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Mindless MMORPG

Mindless banter about MMORPG's and any other game I feel like talking about.

Author: Nicod3mus - 2 Years Gone By.....

Posted by Nicod3mus Friday August 27 2010 at 1:28PM
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I have always been an MMORPG fanboi and I have been gone for a long time. I logged in every couple months to check something out but thats about it. In all honesty I have been really pissed off at the state of MMORPG gaming for the last couple years.

For the record I am a game developer, I work for a firm that develops mostly mobile games at this point. I used to actually have skill but several promotions ( and years) later I find myself haveing not practiced actual code in a very long time. I operate at an organizational level at this  point which certainly has its perks, I get to decide how a game will play and work which is really fun.

Level 1: We played the really old school stuff in the beginning and loved them: Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, etc.

Level 2: Then came along the second gens that were great each in thier prime: Star Wars Galaxies, EVE Online, Lineage 2, etc.

Level 3: SuCk..... The 3rd gen MMORPG's are ruining the genre. WoW, Vangaurd, Age of Conan, etc. They focus on being pretty and have totally lost the feel of what makes an MMORPG fun for us to play. By fun I mean the MMORPG gamers. NOT THE PEOPLE ATTRACTED TO MMORPG BY GAMES LIKE WoW BECAUSE THEY HAD NOOBED IT DOWN.  These noobs are people attracted to something that other people who don't know *&^% are calling an MMORPG. It's dumbed down crap with no end game, for the old school that means there is no reason to play. I won't elaborate on why there is no reason to play because I don't feel like it, I have  grown tired of explaining it to 13 year olds.

And then there is now..... and now has sucked for a long time. We were all console haters and now almost all of us play some console stuff. We were PVE haters and now we are looking at Star Wars The Old Republic and saying things like, "That could be a fun little casual game to play."

At-any rate I have started publishing and writing again just for fun because I missed it, I am also going to try to lay off the haterade for a while and play some of the new stuff out there. I am playing Aion here and there again but thats about it for now.