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Mindless MMORPG

Mindless banter about MMORPG's and any other game I feel like talking about.

Author: Nicod3mus

Age of Conan Fileplanet Cryfest

Posted by Nicod3mus Tuesday April 29 2008 at 12:03PM
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I have been a Fileplanet subscriber for years and have always thought it was a great service. I enjoy being able to grab the demos of new games when they become available and getting the patches and updates I need without the creeping download speeds and hassle.

I applied for the Age of Conan beta shortly after they put up the original sign-up page but I was not  lucky enough to get in. This certainly isn't the first time that FP has come to my rescue and got me into a pre-release beta of a game I was dieing to try and there are a few things that need to be said about this $5 cryfest going on regarding this event.

A) Get a job and then re-address your gaming endeavours B) Recognize that there are people lining up to pay the $5 to get in and the fact that you are not willing to do so only states that it's not that important to you.

Thanks to Funcom and Fileplanet for hooking us up with the keys that we could not otherwise get and letting us try the game we have been waiting so long for. We are all looking forward to the Fileplanet Age of Conan Open Beta Event, and by all I mean the community of disappointed, primarily PVP oriented, gamers that I associate with through various affiliations. Here's the bottom line: The  percentage of people willing to shell out $5 to try the game, that end up buying the game, will be much higher than if  the $5 crybabies got the same group of keys. The "gimme free gimme" groups always consist primarily of the beta hoppers that we all know and love, they  rarely continue playing any game after retail release.

Mysta writes:

Nice post, completely agree.

Tue Apr 29 2008 12:59PM Report
Psiho246 writes:

Me too. Game is out in a month, no reason to whine...

Tue Apr 29 2008 1:07PM Report
JsnD1 writes:

One quick comment.  I am a "beta hopper", and I also subscribe to 3 mmo's at any given time.  I really enjoy the genre, but I like to see what I'm getting.  I am also patient.  I usually wait until there is a trial to play a game.  Anyway, my point.  I get worried when I see a game trying to make money prior to release (even if it is indirectly using fp).  It makes me wonder about the quality of the game.  I think a game should want as many people to see their product as possible.  It shows a confidence in the final product imho.  That said I hope AoC is all it can be and look forward to trying it in the future, but I won't be paying money to see the beta.


Tue Apr 29 2008 1:09PM Report
Jetrpg writes:

OR Funcom could have passed one the kickbacks from FP and just made a torrent. (Or allowed FP to distribute only the keys and used a torrent to pass out the game), OR FP could have used a torrent to distribute the game and passed out the keys.


Regardless, this was done quite poorly no matter how you want to spin it.

Tue Apr 29 2008 1:15PM Report
burmese writes:

Agree with the OP


No idea who is 'trying to make money prior to release', you can be certain that Fileplanet isn't giving Funcom a penny.  Their subscription fees cover their own expenses maintaining the vast bandwidth needed to allow subscribers to download this stuff, something Funcom is (wisely) not in the business of.

Tue Apr 29 2008 1:25PM Report
zunarn writes:

Agree with the OP, if you want to play beta and don't have 5 bucks to spare then go get a job.  A lot of MMO's are having a hard time to survive right now. Hell if I ran an MMO, I would do the same thing they do. It cost so much and it takes a while to get the money invested so every little thing helps.

One other good thing I like about this is there is less of a chance that kids can get in beta since most of them can't afford it.  Peace and see everyone in Hyboria.


Tue Apr 29 2008 1:37PM Report
dekken writes:

OP is right. The fee is minimal, and helps filter out the worst of the trolls and people who just jump from one free trial to the next, pausing only to stroke their e-peen on the appropriate gaming forum.

Some of the most vocal whiners are probably the ones with $10,000 gaming platforms with enough oomph to run a small nation. FFS, no one owes you anything for free. This is entertainment, not some kind of constitutionally mandated "right".


Tue Apr 29 2008 2:03PM Report
Psilocybine writes:

ha ha thank you! i agree more than i have ever agreed with anything ever.

Tue Apr 29 2008 2:30PM Report
Drasken writes:

i personaly dont see how it was Done poorly i think they did it quite well i am a vet of mmo i have beta tested many games and a list i will not get into this is about aoc and how they felt  they needed to go to Fp to send out the game

rember this game is got an M factor to it witch means there has to be a way to monitor downloads  so kids cant get into it 

now i am not saying that kids cant find a way to get past this section and i am sure some all ready have  

but its fare less likly that  kid has gotten into the game this way then say a  turrent   so in reality this was done very well and i apload them for doing so


Tue Apr 29 2008 2:32PM Report
Drasken writes:

i personaly dont see how it was Done poorly i think they did it quite well i am a vet of mmo i have beta tested many games and a list i will not get into this is about aoc and how they felt  they needed to go to Fp to send out the game

rember this game is got an M factor to it witch means there has to be a way to monitor downloads  so kids cant get into it 

now i am not saying that kids cant find a way to get past this section and i am sure some all ready have  

but its fare less likly that  kid has gotten into the game this way then say a  turrent   so in reality this was done very well and i apload them for doing so


Tue Apr 29 2008 2:32PM Report
Giddian writes:

Agree with OP 100%

as to Jetrpg, did you read?


Tue Apr 29 2008 2:40PM Report
Kynmore writes:

Being an AmPro Beta tester, I agree. My first commericial Beta was for Ultima Online in 1997. It was free to get, but you still had to pay for S&H of the beta materials. Not an issue. Even though it was my Senior year of HS, I still had the money. Doesn't always take a job. Allowences and chore money can get you most things if you save for it.

Using FP is a GREAT idea for Funcom. They don't have to burn their own bandwidth to distribute, they don't have to handle the assignments of keys, and they let FP do the advertising for them. FP gets more traffic, more ads viewed, more revenue. Using torrents is not a bad idea, but then Funcom would have to still handle the key assignment, and also would have to make sure current versions were being used, and no malicious fake installers were out there.

If you really care enough about a game to want to Beta test it, then dropping some change on it is no big deal. If it is, either you don't care enough, or you were looking for a free-trial.

It's a Test not a Trial. Breaky code parts are normal.

Tue Apr 29 2008 2:46PM Report
BigDaddyTee writes:

I have to agree with the OP as well.  I'd much rather have FP doing something like this than not being able to access the beta at all.  Also, I agree that the fee is very minimal.  Even if you view the beta as a way to determine your intent to purchase the game or not, $5 is still a much better idea than $50 if you choose not to based on the beta. 

As far as people not getting in because they refuse to pay goes... screw them.  The point really is that they don't make the rules.  The publisher does.  If you think their actions with this (or anything else) is heinous, then don't purchase their products.  It's that simple.  If you don't agree with them but still want to play the game, then stop trying to subject us to your personal feelings or ignorant rantings.


(Quick note - Ignorant is not a derogatory term.  It is a word that means a lack of knowledge about a given subject.  Ignorant here implies a lack of knowledge about the process and situation that the publisher may be/is in.  Point is, it's not meant to be an attack or flame against anyone)

Tue Apr 29 2008 2:54PM Report
grimfall writes:

I have to disagree.

I don't have any problem with the fileplant doing the downloads (though it makes me fear the go live patching process, particuarly in light of all the existing problems the game is reported to have when it went gold).

My problem is that there are people who have been 'supporting' the game and signed up for beta 15 months ago who don't get an opportunity to try this limited beta.  Had Funcom sent out the 50K keys from their beta datbase and then said 'go to fileplanet and get it', that would have been cool.  They didn't do that though.  A fileplanet member who maybe hadn't even heard of the game (I know that's unlikely) will be in the beta where someone who wanted to actually beta test it, for the last 15 months won't be. 

That''s shitty, and if you don't understand why that's shitty... well I feel sorry for everyone in your life.

Tue Apr 29 2008 4:18PM Report
Bainer writes:

I have to disagree, only because it was deceiving. The last paragraph of the recent interview said -

“Looking back on this I think that if we had called it simply ‘Fileplanet beta’ instead of ‘Open beta’, many would have reacted differently. ”

This is 100% true, don't call it an open beta if it is only available to a specific group of people. Sure you could spend 5 bucks and get it but thats not the point. Its misleading.

The whole interview sounded more shady than a politician trying to get elected, and I LOVE that fact that asked the critical questions that we were asking.


Tue Apr 29 2008 6:19PM Report
gan3f writes: Well grimfall if these so called "HARDCORE" fans that have been following the game for over year that want to play it, but can't seem to get $5 then maybe they shouldn't be online or even near a computer.. Maybe they should be out finding a job or collecting bottles. There is countless AoC keys still on FP and lots more to be released, so saying people that have FP accounts took them all before AoC fans got to them is complete BS. Go back to crying about $5 as if your mother doesn't pay for your accounts. Tue Apr 29 2008 8:43PM Report
Tron420 writes:

Nico, I agree with you 100%. To all those crying about the $5: get over it, its only 5 bucks. I can't even buy a sandwich for $5 these days let alone hours of MMO fun.

Tue Apr 29 2008 9:08PM Report
Ryowulf writes:

You act as if being a member meant you got into the beta. It didn't.  Funcom decided they didn't want to have an open beta, that's fine. However don't try to pretend you are having one when you aren't.

Tue Apr 29 2008 9:17PM Report
AmazingAvery writes:

$5 gets you 10 "Additional" days of game time too.

Tue Apr 29 2008 9:48PM Report
nommo1797 writes:

I agree with your post; people are being too *emotionally sensitive* regarding Funcom's beta strategy and thusly are far too judgemental. From an IT perspective, having FilePlanet host the beta download would be an incredible convenience, and makes good business sense.

The project manager said they should have called it the "FilePlanet beta," which I agree with; other than that... this is a non-issue to me. Honestly.

Tue Apr 29 2008 10:31PM Report
Relentless02 writes:

Totally agree. Tiered of people complaining, like A) said, get an effin job. I my self went for their best subscription plan.

Tue Apr 29 2008 10:39PM Report
Zyllos writes:

It also seems that people are not thinking the fileplanet beta keys are that important anyways as there are still some up for grabs.

Tue Apr 29 2008 11:13PM Report
leowyatt writes:

I Completely agree with u OP, got it right on the nose with that post.

Tue Apr 29 2008 11:20PM Report
hitec7 writes:


Wed Apr 30 2008 1:39AM Report
grimfall writes:


So you gaurantee that everyone who signs up to Fileplanet will get Beta Access, correct?

Let's put your money where your very matrue mouth is. Lets bet that there will be more than 50K fileplanet members who go after the beta keys. What's fileplanet cost for a year, $75?

Wed Apr 30 2008 5:35AM Report
thejudge1 writes:

Holy shit, this is full of AoC fanboi's. Shit.

Wed Apr 30 2008 6:30AM Report
Snikes writes:

If Funcom decides tomorrow to make you pay an extra for each mouse click, you will have these guys yelling "Yeah! FC's damn right! Get a job or stop playing if you can't pay yar clicks !".  Sheeps.

This is not an OB. period. Level cap, only 50K keys, It's a  FP/Funcom marketing OP.

Anyway, the herd will always pay :-)

Wed Apr 30 2008 6:58AM Report
Hrothmund writes:

If you can't afford the $5, you fail at life. Sad but ture.

Wed Apr 30 2008 7:20AM Report
Hrothmund writes:

Hehe, and I fail at posting a comment, also sad but t-r-u-e.

Wed Apr 30 2008 7:20AM Report
Daedren writes:

The blind, zealous faith in a game here treads a fine line of being amusing and sad at the same time.

As a game developer, though, you give me a certain amount of faith that no matter what steaming pile of poo I throw out, you'll blindly follow it until it's bitter end.

I suppose expecting objective reasoning by someone that spent a whole 5 minutes bitching about people bitching is a bit too much.

Wed Apr 30 2008 8:43AM Report
qotsa writes:

my only issue with it was most of these games let people who pre-order into beta. There are people who shelled out 80-100 bucks for a collectors edition of the game and that doesn't  even get them a golden ticket. But anyone with 15 bucks (as far as I've ever seen you can't just sign up for one month and billed quarterly) burning a hole in their pockets got it.

I subscribe to FP anyway. So that  wasn't too big of a deal to me.

Wed Apr 30 2008 9:17AM Report
streea writes:

Don't completely agree with OP. Here's why:

Not paying the $5 in many cases has NOTHING to do with the abilty to pay it. The problem is that many fans of the game who signed up early for the beta were shafted. All of the emails and computer information for the beta that was collected was basically thrown out the window and instead an entirely new beta application process began: applying for an account to FP.

For many, it was just a lack of respect towards interested players. The game is still probably important to them, but now there's a lack of respect that is pushing away people who were honestly interested in playing.

While obviously some people are whining about it, others are approaching it in a mature manner. This is the same with people who are paying their $5... there are people like you who aren't actually reading or understanding valid complaints and wrongly assume that everyone just can't get their mommy to pay for it, and there are those who do understand their complaints.

Wed Apr 30 2008 1:01PM Report
grimfall writes:

No streea you're totally wrong.  Really you just don't have $6.

Wed Apr 30 2008 7:45PM Report writes:
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