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Mindless MMORPG

Mindless banter about MMORPG's and any other game I feel like talking about.

Author: Nicod3mus

How to Join the NBA 2K eLeague

Posted by Nicod3mus Friday May 5 2017 at 7:17AM
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The NBA recently announced a partnership with Take Two Interactive, the creators of the infamous NBA 2K video game franchise. The NBA and Take Two are launching an eSports league in 2018 dubbed the NBA 2K eLeague. The NBA 2K eLeague is the first foray into eSports by one of the four major professional sports leagues in the US. It is a game changer by any measure.

This is not a one off tournament like we have seen in Madden and NBA 2K17 in the past... this league is owned by the NBA and the teams are owned by the actual NBA franchises. NBA franchises will draft their players and pay their salaries. For example: If you get drafted by the Boston eCeltics you will be a member of the official NBA 2K eLeague Boston Celtics playing in the only official league owned by the NBA.

There isn't a lot of info out at the moment but we expect a lot of clarification in the coming weeks as there is expected to be an announcement of the teams slated for participation very soon. 

Here's what we know about how to join the NBA 2K eLeague so far:

There will be a draft similar to the NBA draft

There will be channels for players to get discovered outside of "league" play

Top Pro Am players are likely to have significant advantages over top park players

Teams will consider the players as a whole not just performance based statistics


Have you heard about the NBA 2K eLeague? Are you going to watch these games? Feelings? Thoughts?



COD MW3 Ringtones

Posted by Nicod3mus Tuesday November 8 2011 at 4:38PM
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After a night of shooting people in the face I found that I wanted a new MW3 ringtone and alas..... I couldn't find anything already made that I liked. I put together 3 tones that I liked with some dialogue and so combat so I can switch it up a bit! HA! Here are the links if you want them:


iPhone Ringtones

Android Ringtones


Ciao! Bang! - 2 Years Gone By.....

Posted by Nicod3mus Friday August 27 2010 at 1:28PM
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I have always been an MMORPG fanboi and I have been gone for a long time. I logged in every couple months to check something out but thats about it. In all honesty I have been really pissed off at the state of MMORPG gaming for the last couple years.

For the record I am a game developer, I work for a firm that develops mostly mobile games at this point. I used to actually have skill but several promotions ( and years) later I find myself haveing not practiced actual code in a very long time. I operate at an organizational level at this  point which certainly has its perks, I get to decide how a game will play and work which is really fun.

Level 1: We played the really old school stuff in the beginning and loved them: Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot, etc.

Level 2: Then came along the second gens that were great each in thier prime: Star Wars Galaxies, EVE Online, Lineage 2, etc.

Level 3: SuCk..... The 3rd gen MMORPG's are ruining the genre. WoW, Vangaurd, Age of Conan, etc. They focus on being pretty and have totally lost the feel of what makes an MMORPG fun for us to play. By fun I mean the MMORPG gamers. NOT THE PEOPLE ATTRACTED TO MMORPG BY GAMES LIKE WoW BECAUSE THEY HAD NOOBED IT DOWN.  These noobs are people attracted to something that other people who don't know *&^% are calling an MMORPG. It's dumbed down crap with no end game, for the old school that means there is no reason to play. I won't elaborate on why there is no reason to play because I don't feel like it, I have  grown tired of explaining it to 13 year olds.

And then there is now..... and now has sucked for a long time. We were all console haters and now almost all of us play some console stuff. We were PVE haters and now we are looking at Star Wars The Old Republic and saying things like, "That could be a fun little casual game to play."

At-any rate I have started publishing and writing again just for fun because I missed it, I am also going to try to lay off the haterade for a while and play some of the new stuff out there. I am playing Aion here and there again but thats about it for now.



Age of Conan 40 Level Review

Posted by Nicod3mus Friday May 23 2008 at 2:40PM
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From graphics and audio to PVP mechanics and gameplay Age of Conan is poised to be the first 3rd generation MMORPG that got it right. After 3rd gen meltdowns like Vanguard and mediocre releases like LOTRO the market is wide open and thats why the servers have been full and on que every night at peak time since retail release.

I have been playing since beta and the retail release since preorder head start. Here is my Age of Conan 40 level review:

Age of Conan: Hybordian Adventures is the best MMORPG title I have seen in a very long time and almost my entire guild agrees with me. We are not a bunch of 16 year old CS fraggers that endorse every game that flies off the shelf at launch, we are seasoned and at an average age of around 30 and we have been around and playing MMORPGs since the very first titles in the genre hit stores. This is my in-depth review after playing since the pre-order head start and taking my toon to level 40. 

Graphics - Here is my graphics one liner. Vanguard meets WoW with a dash of old world detail and a side or incredibly realistic looking blood and guts. I think the overall look and feel of the game is a great balance. Age of Conan leaves little to be desired in appearance without crossing the boundary that makes a game too hard for lower end graphics cards to run. The world looks good but textures up close look borderline amazing. The animations are pretty top notch as well, from spells and to combos and jumping Age of Conan took MMORPG animation to a new level.

Audio - Great. The audio is of superb quality but most impressive is the creative quality and how well the audio fits into the overall theme of the game. The music is incredible, from Celtic chants to medieval war drum lines you feel like you have your own soundtrack throughout the entire game. In the forest there is relaxing fanciful tunes and in a dungeon the music makes you want to kill things just as it should. The grunts and battle cries as different classes complete different combos and skills are diverse and realistic, they really help immerse you in battles.

Storyline  - Best ever. I am a notorious quest hater, I prefer the grind where I have more control over how fast I can level and can use our guild to full advantage. Questing for me in Age of Conan is aided by a deep and realistic storyline. MMORPG story lines are notoriously flowery and full of complete fluff, not AOC. Age of Conan delivers realistic story lines demanding the blood of prostitutes and heads on pig poles among other things. I actually read quite a few of the cut scene text windows, that is a HUGE deal for me. I read Hemingway and Thoreau not game cut scene text so the fact alone that I read most of these at all speaks volumes for the AOC storyline.

Dungeons and Instances - Superb. Best ever. I have never been a fan of instances because I believe in the idea of a persistent world. That being said I am not only a fan of the Age of Conan instancing I think it could be the model for the perfect balance of persistence and instancing. You can run your class specific quests in your own instance whenever you want to. We have all run class quests and had the mobs camped for hours on end or been ganked by some tards every time you get to the spot and had to bring in guildies to clear it up the 5 on 1 noobfest. Instanced dungeons are well done and abundant from level 13 or so on. Every zone also has several instances and as the population of the server is so high there are always people in every instance. There is never a shortage of people to kill and when a guild rolls out 6 guys to kill your duo you can just jump instances and continue on. Party leaders can summon party members to their instance and when party members look at the instance drop down there is a star by the instance that the party leader is in, very functional mechanics.

PVP - Possibly the best MMORPG PVP system created, with so many things not in game yet it is impossible to make an accurate assessment of the PVP system as a whole but I will say that my first impression is amazing. Classes seem relatively balanced with the exception of a Priest of Mitra spell that can be spammed with no recharge time (will be undoubtedly nerfed very soon). The Age of Conan PVP system requires much more skill than any other system to date, the days of button spamming are gone. In Age of Conan we see thing like combos in which things must be done in a certain order and with the right timing, we see the ability to doge incoming attacks based on the direction they are coming from, we see first person shooter features in archer classes, and many other mechanical featured designed to incorporate skill into game play.

Resource Gathering - You can start gathering resources at level 20 by getting the resource quests at any number of various locations throughout the game. These quests allow you to gather the lowest level resources but you must turn in your first 20 of each to complete the quest. The next quests in the gathering lines require rare items that you have a chance of getting while you gather. Resource nodes are pretty sparse comparatively speaking but who knows how that will play out in the end game. Each node only has a certain amount or resources that can be harvested from it before it recharges so you can see how that is an issue when the entire server is trying to craft and build guild cities.

Guild Villages and Cities - Once a guild leader has reached level 40 and has 24+ members excluding himself he can reserve a plot for the guild village/city. The guild leader can choose the region the plot is place in but the game actually picks the specific plot an instance for you. To start a city a guild needs an architect, the recipe for the keep which costs about 2.5 gold, and the resources for the keep. The keep must be the first building constructed. Guild cities are huge and I will do some more in-depth articles on them later.

Overall - Age of Conan may be the first 3rd generation MMORPG to get the model right. Many have come and many have failed. I have never had this much fun in the earliest stages of any MMORPG and if the PVP and siege mechanics turn out to be as good as everyone thinks they will be Age of Conan: Hybordian Adventures is poised to be one of the greatest games of all time.



Vets Playing Age of Conan

Posted by Nicod3mus Wednesday May 14 2008 at 3:02PM
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[DREAD] is a storied MMORPG PVP guild founded in SWG beta with a history in Ultima Online, DOAC, SWG, EVE, Lineage2, Archlord, 2Moons, Silkroad, Vanguard, and other titles.

We are recruiting experienced veteran players only.

1) [DREAD] is a objective based PVP guild. That means that we have allies and enemies and we do not actively participate in ganking for no reason as a practice. We attempt to gain control of zones, castles in this case, and keep our enemies from doing so.

2) [DREAD] will not drop everything the guild is doing because you got PKed. If you are running a quest that you have to complete or working on some other essential task then the guild will of course help when ever possible but if there is a guild event going on do not expect us to drop everything and port halfway across the game world because you got jumped.

3) You will get out as much as you put in, most of us have been playing together for a long time and we practice an almost socialist system. We give what we can.

4) [DREAD] is not a democracy.

5) [DREAD] is a mature guild with an average age of about 27 or 28. If you cannot conduct yourself in a mature fashion please do not apply regardless of experience as you will not last.

6) [DREAD] does not have an extensive set of rules. We require that you stay on voice comms when playing, check the forums, and help when you can. That's about it.

We just switched platforms for AOC so if you are interested and you think you might fit in the [DREAD] family you can apply or inquire for more info at .

Age of Conan Beta Event Explodes

Posted by Nicod3mus Friday May 2 2008 at 1:39AM
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So for many of the IGN/Fileplanet beta participants it has been a very long day of blue screens and pretty severe bugs that like to eat your system. These mean little buggers like to crash you out and then totally bjork your video drivers, make you restart everytime the game crashes cause you can't even attempt to run anything after that, or plain just freeze up on ya.

The bugs are very wide spread and pretty categorical...all-in-all I got about 30 mins of playing time in betweeen the BSOD and the other miscellaneaous errors and then they all returned for what appears to be no appearent reason.

The time I did spend in the game was pretty cool but like I said very short. I covered the specifics in the post here if anyone is interested but thats about the long and short of it. If you want to check out the full cryfest then just hit the official forrums can't miss it lol.

Go Funcom get us a build we can play....we have faith!

Spellborn's Trip to Lamerton

Posted by Nicod3mus Wednesday April 30 2008 at 12:22PM
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The general consensus around the PVP circles appears to be  that there are really only 3 PVP MMORPG titles on the horizon that everyone is paying attention to for various reasons. That is obviously a pretty general statement but I hear Age of Conan, Darkfall Online, and The Chronicles of Spellborn  in almost every PVP related conversation.

Well Spellborn took a trip to some lame RPC convention in Munster, as posted in the news section of this site  and on the official site. I  won't blame them for promoting their product but when I read about one of the premier upcoming PVP titles prancing around with the fairies and knights of the round table sipping ale and chasing wenches it certainly isn't very promising.

They are talking about the success of trading cards, LARPs, and table top games....I hope this isn't something that their dev team think is "cool". Trading cards are for Yugio and Pokemon and I personally don't want that attitude anywhere near a game that I have pretty high hopes for.

So in summation.......yeah LAME.

Age of Conan Fileplanet Cryfest

Posted by Nicod3mus Tuesday April 29 2008 at 12:03PM
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I have been a Fileplanet subscriber for years and have always thought it was a great service. I enjoy being able to grab the demos of new games when they become available and getting the patches and updates I need without the creeping download speeds and hassle.

I applied for the Age of Conan beta shortly after they put up the original sign-up page but I was not  lucky enough to get in. This certainly isn't the first time that FP has come to my rescue and got me into a pre-release beta of a game I was dieing to try and there are a few things that need to be said about this $5 cryfest going on regarding this event.

A) Get a job and then re-address your gaming endeavours B) Recognize that there are people lining up to pay the $5 to get in and the fact that you are not willing to do so only states that it's not that important to you.

Thanks to Funcom and Fileplanet for hooking us up with the keys that we could not otherwise get and letting us try the game we have been waiting so long for. We are all looking forward to the Fileplanet Age of Conan Open Beta Event, and by all I mean the community of disappointed, primarily PVP oriented, gamers that I associate with through various affiliations. Here's the bottom line: The  percentage of people willing to shell out $5 to try the game, that end up buying the game, will be much higher than if  the $5 crybabies got the same group of keys. The "gimme free gimme" groups always consist primarily of the beta hoppers that we all know and love, they  rarely continue playing any game after retail release.

Vanguard Part Deux

Posted by Nicod3mus Tuesday October 2 2007 at 2:38PM
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 I followed Vanguard: Saga of Heroes for years and checked out every time Brad McQuiad even opened his mouth. I had succumb to the hype and I thought it was going to be a revolutionary title, the first of the 3rd generation MMORPGs. Uh yeah...that didn't happen. As anyone knows who even remotely pays attention to MMORPG gaming, Vanguard crashed and burned in historic style.

After the server merge, reports of patching mania, and added features and functionality I had several people ask me if the game was any better. I promised to check it out and finally got around to it. Yeah the game is quite a bit better but who in the world knows if anything can save VG at this point.

Had some minor issues when trying to load the game. Had to erase some files in a cache folder and do a scan. No big deal. Renamed my toon due to the server merge and logged in outside Ahgram in Qualia.

I immediately noticed more people than when I quit, when I quit there were literally no people in the zones I leveled in most of the time. People were talking and selling and what not, so far so good. I then attempted to find a group and amazingly enough there quite a few 35-45 going. I joined a crap Xp group in upper CIS as I didn't want to hassle a real group with someone who couldn't find their way there and then barely remembered how to play.

There are a few new features like the grind appears to be lessened substantially and there is a rest XP bonus feature similar to other games. Guild halls have also been introduced and I rolled around in a friends and they are pretty hot. The search for party system works now and it works well also.

I was surprised to know that as of recently hacking had become a real problem. Both guild leaders I talked to said it had hurt the server population but at the same time both were confident SOE was on it.

All-in-all the game is much improved. Will it be enough to sustain any kind of substantial player base or server pops? Who knows.

If you are playing or have played Vanguard recently then drop a line here and let us know your thoughts.

Link to the full article: Vanguard Revisited


Snail Tits MMORPG?

Posted by Nicod3mus Monday October 1 2007 at 5:49PM
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So yeah I watch Adult Swim on Cartoon Network habitually.....29 years old and still watching cartoons....yup. At any rate I have seen some commercials for maple story lately featured on Adult Swim. In traditional AS style they are totally off the wall viral video style commercials.

There were a couple commercials but the last one I saw as a fat dood lying on the ground with snails running around on his nipples. A guy walks up and is like, "Why are you doing that." The snail tits guy replies,"Because it's free." The onlooker then says, "Oh it's just like maple story." Or something to that effect.

So whats the catch...crappy, free, MMORPGs like MS are advertising on TV but the big boys aren't? Maple Story is a joke compared to the major titles and it's pretty sad really that the only commercial I see on TV for an MMORPG is one for MS. Pretty freakin lame.

Regardless I hope to see some commercials for real MMORPGs sometime soon. I find myself wanting to make some MMORPG spoof commercials. Someone hitting themselves in the head with a bat for 2Moons and maybe a guy spending $3,000 to get a new rig to play Vanguard then a flash forward to it covered in dust 3 weeks later when the game dies. Here's some pretty funny threads, the video, and stuff about the commercials:

The Commercials

People Talking Smack