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Mindless MMORPG

Mindless banter about MMORPG's and any other game I feel like talking about.

Author: Nicod3mus

Halo 3 For PC Rant

Posted by Nicod3mus Thursday September 27 2007 at 4:23PM
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Not only is Microsoft not releasing Halo 3 for PC anytime in the reasonable future they are trying to strong-arm us into buying Windows Vista so that we can play Halo 2 (which is ridiculously overdue). I hate what they did to SUN and open office, I hate their business practices in general, but messing with my gaming really pisses me off.

I played Halo at CPL and for 2 seasons in of the best times I ever had in any shooter league or tournament. Aside from the idiot at CPL that walked up and told us we weren't live in a live match and caused us to loose it was great.

So the word is buy Vista or you can't play Halo 2 and Halo 3 is a dream at this point for PC at all. KISS MY ****! I use Vista on my work PC and there is no way in hell that I am upgrading my gaming rig to an OS that flat out doesn't work properly. Thats why they need to drive Vista ain't selling cause it don't work.

Bottom Line: If the choices are upgrade to Vista or play what could potentially be one of the best deathmatch style PC shooters of all time on a console then I choose neither. If those are my choices I choose not to play...there are plenty of other games to buy. There's a link below to my full article:

daywalker27 writes:

Quit whining. Vista isn't that bad, I use this for gaming strictly, haven't had ONE problem yet. And directx10 is dreamy.

Make sure you have 2GB of ram on your pc and your flawless.


Thu Sep 27 2007 4:45PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

Here's the deal......if you only play games on your PC then thats great for you...yippie.

1)I still resent the fact that while everyone else in the world makes every game to be backwards compatible so people can play it Microsoft uses it as leverage to make us buy their new OS. It's the same thing they did ion the OS market. If you compete with us in any way we make sure your software won't run on is a perfect example and there are about a million others.

2) I use my gaming rig for all my resource intense stuff. Animation programs such as mia and lightwave, video editing software such as final cut and premier, and several other work related pieces of software. Vista eats them alive and is rife with all kinds of ridiculous problems.....I hope that you weren't saying Vista is anywhere resembling bug free because it plainly isn't and any pro knows this man. If you remember correctly XP was a nightmare until SP1 and still pretty bad until SP2.

Thu Sep 27 2007 4:51PM Report
vaizard writes:

lol halo 2 at cpl what a joke

Thu Sep 27 2007 5:16PM Report
daywalker27 writes:

To be honest Vista's still in a beta stage imo. When SP1 Comes out Vista will pwn faces. Everyone hated XP until SP1/SP2 Came out, nothing new here. Vista works with almost every program (except badly programed ones) fine. Most programs don't work with Vista cause bad programming,


Anyways, everything has bugs dude, everything.

Thu Sep 27 2007 5:31PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

ha my 64 bit Xp box owns my Vista box with better specs all pisses me off that Microsoft wants me to spend $250 bux to play Halo 2 and nothing you have said daywalker convinces me I should feel any other way.

Yeah I bet the all of the bugs on Vista are because of the programs installed not the OS...that makes a ton of sense....Vista has issues all over the place and its common knowledge....

Thu Sep 27 2007 6:07PM Report
RiSqU3 writes:

you can BUY windows? :O

Thu Sep 27 2007 7:10PM Report
Saito^ writes:

I had the exact same idea at first... but with a bit of tweaking and tuning vista runs great I'm even getting better 3dmark scores then XP pc's with similar hardware so it can't be that bad.

I do agree they are a bunch of assholes for only putting directx10 in vista and not on xp...

And at least vista can properly use two or more screens even when running something at full screen modus (something xp can't )


Of course I never bought Vista.

Fri Sep 28 2007 7:00AM Report
Saito^ writes:

I actually never had a problem with vista besides the new explorer tree is annoying as hell.

Like it or not vista is:

More stable then XP

In many cases also faster then xp if you tune it up a bit

It's safer then xp

it has directx10

much, much MUCH better driver support then xp

Haven't found any real bugs yet in vista then again I only use it for gaming.

Fri Sep 28 2007 7:05AM Report
Cirn0 writes:

RiSqU3- Fri Sep 28 2007 4:10AM

  • you can BUY windows? :O

I think you >can< buy it, but ... you know ^ ^

p.s. vista (longhorn (long what oO?)) might be a good OS, but I'm fine with XP and I dont like ppl trying to stick their longhorn into my face telling me to "suck it or no dx10 for ya". But I think thats just what microsoft is all about...

Fri Sep 28 2007 9:16AM Report
bartoni33 writes:

Yes its VERY lame that Halo 2 "requires" Vista since it runs GREAT with XP !  At the risk of being flamed or worse; you CAN get Halo 2 to work with XP! Not going to tell you how, just remember Google is your friend! When my lowly XP that cant run any "next-Gen" games runs Halo 2 flawlessly I loose a little more respect for Microsoft with each DX9 powered frag! ARRG! I say!

As long as were talking FPS, forget about Halo 2 try Bioshock! By far heads above Halo or anything else out there.

Fri Sep 28 2007 10:27AM Report
zub7 writes:

I play Halo 2 on XP :D

Yes Vista is shit. I mean if you are doing any type of heavy gaming or 3D modelling/Animation why in the world would you want to use an OS that actually decreases Hardware performance?

When it comnes to rendering a detailed 3D scene every little bit helps and with Vista dragging you rresources, why in world would you decide to go with it?

Fri Sep 28 2007 12:37PM Report
zub7 writes:

by the way, i feel Microsoft/Bungee did a terrible job with the port  to PC for Halo 2. Its just not optimised well enough.

Fri Sep 28 2007 12:39PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

After looking at Halo 2 on my buddies PC yesterday I have lost all desire to even play the game. You are dead on zub7 it's a horrible port. I don't think the port is the issue entirely though.....the game just seems dumbe down for a can tell what system was in mind when it was designed. Waiting for Crysis or Quake Wars.

Fri Sep 28 2007 12:45PM Report
zub7 writes:

the only reason i'm playing it is becuase i do not own a xbox and i just wanna see ho wthe story pans out but its not nearly as fun as the Original Halo was on PC. Now that was good. Halo 2 is really quite horrible and to be honest i'm not even having fun while playing it :P

Fri Sep 28 2007 2:01PM Report
Qaze writes:

I've used Vista before, amd it is the shittiest operating system EVER!

Fri Sep 28 2007 2:10PM Report
soulwynd writes:

You like Halo, you hate vista, and you nowhere mentioned about having a dual-boot machine. I don't think I really need to comment any further.

Fri Sep 28 2007 4:00PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

I have 2 XP laptops, 2 XP desktops, and 1 Vista Desktop....I don't have a dual boot machine...good try though.

Fri Sep 28 2007 4:34PM Report
soulwynd writes:

I meant for you to try it. Beats whining by a mile and you can be happy you only saw vista for a minute before running Halo, Crysis, Farcry, etc.

Sun Sep 30 2007 10:31AM Report
vajuras writes:

buy xbox 360 and then you can play a lot of great games made specifically for it. But ya I dont like what Microsoft did with dx10 but oh well eventually I'm going to update to Vista anyway. Hope al the games I like will run on it.

Sun Sep 30 2007 4:37PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

As far as trying a dual boot machine that's actually a pretty good idea although I don't think I could handle rebooting all day going between apps but it's definately a possibility thanks.

Mon Oct 01 2007 12:41PM Report
jay8378 writes:

Its not all about how craptastic the wannabe OS that is known as vista is. Its the horrible ethics the company portrays. They try screw over any thing that stands in their way. Because idiots buy into their crock of $#!+.

This being a prime example "Here play our game but you have to spend 100+dollars to do it,.. plus :evilgrin: shove out an additional 50 dollars for the game. :evilaugh:" money grubbing @$$#0!3$. Youll never get from linux the free OS and a good one at that.

Mon Oct 01 2007 9:39PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

I agree jay.....even if Halo 2 was all that...which it clearly is not.....can you imagine if you upgraded to Vista and bought Halo 2 only to find out how horrible it was.....unhappy camper.

It is clear why microsoft did it and the motives behind it are clear as well.

Tue Oct 02 2007 11:14AM Report writes:
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