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Mindless MMORPG

Mindless banter about MMORPG's and any other game I feel like talking about.

Author: Nicod3mus

<< Console Hater

Posted by Nicod3mus Friday September 28 2007 at 6:25PM
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Played all the early consoles but when PC games started passing them up I played almost exclusively PC games. From Tecmo Bowl to Perfect Dark we were kings of the console betting $100 on Perfect Dark death matches at high school parties. Pretty sad deal but none-the-less true. We had a buddy walt has always been a cut above the rest when it came to shooters and he would beat people for money at 007, Perfect Dark, Killer Instinct, or about any other FPS title of the day.

Like I said before, I passed up consoles when PC games started to become better than console games. Some of the early titles that took my from my consoles were Ultima Online, Age of Empires, Ghost Recon, Counter Strike, Etc.

The new consoles look like they are attempting to replace my PC. We got a complimentary XBOX 360 and it sits unplayed over there in the lounge across the hall from me. I got a PS3 and sent it back because frankly big boy games are much better on the PC.

When my Wii showed up at release with all the controllers and nunchuks and what not I knew it was here to stay. Guess what the Wii whispered to me shortly after his arrival. "I'm not trying to compete with your PC I am something different." The Wii has something different and I like it. When I feel like a casual game or want to play something with the kids the Wii is the ticket. The lack of online multi player games has kept me from playing it much at all but Battalion Wars 2 and Smash Brothers Brawl look like a lot of fun and they are just around the corner.

Bottom line is I am a console hater........but the Wii is in a category all by itself. If I didn't have a computer yeah I might get a PS3.....but that won't ever happen so for now I'll play my big boy games on a big boy system.

 Nintendo Wii Online Titles Coming Soon!

FPS Radar - Crysis Detected

Posted by Nicod3mus Friday September 28 2007 at 1:41PM
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It seems that all of the old staples are falling out of favor with me and there is a definate void in the gaming market. Besides not finding an MMORPG worth playing I am getting tired of the older shooters. BF2 was probably my favorite overall shooter but I hated BF2142. BF2142 was a ripoff of the franchise with blue blobby models for bullets and space age sci-fi looking models. Thats about it IMO.

So as the story goes I have been looking forward to Crysis for a long time and it has some pretty promising features. Obviously as  Battlefield franchise fan I love the fact that you can operate a large variety of land, air, and sea vehicles. The CryENGINE 2 engine has some serious promise and the hi-res videos on EA's media site are amazing. System requirements are pretty goood as it runs on both XP and Vista and will work with an Nvidia 6600. Processor and RAM requirements are also middle of the road. With 32 player multi player I think it will satisfy the competitive FPSer and overall I think it could be one of the titles to raise the bar this year. Link below to the full article.


What does everyone think of this title and what's on your FPS radar?

Halo 3 For PC Rant

Posted by Nicod3mus Thursday September 27 2007 at 5:23PM
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Not only is Microsoft not releasing Halo 3 for PC anytime in the reasonable future they are trying to strong-arm us into buying Windows Vista so that we can play Halo 2 (which is ridiculously overdue). I hate what they did to SUN and open office, I hate their business practices in general, but messing with my gaming really pisses me off.

I played Halo at CPL and for 2 seasons in of the best times I ever had in any shooter league or tournament. Aside from the idiot at CPL that walked up and told us we weren't live in a live match and caused us to loose it was great.

So the word is buy Vista or you can't play Halo 2 and Halo 3 is a dream at this point for PC at all. KISS MY ****! I use Vista on my work PC and there is no way in hell that I am upgrading my gaming rig to an OS that flat out doesn't work properly. Thats why they need to drive Vista ain't selling cause it don't work.

Bottom Line: If the choices are upgrade to Vista or play what could potentially be one of the best deathmatch style PC shooters of all time on a console then I choose neither. If those are my choices I choose not to play...there are plenty of other games to buy. There's a link below to my full article:

Life After Lineage 2

Posted by Nicod3mus Friday September 21 2007 at 3:39PM
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Our guild left L2 because we didn't feel like there was much more we could accomplish. We held the best castle in the game in the best server in the game for over a year and we were getting tired of dealing with the politcal BS and showing up to defend the castle all of the time. Little did we know what *** MMORPG's were in store for us......

Since leaving Lineage 2 we have been bouncing around like lost souls. I have been playing MMORPG's religious since the first generation came out and yet I can't find one worth playing since L2. Tried Auto Assault, Archlord, Vanguard, 2Moons, Rappelz, Sword of the New World, and Pirates of the Burning best a mediocre title among those.

Will Age of Conan give us a third gen MMORPG worth playing...I think it might. I have pretty high hopes for Darkfall Online as well. As for a sleeper I would go with The Chronicles of Spellborn. We have been begging for something worth playing for so long that honestly I don't get my hopes up anymore.


2Moons Bottom Line

Posted by Nicod3mus Friday September 21 2007 at 3:24PM
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If the Siege Battle system they are talking about implementing turns out really well I think 2Moons has some future...without it not much at all. The grind is absolutely ridiculous so to keep people playing there has to be a justification for all the time they are investing.

If the siege Battle system works well and it's fun then people will invest the time to become as effective as possible for the sieges...if not then most people won't feel like grinding it out is worth it. In lineage 2 people were on the grind for 1.5 years because the siege system was awesome and it bread an incredible system of alliances and political agreements on every server.

Bottom line without some real content 2Moons won't be anything to speak of. It will always have some subs cause it's free but the typical free MMORPG model won't drive this lil fella home. Archlord is a pretty good example of what not to do and the 2Moons grind is at least double the Archlord grind.

2Moons Guide