks fun.

Sun Sep 30 2007 11:23AM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

Well as far as wanting to play every game out there I feel ya....I want to play most of them but even if thats all i did all day I wouldn't have the time.

As far as the Gamestop argument goes I am familiar with the company's history. The fact is that the majority of an individual store's space at EB or Babbages used to be PC Games and now many of their Gamestop replacements don't even carry them. If a Gamestop does carry PC titles maybe 1/5 of the floor space is devoted to them. Gamestop destroyed what was EB and Babbages for PC gamers.

The PS3 with it's high price tag and computer like features was definately a flanking move on the PC game market.


Mon Oct 01 2007 12:37PM Report writes:
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