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101 journey

My journey through the online game exp. looking for the perfect game.

Author: Neut101

Last Chaos, My first real exp in a MMORPG

Posted by Neut101 Tuesday February 2 2010 at 12:03PM
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Yes, I finally got a good connection (well, a decent connection) and it was time to move to a better online game, Runescape I had fun, but I had seen games with better quality graphics and more back story and wanted to participate in any then I spend a few days looking for any game that he fulfilled this expectation, until one day a friend sent me a URL, where you could join this community and have an account on each of the games that this company produces, Aeria Games.



The Downloaded and yes, ran on linux, a big surprise for me, seeing that on previous occasions, Gunz and Luna Online did not run because they use GameGuard (which I found out recently that GG does not run on Linux)

The creation of character was amazing (considering that until then had only played Runescape and other games that I knew was tibia) for the first time you enter a new world, after completing the tutorial dungeon, I spawn in the middle of a city, people mounted on horses and dragons of different colors, weapons with a beautiful shine, and the armors with a fairy around,  we must all remember our first time in a MMORPG.

The weeks passed and understood more and more the game, and knew how to get what I needed and I was training my horse, and had several characters, I was in the testing stage which was the best race, anyway I had a lot of fun.

but I was just a noob, I was not yet reached PK lvl  and it was a "bully" and like any noob who thinks that knows everything you need to know, I decided to start my own guild, lol, was a total loss of time, SP and Gold.

I spend the time and the game began to turn monotonous, leveling all day, looking for ways to make money, improve your gear, it was the same every day, until I come across a fact It would take at least a week of being  just leveling, to up one lvl, WTF !?!?!?!?!?!?!?, that's when I realized that there were buffers, but the only way to really take advantage of them was taking too many and get them with Gold in the game worth billions of Gold coins knowing that every one was sold to 2-2.5 million each one.

Ah! but there was another way to achieve this, AP (Aeria Points) and the only way to get those points was buying, and then I realized, this game was make to make  you need to buy these items to go on, i didn't care and kept on playing, had become good friends and enjoyed myself, spend time and finally get the much anticipated NGE, the Ep2 of Last Chaos, promised several things, but what they forgot to mention was that these new updates were only for the high lvl and that anyone who is under 90-100 could access them.
That was the last thing i knew about this game-


That ends my journey in Last Chaos, started well but the truth can not hide for long ...

Enjoy ur game !


Anyone have a good one?// Gameguard Games

Posted by Neut101 Saturday January 30 2010 at 6:14PM
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 Well im leaving  Karos online, a good game, quite interesting and entertainingand the reason why I'm leaving is that in the last update came with Gameguard, the beloved and dear GG( that doesn't work on linux) yes I am a linux user and GG does not work on this operating system, so now I search for a new game and I come to you

I'm looking for a good F2P game, with PVP and not too old,

I have played Runescape, Combat Arms, Last Chaos and lately Karos Online. i want  a game similar to the last two 

Also im wondering why Combat Arms and Valkyrie Sky aren't in the game list of the site???? anyone knows??

Now if someone want's to know what games use GG here u have a list taken from Wiki, so enjoy it

9Dragons (revision 1057)
Aion: The Tower of Eternity (Most release versions do not use it [3])
Alliance of Valiant Arms
Asda Story
BOTS (revision 1057)
Cabal Online (Some other versions use XTrap)
Cal Ripken's Real Baseball
Chronicles of Spellborn
Club Audition
Counter-Strike Online
Dance! Online
Dark Arena
Mosiang Online
Dekaron (2Moons)
Digimon RPG
Drift City (revision 1205)
Dungeon & Fighter
Emil Chronicle Online
EA Sports: FIFA Online 2
US (revision 1465)
EU (revision 1335)
Grand Chase
GIS (revision 1292) [4]
Europe (GOA, revision 1204)
Omega (revision 695)
GunZ: The Duel (Some versions are with XTrap)
Heat Project
Hyper Relay
Jin Online
Karma: Operation Barbarossa
Karos Online
LaTale (Beta)
Legend of Mir 3
Lineage II[4]
Luna Online
Mabinogi (switched to Hackshield in later releases)
MapleStory (switched to Hackshield in later releases)
MLB Dugout Heroes
Monster Hunter Frontier
Mu Online
Navy Field
OZ World
Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (PSOBB)[4]
Phantasy Star Universe (PSU)
Priston Tale[4] (English version is running X-Trap)
Priston Tale 2
Project Torque
Ragnarok Online (bRO: revision 1335)
Rakion (revision 1386)
Rappelz (All Regions)
Ran Online
Return of the warrior
Risk Your Life
Rohan Online
ROSE Online (revision 1127)
SD Gundam Capsule Fighter
Seal Online[4]
Shot Online
Street Gears
Soldier Front
Special Force Online
Sudden Attack
The Chronicles of Spellborn
Twelve Sky
WolfTeam (revision 1226)
WonderKing Online (English version switched to Hackshield)
Xiah online
Ys Online

enjoy ur game!!!!


First steps

Posted by Neut101 Friday January 29 2010 at 9:44AM
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 Greetings everyone

Well to start this blog about my journey through all the game i have been playing i have to start for the first mmorpg i played. 

Runescape... yeah i know so a cliche but i was a user since u have it the option to chose a race, yeah, before the improve of image u were able to choose ur race, have more points in some attributes,  when the most powerful weapon in the game was the Rune two handed sword, and the only difference between membership players from regular one was the access they had it from some places, and one or two skills.

snif snif good times

yeah long time ago, i was one of the most powerful dumb ass players in the land of runescape, with my chef hat and mi wizard outfit , i was the amazing "Velsebumon" lvl 71 ( yeah i know  it's a Digimon name, I was a kid lol) 

So, every nights was me getting back from school, 
-Hun did u make ur homework.
- yeah mom!!!!!-    BUL%&(#

who care about homework while i have a almost 64k to get my precious Two-handed rune sword. 

yeaiiiiI!!!!!! there is a droop party in the bank,  congratz u reach lvl 85 of magic, 


damn for first time i was someone respected on the net, i used to walk on the land where u can be killed by other player ( sorry don't remeber de name wild i think not sure) 

and that was the straw that broke the camel      (<<< damn online translator)